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10 Shopify Apps To Optimize Shopify Store Speed

Shopify Store Speed Optimization

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Shopify store speed is an important aspect of a customer's in-store experience. A fast website indicates a trustworthy brand that is investing in its website. And that perception is expressed in sales. You will lose 7 percent of your revenue for every second it takes for a site to load. So a fast site leads to better sales and more profit.

Normal sites still need to be speed optimized. There are a variety of reasons for that. Occasionally themes require some code modification, and images are too big and other reasons. That is why you need to use one of the many Shopify page speed apps on the Shopify list.

What do Shopify page speed apps do?

Apps to shop for Shopify page load speed make your site quicker. This is done by cutting down on the code needed to load your pages, which is special in how every device does this. For example, some Shopify page speed apps will only lower image sizes while others will reduce the coding.

That has numerous advantages for your site. We have mentioned that increasing the conversion rate, revenues, and profits can help improve sales. But Shopify page load speed is an important feature of SEO. If you're quicker, Google can rate your site higher, resulting in substantially higher traffic volumes.

The result will result in more sales, revenue, and profits. In the end, you'll create better ratings for your brand, and the shopping experience for customers will be better. So what are the best speed features on Shopify for your store? 

Here's just some of the best.

Page Speed Optimizer is a Shopify store speed improvement tool. It is suitable for any merchant with Shopify stores who wants to raise their Shopify store speed and improve their SEO.

Page Speed Optimizer can improve conversion chances by getting a position that loads faster. The customer would be satisfied if your loading speed were higher, and they prefer quick and immediate results from whatever site.

The app will help you boost Shopify page load speed and load times for your store in just one click. This certainly reduces the loading times so that customers do not feel distracted when using your app. In addition, Shopify page load speed is increased thanks to the app, so the page can be directly connected to better conversions.

Additionally, the application is always free to use. Some apps can require a subscription fee, but Page Speed Optimizer doesn't give you any money. So when you install and run this app for your store, it is such a deal.

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Page Speed Optimizer by Booster apps

  • Operate only with one click
  • Require no coding for installation
  • Instantly turn on or turn off
  • Quickly set up and install
  • Increase Shopify site speed and enhance loading time

Plugin Speed, which is created by Plugin Useful, is a powerful tool for all owners of ecommerce stores to boost the experience of customers when browsing your website. Introducing the lossy and lossless compression technologies, it helps you in optimizing your images without compromising quality.

Additionally, it allows you to optimize your code and reduce the loading time without affecting the existing codes and changing how your pages appear and function. You can also turn off the code optimizations if you want. On top of that, it provides you with a personalized Plugin Speed dashboard to see how the app has improved your store.

Do not hesitate to speed up Shopify's website and increase your sales using Plugin Speed!

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Plugin Speed by Plugin useful

  • Optimize your images without compromising quality
  • Allow code optimizations for better loading time
  • Restore all images to the original in 30 days
  • See the improvements in the personalized dashboard
  • Do not affect your existing codes and your site’s appearance

Hyperspeed app lets you boost sales. Except it also helps SEO to lower bounce rates and supercharges by optimizing the Shopify page load speed.

Responsive image sizes ensure that you load the appropriate length of image for each scenario.

Furthermore, this app uses predictive page loading to preload pages before customers click on them so that your shop feels very fast. 

Shopify - Hyperspeed by Rvere

Hyperspeed by Rvere

  • Only the right images are loaded
  • Analyze the apps loaded slowly on your store
  • Use predictive page loading speed
  • Compress your images with high quality
  • Can undo history with saved steps

Progressify Me PWA, released by the Ampify Me team, is an important tool for all ecommerce vendors at Shopify to make your store fast, reliable and engaging. With Progressify Me PWA, you can help customers find their products faster and easier.

This extension will automatically turn your store into a progressive application that attracts people to install. Installing PWA doesn't allow you to do it step-by-step manually.

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Progressify Me by Ampify me

  • Reduce loading time with PWA technology
  • Allow customers to find products in the shortest time
  • Require no additional changes to install your website
  • Get useful insights and valuable information
  • Offer your customers some smooth animations without janky scrolling

Web page pace Optimizer is the device for increasing the web page rate. It is appropriate for each Shopify to save a proprietor who desires to improve their velocity and SEO.

While switching on the app, a file known as vital-commerce-web page-velocity will be mechanically uploaded to your website. The Page Speed Optimizer Pro helps you to improve Shopify speed robotically. Although it raises your loading times, your customers will not encounter disruption simultaneously as your application is being used.

In addition, Page Speed Optimizer Pro will improve conversion probabilities by making a website that is hundreds of times faster. Additionally, you could get a better rating in search engines like Google and Bing.

The Page Speed Optimizer Pro app doesn’t cost you any extra money. With a support tool to optimize SEO on-page, you can rely on it and let it operate freely for your store.

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Page Speed Optimizer Pro by Crucial commerce apps

  • Increase Shopify store speed
  • Provide Higher Conversions
  • Will Rank Higher in the Search Engines
  • Can Increase Organic Traffic
  • Improve Revenue and increase visitors

Seek engine ratings are crucial, so Google states that Page Speed Booster could be one of the vital factors for figuring out a domain’s best.

Page Speed Booster tells your browser to retrieve page content or plan to retrieve it in expectation of the next action by the user. For example, the user is currently on a web page, and they hover over a product. At the same time, Page Speed Booster tells the browser to retrieve the content and get it ready for the user to click.

This boosts this page's overall performance by making the browser retrieve content while the user is still deciding. In addition, Page Speed Booster will make it easier to make the pages of your website immediately and will increase your conversion fee.

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Page Speed Booster by Roartheme

  • It makes your site more instant
  • Can improve your conversion rate
  • Improves Shopify speed
  • Improves revenue and increase visitors

If you're a shop owner looking to increase the pace of the store, Webyze's Speed Optimization Analyzer might be your best friend. Speed Optimization Analyzer will speed up your store to give you a higher SEO score, as a thorough analysis will be done to figure out the cause of the trouble that made your store run slow.

More than that, Speed Optimization Analyzer also helps to increase your store's conversion rate with easy yet advanced tips for you to apply to make your store a better place to enter. And last but not least, Speed Optimization Analyzer gives you a list of resources loaded by your store so that you can control which causes the biggest trouble, or which one to keep, etc., so that you can keep it organized even when you are rearranging your store. Install Speed Optimization Analyzer now!

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Speed Optimization Analyzer by Webyze

  • Speed up Shopify website for higher SEO ranking
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Run the detailed analysis to find trouble
  • Provide a list of resources loaded by the store
  • Get easy yet advanced tips

Final words

Speed is crucial if you want to improve your store revenue. A fast store will increase the conversion ratio and the traffic to your site, and you can profit. You can optimize Shopify store speed in several ways, including improving the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code for more condensation in your shop. 

Another critical area is that of images. These can be compact, so they are less heavy in memory. Or they can be lazy-loaded, where they only load as required.

There's preloading, at last. It is here that apps will predict where users want to go and preload those pages to make them faster.

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