Shopify Wishlist Apps: Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer vs Wishlist Rocket

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer Work?
  3. How Does Wishlist Rocket Work?
  4. How Much Does Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer Cost?
  5. How much does Wishlist Rocket cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer vs. Wishlist Rocket
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Research indicates that over 30% of e-commerce customers use wishlists, making them pivotal in boosting conversions and understanding consumer preferences. Wishlist apps play a significant role in creating a personalized shopping experience, helping businesses curate relevant suggestions and maximize customer retention. Two such apps enhancing the Shopify experience are Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer and Wishlist Rocket, lauded for their innovative approach to transforming how shoppers save and return to their desired products. Here we'll dissect their capabilities and potential impact on the user experience.

How Does Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer Work?

Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer embellishes the traditional shopping cart model by introducing a dynamic and immersive sliding cart drawer, which enriches the user experience and potential revenue with upselling opportunities. Key features include rewards progress bars, customizable cart elements, and upsell prompts - valuable for businesses of all sizes, leveraging psychological incentives to encourage purchasers. For large enterprises, the CSS customization offers brand consistency, while startups can benefit from the easy-to-set-up upsell opportunities. A strategic deployment could, for example, transform a seasonal campaign's potency by tailoring offers directly within the drawer.

How Does Wishlist Rocket Work?

Wishlist Rocket simplifies the wishlist creation process for customers and provides a suite of tools for businesses to convert interest into sales. Its 'Add to Wishlist' button and reminder alerts nudge customers towards purchase, and the app's ability to analyze wishlist data can unearth invaluable insights into customer preferences. Small businesses may particularly benefit from the free plan's capabilities, while larger operations might leverage the 'Plus' plan to its full extent, benefiting from the unlimited item saves and comprehensive support structure.

How Much Does Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer Cost?

Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer breaks from traditional pricing tiers, offering their features without a structured plan - a notable distinction for those seeking cost-effective solutions. With no clearly defined tiers, businesses can potentially enjoy advanced features without additional financial commitment. This unique approach may attract a broader audience, from bootstrapped startups to cost-conscious corporates.

How much does Wishlist Rocket cost?

Wishlist Rocket offers a flexible pricing model, with a free tier and a $10/month 'Plus' variant. The free option provides essentials for businesses starting, while the 'Plus' plan unlocks advanced features such as a customizable wishlist heart icon and the removal of branding, which can be essential for growing and established stores.

Cost Analysis: Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer vs. Wishlist Rocket

Slide Cart's unstructured cost approach contrasts with Wishlist Rocket's traditional tiered pricing, allowing businesses to tailor their investment in wishlist functionality to their growth speed and needs. Each app presents a value proposition, with Slide Cart focusing on upselling features, while Wishlist Rocket emphasizes customer retention through alerts.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer good?

With a flawless 5-star rating from 182 reviews, Slide Cart appears to excel in user satisfaction. This rating suggests that users find significant utility in its customizable features and the app's contribution to a seamless shopping experience. Customer support is a critical element in sustained satisfaction, and while specifics are not provided, one can infer that the team behind Slide Cart prioritizes user assistance.

Is Wishlist Rocket good?

Wishlist Rocket's 4.9-star rating, supported by 146 reviews, points to a high level of customer appreciation. Users likely value its straightforward installation, the convenience of wishlist management, and the app's efficacy in prompting sales. The quality of customer support is often implicitly reflected in user feedback; thus, it's reasonable to assume that Wishlist Rocket also provides commendable service.

User Preference: Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer or Wishlist Rocket?

While both apps have high ratings, Slide Cart's perfect score, albeit with slightly more reviews, may suggest a marginal user preference. The specifics can be subjective, but it might be related to Slide Cart's unique sliding drawer cart approach or the comprehensive customization options it offers.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer Integrations:

Slide Cart, to our knowledge, does not explicitly list integrations with other software. However, its strong focus on customization through CSS could imply a level of flexibility in cohesively working with existing technologies a business uses.

Wishlist Rocket Integrations:

Wishlist Rocket does not denote specific software integrations. However, the ease of installation and compatibility with all Shopify themes are promising for prospective users. The app's built-in functionalities appear to give solid standalone benefits without needing additional integrations.


Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer stands out with its upselling features and customizable drawer cart, making it an ideal choice for businesses prioritizing engagement and sales within their wishlist functionalities. Wishlist Rocket impresses with its ease of use, rich user interface, and robust free tier, catering to businesses at various stages. Strengths & Weaknesses: Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer boasts innovative rewards and upselling capabilities but may benefit from clearer communication regarding integration possibilities. Wishlist Rocket shines with its automated alerts and simple wishlist management, yet offering clearer insights into integration may further strengthen its proposition. Recommendations: For businesses keen on maximizing the average order value with robust upselling strategies, Slide Cart: Sticky Cart Drawer could be a compelling choice. Wishlist Rocket, with its straightforward wishlist management and customer engagement tools, might better suit those looking for simplicity and effectiveness. Both apps have proven their value in enhancing the wishlist aspect of Shopify stores, befitting various user profiles and business requirements.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

When it comes to creating an outstanding online shopping experience on Shopify, wishlists are indispensable. They empower your customers to curate their desired items, signaling which products stir the most interest. If you've been exploring various wishlist apps for your Shopify store, it may be time to consider the Hulk Advanced Wishlist.

Introducing Hulk Advanced Wishlist

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Key Features

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  • Guest Wishlist Feature: Even non-registered shoppers can compile their favorite items, drastically reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

  • Social Sharing Capability: Sharing wishlists on social media, through links, and via email turns satisfied shoppers into brand advocates.

  • Analytical Insights: Understand your customer's preferences better with deep analytical insights from the wishlist dashboard.

  • Shopify Flow & Zapier Integration: Create unique automated workflows to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Why Hulk Advanced Wishlist?

In the landscape of Shopify wishlist apps, compatibility and advanced features make all the difference. Not only does Hulk Advanced Wishlist integrate with Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and other essential services, but it also ensures your customers can navigate and save their favored products without any hassles. By choosing Hulk Advanced Wishlist, you are not just installing an app; you're elevating the entire shopping experience.

Pricing Structure

Affordability meets functionality with Hulk Advanced Wishlist. Starting from just $4.90/month after a 7-day free trial, you get access to an array of features that are designed to cater to your specific business needs. The transparent pricing tiers ensure there's a plan that fits the scale and budget of your Shopify store.

Merchant Feedback

The app boasts an impressive rating of 4.9 stars, indicating high merchant satisfaction. With 109 reviews, the voice of success resonates through the feedback of happy users who have experienced growth and improved customer interaction.

In Conclusion

Redefine wishlisting in your Shopify store with Hulk Advanced Wishlist. It's time to give your customers the wishlist experience they deserve while boosting your store's performance. If you're ready to witness a transformative change in how your customers engage with your products, take the next step.

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