Shopify Wishlists Apps: iWish: Wishlist vs Wishlist Engine

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does iWish: Wishlist Work?
  3. How Does Wishlist Engine Work?
  4. How Much Does iWish: Wishlist Cost?
  5. How much does Wishlist Engine cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: iWish: Wishlist vs. Wishlist Engine
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that 30% of visitors who add items to a Wishlist on e-commerce platforms are likely to return to make a purchase? Wishlists play a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience, helping shoppers to save and organize their favorite items for future reference, and aiding merchants by increasing customer retention and sales. In the expanding universe of Shopify apps, iWish: Wishlist and Wishlist Engine stand out for their robust offerings. Both apps possess a suite of tools designed to not only tailor the Wishlist experience to users' preferences but also to seamlessly integrate with the Shopify ecosystem, deeply impacting how users and store owners interact with Wishlists.

How Does iWish: Wishlist Work?

iWish: Wishlist by Mascot Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd serves as a comprehensive solution for store owners aiming to incorporate customizable Wishlist functionalities. With iWish, customers can effortlessly save their desired products and revisit them at any time, enhancing the overall shopping experience. The app accommodates guest accounts, allowing users to add multiple items to multiple Wishlists without the necessity of creating an account. Small to large businesses will find its one-time, flat monthly rate appealing, as it includes an unlimited number of wishlist items and customers. A unique offering is its compatibility with Shopify Theme 2.0 and Ajax-based one-click addition to Wishlists—ensuring users enjoy a seamless and responsive interface on desktop and mobile devices alike. Imagine a scenario where a customer discovers a range of new products just before a vacation. With iWish, they can quickly create a 'Holiday Shopping' Wishlist, continuing their purchase journey upon return without the hassle of relocating their cherished finds.

How Does Wishlist Engine Work?

Wishlist Engine by Script Engine distinguishes itself with a free tier that supports up to 100 Wishlist items and customization options. It is particularly advantageous for startups testing the waters with Wishlists. Advancing to its Basic and Advanced paid plans, businesses unlock unlimited Wishlist items, advanced analytics, and marketing features such as auto-reminder alerts and integration with Klaviyo for personalized marketing. Its Trending Wishlist Widget could be seen as a game-changer for businesses, offering insights into popular products and helping drive sales strategies. For instance, a merchant might identify a frequently wishlisted item and craft targeted marketing campaigns to convert wishful thinking into sales, catering to Wishlist users who have shown a clear interest.

How Much Does iWish: Wishlist Cost?

Investing in cost-effective solutions for e-commerce features such as Wishlists is crucial for maintaining profitability. iWish: Wishlist offers a simple pricing model: a reasonable $2/month for access to all features, with no limitations on the number of items or customers. There are no hidden fees, and the single tier plan is structured to accommodate businesses of all sizes seeking a comprehensive Wishlist solution without the complexity of graduated pricing tiers.

How much does Wishlist Engine cost?

Wishlist Engine caters to a broader range of business needs with its tiered pricing structure. The Free Plan requires no investment, making it ideal for new entrants. When a business scales, upgrading to the Basic Plan at $4.49/month removes branding and enables notification customization. The Advanced Plan at $9.49/month is tailored for businesses ready to leverage automated marketing tools and is particularly fitting for growing enterprises aiming to maximize their Wishlist-driven sales strategies.

Cost Analysis: iWish: Wishlist vs. Wishlist Engine

iWish: Wishlist stands as a straightforward, flat-rate offering that simplifies budgeting for businesses of all sizes. In contrast, Wishlist Engine's tiered plans allow customization and scalability as business needs evolve. There are no readily apparent discounts, promotions, or trial periods detailed for these apps, but the value each offers can vary depending on the specific Wishlist functionalities a business requires.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is iWish: Wishlist good?

With a solid 4.6-star rating across 217 reviews, iWish: Wishlist reflects user satisfaction leaning towards the positive. Customers likely value the unlimited Wishlist capability and multi-list functionality. The high rating could be indicative of its straightforward use and reliable customer support, a critical component often highlighted in positive feedback.

Is Wishlist Engine good?

Wishlist Engine's higher 4.9-star rating from 199 reviews suggests exceptional user contentment. This could be due to its free-to-use introductory plan and the flexible features provided in paid plans. Favorable remarks may also emphasize the app's analytical tools and marketing integrations, which help in funneling sales from Wishlist-related insights.

