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10 Free trust badges for Shopify

Trust Badges in Shopify

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There are a number of ways to increase your conversion rate and one of them is putting a “trust badge” to your online store, with the goal of convincing potential customers that the process is safe and secure.

At the end of the article, you’ll get a surprise goodie for your Shopify store enclosing the best trust badges for eCommerce businesses.

Let’s dive in.

This article will guide you in the following areas:

Choosing the top 5 trust badges & payment trust badges for your Shopify store

There are five main types of website badges that you can implement on your site. Each one has its own meaning and use. You can decide which trust badges to use on your site, based on the desired effect you would like to achieve.

Below, you’ll find explanations for five different kinds of trust icons, as well as examples of each and how to acquire them.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

1. SSL Badges

This is one of the most common types of trust badges. In Google Chrome, this is the little lock that goes next to your URL:

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

It shows that your site has an SSL certificate and is secure. In fact, Google Chrome is now going a step further. By clicking on the lock icon next to any domain, you can then click on Certificate:

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

2. Site Security Badges

Many companies choose to put a secure payment badge somewhere on their homepage. Here is an example from TrustLock which specializes in creating trust seals for other companies:

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

It’s a very small, subtle logo in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen that reminds visitors their information is secure.

The most recent survey on the topic showed that the most trusted badge is from Norton:

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

3. Money-Back Guarantee Trust Badge

One way you can encourage trust in your visitors is by assuring them they can get a refund. Most businesses offer a money-back guarantee of 14 – or 30 – days.

Here’s a visual:

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

It may be a small icon, but it goes a long way in making your users feel safer about handing over their credit card information.

4. Free Shipping Trust Badge

Some companies use free shipping as a way to encourage more consumers to go through checkout. This is also another safeguard against shopping cart abandonment, as it reduces the probability that hidden costs may surface at checkout.

And while you can always tell your customers that you are giving free shipping, why not show them with a trusted sign? Here's an example for free shipping from an online fashion store with Shopify Trust badges or secure payment badges :

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

You will find that both are hard to miss with their free shipping badge (and money-back guarantee badge) They have bright (yellow) colors, and they stand out due to their style.

This is the kind of trust badge you want to show upfront right as your customers are headed toward the checkout.

5. Accepted Payments Logos

Some people may argue that "payments accepted" is not really a badge of confidence. But when you think about it, it also borrows prestige from other firms using the approved payment logos.

Once people see the Visa, Mastercard, or Amex logos they see a brand they know and trust right away. Here is an example from the pricing page on SEMrush:

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Can scammers put these logos on their pages as well? Of course.

But showing your audience that you accept widely used and trusted payment methods can give that little added boost of confidence they need to make a purchase.

Tips you might want to consider before choosing a payment trust badge or trust badge in Shopify

One should consider the following advice when choosing trust badges icons in order to avoid looking like you are offering a false promise. They include:

Use well-known security company trust badges

Most internet users will be very happy to purchase products from sites that display guaranteed safe checkout badges with improved security, as they associate trust badges with increased security.

Big companies will highly benefit from using one of the major security company’s security badges.

Although they will cost your business more, they will make your business stand out among smaller companies.

Useless known third party verification

Using bigger verification schemes might be costly but still, there are available affordable services. Many widely known companies are still offering the same secure connections.

You need to consider balancing the savings you make by using a smaller provider and the risks you may incur when your users are reminded that the website is unsafe.

Show off customer feedback via trust badges

Using social proof can allow users to see the previous customer’s feedback on your site about your business.

Genuine customer feedback is gradually becoming more relevant with time than the paid-for verification schemes.

However, it will also be a good idea to incorporate both the two. Sometimes you will only need to use social proof alone.

Become a Google certified shop

Most users nowadays using Google shopping want a faster online experience. To show your customers that your business is reliable, you need to become a Google certified shop.

It will also help your business to have a positive view of a widely respected authority and it also provides an easy way of showing off some of your positive customer feedback.

