Shopify Wishlists Apps: iWish: Wishlist vs Wishlist Rocket

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does iWish: Wishlist Work?
  3. How Does Wishlist Rocket Work?
  4. How Much Does iWish: Wishlist Cost?
  5. How Much Does Wishlist Rocket Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: iWish: Wishlist vs. Wishlist Rocket
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine an online storefront that remembers your fondest desires, keeping them tucked away for that perfect moment when you're ready to make them yours. That's what wishlists do – silently fuelling e-commerce success, one saved item at a time. In the realm of digital shopping, wishlists are not just a convenience; they are strategic tools that enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales. Today, we're exploring two notable Shopify wishlist apps that excel in optimizing this feature: iWish: Wishlist and Wishlist Rocket. Both apps extend powerful options for storing coveted items, entwined with easy store integration, to transform browsing into buying.

How Does iWish: Wishlist Work?

iWish: Wishlist by Mascot Software Technologies offers a comprehensive approach to wishlists, enabling customers to save and organize their favorite products with ease. It excels in providing a fully customizable 'My Wishlist' page that respects your store's aesthetics, supports guest users, and allows variant-specific wishlisting. Such features are pivotal for businesses of all sizes, ensuring visitors, whether logged in or browsing casually, can engage with products they love. An unlimited number of wishlists cater to individualized shopping experiences, a unique offering that can elevate a store's appeal to customers seeking organized, personalized shopping experiences.

How Does Wishlist Rocket Work?

Wishlist Rocket by Rocketmonk Software takes a streamlined and aesthetic approach. It simplifies the wishlist process with an attractive 'Add to Wishlist' button and a mobile-ready interface. The app helps nudge customers toward purchase completion through timely reminders and back-in-stock alerts. It also provides detailed reports, a boon for analyzing customer interest and tailoring marketing strategies accordingly. The Plus plan removes branding for a seamless look, paired with unlimited wishlist items, tapping into the heart of scalable e-commerce aspirations.

How Much Does iWish: Wishlist Cost?

Pricing strategies can make or break business tools, and iWish: Wishlist understands this well with its uncomplicated approach. For $2 per month, this app offers all its features without limitations on wishlist or customer counts. This one-tier pricing is a boon for smaller businesses keeping an eye on the budget while not restricting growth for larger enterprises.

How Much Does Wishlist Rocket Cost?

Wishlist Rocket's generosity begins with its free tier, offering basic wishlist functionality supplemented by email alerts and a limit of 100 wishlisted items per month. The real magic lies in its Plus plan at $10 per month, which provides unlimited items, guest wishlisting, and premium support. This tiered approach caters to both fledgling businesses testing the wishlist waters and established brands diving into detailed customer insight.

Cost Analysis: iWish: Wishlist vs. Wishlist Rocket

While iWish: Wishlist proposes a flat rate with no caps, Wishlist Rocket invites a scalable journey with its free and Plus plans. The former simplifies budgeting with a clear-cut cost, while the latter offers flexibility with its free plan and an advanced paid option. Small businesses may gravitate towards iWish for its straightforward pricing, whereas businesses planning to scale might appreciate the growth potential with Wishlist Rocket.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is iWish: Wishlist good?

With 217 reviews averaging a 4.6-star rating, it's clear that users find substantial value in iWish: Wishlist's offerings. Its broad customization options and feature set likely contribute to this positive reception. While the app's description doesn't delve into customer support specifics, the high rating suggests users are satisfied with the support received alongside the app’s performance.

Is Wishlist Rocket good?

A 4.9-star average from 146 reviews points to Wishlist Rocket being a reliable and appreciated service. Its mix of a free basic plan and feature-rich paid options likely resonate with users, reflecting in its rating. Embedded within its accolade is the implication of robust support and user-friendly interactions, fostering favor amongst its user base.

User Preference: iWish: Wishlist or Wishlist Rocket?

The numbers lean slightly in Wishlist Rocket's favor with a higher average rating, despite fewer reviews. This could be attributed to Wishlist Rocket's contemporary features like back-in-stock alerts and more dynamic plan options fitting a variety of business needs.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

iWish: Wishlist Integrations:

iWish: Wishlist's integration details are sparse, but it mentions compatibility with Shopify Theme 2.0 and provides Ajax-based pages, suggesting a focus on modern, seamless integration and heightened user experience with minimal load times.

Wishlist Rocket Integrations:

Wishlist Rocket also doesn't list specific integrations but assures compatibility with all Shopify themes, implying broad adaptability and potential for integration across various Shopify setups.


iWish: Wishlist and Wishlist Rocket offer distinct approaches to wishlist functionality, both bringing unique strengths to the table. User reviews generally reflect satisfaction for both apps, with iWish: Wishlist's breadth of features and flat pricing contrasting Wishlist Rocket's aesthetic focus and scalable plans. While confrontations between simplicity and comprehensive features continue in the Shopify ecosystem, these wishlist apps adhere to their distinct philosophies excellently. Businesses seeking extensive customization may gravitate towards iWish: Wishlist, while those valuing form and function with flexible pricing might favor Wishlist Rocket. Nonetheless, both cater to the fundamental e-commerce goal of transforming hope into purchase, one wishlist item at a time.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

When it comes to creating an outstanding online shopping experience on Shopify, wishlists are indispensable. They empower your customers to curate their desired items, signaling which products stir the most interest. If you've been exploring various wishlist apps for your Shopify store, it may be time to consider the Hulk Advanced Wishlist.

Introducing Hulk Advanced Wishlist

Designed meticulously by, the Hulk Advanced Wishlist app stands as a pivotal tool to enrich your customer's shopping journey. With impeccable attention to user needs and a seamless experience, it bolsters your store in more ways than one.

Key Features

  • WCAG-Compliant Wishlist Experience: Your customers deserve the best, and Hulk Advanced Wishlist delivers just that with a fully compliant, accessible experience.

  • Variant Support: Not only can your customers add products to their wishlists, but also specific variants of those products.

  • Guest Wishlist Feature: Even non-registered shoppers can compile their favorite items, drastically reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

  • Social Sharing Capability: Sharing wishlists on social media, through links, and via email turns satisfied shoppers into brand advocates.

  • Analytical Insights: Understand your customer's preferences better with deep analytical insights from the wishlist dashboard.

  • Shopify Flow & Zapier Integration: Create unique automated workflows to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Why Hulk Advanced Wishlist?

In the landscape of Shopify wishlist apps, compatibility and advanced features make all the difference. Not only does Hulk Advanced Wishlist integrate with Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and other essential services, but it also ensures your customers can navigate and save their favored products without any hassles. By choosing Hulk Advanced Wishlist, you are not just installing an app; you're elevating the entire shopping experience.

Pricing Structure

Affordability meets functionality with Hulk Advanced Wishlist. Starting from just $4.90/month after a 7-day free trial, you get access to an array of features that are designed to cater to your specific business needs. The transparent pricing tiers ensure there's a plan that fits the scale and budget of your Shopify store.

Merchant Feedback

The app boasts an impressive rating of 4.9 stars, indicating high merchant satisfaction. With 109 reviews, the voice of success resonates through the feedback of happy users who have experienced growth and improved customer interaction.

In Conclusion

Redefine wishlisting in your Shopify store with Hulk Advanced Wishlist. It's time to give your customers the wishlist experience they deserve while boosting your store's performance. If you're ready to witness a transformative change in how your customers engage with your products, take the next step.

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