User Preference: iWish: Wishlist or Wishlist Engine?

User preference appears slightly in favor of Wishlist Engine, which could be attributed to its flexible pricing and advanced features conducive to targeted marketing efforts. The close proximity in the number of reviews for both apps indicates a strong market presence and user base for both solutions.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

iWish: Wishlist Integrations:

iWish: Wishlist holds its strength in its ease of use and setup, ensuring compatibility with the Shopify platform without indicating specific integrations with external software or tools.

Wishlist Engine Integrations:

Wishlist Engine notably integrates with Klaviyo, enhancing its utility for businesses focused on tailored email marketing campaigns. This integration streamlines the communication between the Wishlist feature and marketing efforts, potentially increasing conversion rates.


iWish: Wishlist and Wishlist Engine provide impressive functionalities tailored for enhancing Shopify stores' Wishlist capabilities. User reviews shed light on the strengths of both apps, with customer satisfaction trending positively for each. Integration-wise, Wishlist Engine offers direct third-party support with Klaviyo, which may be a decisive factor for businesses with an email marketing focus. Strengths & Weaknesses: iWish: Wishlist's strength lies in its simplicity and unlimited Wishlist offering for a flat fee, with opportunities to enhance third-party integrations as a possible area of growth. Wishlist Engine prides itself on its scalable solutions and sophisticated marketing tools, with further enhancement in customization options presenting a future avenue for development. Recommendations: Businesses seeking an uncomplicated, cost-effective Wishlist solution might prefer iWish: Wishlist, while those looking for a scalable app with advanced analytic and marketing capabilities may lean towards Wishlist Engine. In terms of overall value and user satisfaction, Wishlist Engine appears to have the edge due to its higher rating and focus on marketing integrations. However, both apps have proven their worth, catering to the varying needs of Shopify merchants in the Wishlist domain.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

When it comes to creating an outstanding online shopping experience on Shopify, wishlists are indispensable. They empower your customers to curate their desired items, signaling which products stir the most interest. If you've been exploring various wishlist apps for your Shopify store, it may be time to consider the Hulk Advanced Wishlist.

Introducing Hulk Advanced Wishlist

Designed meticulously by, the Hulk Advanced Wishlist app stands as a pivotal tool to enrich your customer's shopping journey. With impeccable attention to user needs and a seamless experience, it bolsters your store in more ways than one.

Key Features

  • WCAG-Compliant Wishlist Experience: Your customers deserve the best, and Hulk Advanced Wishlist delivers just that with a fully compliant, accessible experience.

  • Variant Support: Not only can your customers add products to their wishlists, but also specific variants of those products.

  • Guest Wishlist Feature: Even non-registered shoppers can compile their favorite items, drastically reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

  • Social Sharing Capability: Sharing wishlists on social media, through links, and via email turns satisfied shoppers into brand advocates.

  • Analytical Insights: Understand your customer's preferences better with deep analytical insights from the wishlist dashboard.

  • Shopify Flow & Zapier Integration: Create unique automated workflows to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Why Hulk Advanced Wishlist?

In the landscape of Shopify wishlist apps, compatibility and advanced features make all the difference. Not only does Hulk Advanced Wishlist integrate with Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and other essential services, but it also ensures your customers can navigate and save their favored products without any hassles. By choosing Hulk Advanced Wishlist, you are not just installing an app; you're elevating the entire shopping experience.

Pricing Structure

Affordability meets functionality with Hulk Advanced Wishlist. Starting from just $4.90/month after a 7-day free trial, you get access to an array of features that are designed to cater to your specific business needs. The transparent pricing tiers ensure there's a plan that fits the scale and budget of your Shopify store.

Merchant Feedback

The app boasts an impressive rating of 4.9 stars, indicating high merchant satisfaction. With 109 reviews, the voice of success resonates through the feedback of happy users who have experienced growth and improved customer interaction.

In Conclusion

Redefine wishlisting in your Shopify store with Hulk Advanced Wishlist. It's time to give your customers the wishlist experience they deserve while boosting your store's performance. If you're ready to witness a transformative change in how your customers engage with your products, take the next step.

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