You should also consider making your own custom trust badge(s)

Having additional custom payment badges will give you the chance to connect with your visitors in your own way by creating a degree of trust and friendship. You tell your visitors you're able to get your neck on the line.

It's best to make your visitors feel comfortable but don't encourage them to make assumptions about their security.

It is also important to consult other companies in your sector and you should also display trust badges with each other.

How would you add the trust badges to your Shopify store using the Free Trust Badge Master?

With the Free Trust Badge Master app by HulkApps, you can show visual cues that reassure consumers that the particular store is deemed legitimate, secure, and trustworthy. You can customize your Shopify store design with eye-catching and functional payment badges and trust icons to make your store stand out.

The badges work instantly for any themes with easy common symbols to choose from Worldwide Shipping, Best Prices Guaranteed, 24/7 Customer Support. The badges work instantly with 90% of the top 50 best selling themes.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

We want to get you going as soon as possible! So, we’ve put together a setup guide to help you. It’s really that easy to set-up :)

Step 1:

Choose the secure payment badges and trust badges you would like to display on your product page or wherever you want to place them on your site. If you don’t see the badges you are looking for, don’t worry.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

You can choose to upload a custom icon of your choice or get your own custom trust badges or payment trust badges designed by our experts.

In that case, you can consider an individual Shopify service ‘Add Custom Trust Badges’ offered by HulkApps & save some extra pennies.

Step 2:

You need to activate the Badge before moving further, so click the ‘Active’ radio button and then click on Manage badges to select the badges you want to display.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Step 3:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the "div class code" and Save.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Step 4:

Navigate to the theme coding and look for the "product.liquid" or "product-template.liquid" file.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Step 5:

Paste the copied code in the file wherever you need the payment badges to be displayed and Save the file.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Here's the example of how the product page will look after placing the code.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Start rolling out the sales!

So you’re all set to speed on all the incredible benefits of the Free Trust Badge Master , try it in your store, and see how it works best for you.

Need more apps? Check out our full catalog within the Shopify app store.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

More than that, if you’re seeking an extra pair of hands to help you set up the trust badges and payment badges for your Shopify store, you can consider buying our ‘Add buttons & badges’ service and our dedicated Shopify expert will help you throughout.

Place the Badges Right In Your Shopify Store

All in all, companies are using trust seals to make an incredible impression on potential clients. However, it’s of utmost importance to place your badge close to the important fields to reassure your customers to make them feel comfortable entering their sensitive information.

Trust badges are commonly placed in the following location on your website :

In the header

A trust seal can be set in the headline of a landing page where it is visible to potential clients right away. Here, it can be set near to significant items such as next to the phone number.

Near a form

Trusted logos can be positioned underneath the lead capture form. It helps to remind and reassure customers that legitimate & established brands believe in the services of your site.

Cart Page

Adding the payment badges or trust badge icons on the cart page of your Shopify store will help you induce your customer & bring them to step closure to your checkout page.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges


You can embed the payment badges into the footer as a subtle reminder of your business legitimacy.

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Most importantly, on the Checkout page

This can be the place where the customer will finalize the order and ready to make payment. Typically one of the most excellent places to display your security seals.

So, if you have got an eCommerce website, placing the trust badge icons correctly is likely the most vital decision to take in order to propel the growth of your online business.

Key Takeaway

Trust badges are important for every website, but they’re critical for sites that take payments, whether you have a full line of eCommerce products or you process simple transactions. They make your customers comfortable making a purchase, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Time for the Goodies!

Here are top 10 Free Trust Badges icons to Handle the 79.7% Cart Abandonment Reasons:

  • 79.7% of cart abandonment happens because of the 6 major reasons.
  • We’ve picked a few types of trust badges that handle these objections most effectively and naturally.
  • All the trust badges and secure checkout badges are available in 5 modern styles, so you could choose the one that fits your site design the best.

Download Free Badges

What’s Inside the Downloaded File

5 styles folders, each containing 20+ hand-crafted free trust badges PNG images, focused to overcome the 6 major sales objections 👇

Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in learning more about building trust & confidence among your Shopify site visitors, here are a few valuable resources you may want to consult:

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