Shopify Wholesale Pricing Apps: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts vs BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Work?
  3. How Does BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution Work?
  4. How Much Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Cost?
  5. How much does BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts vs. BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Wholesale pricing strategies can be the linchpin in turning a modestly successful e-commerce business into a thriving one. In essence, the right wholesale pricing app can help streamline the sales process, offering customers a diversity of choices while simplifying complex pricing structures. Within this competitive space, two Shopify apps have made significant inroads: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy Apps, and BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS Commerce. Both apps endeavored to provide scalable solutions designed to enhance the shopping experience for both retailers and their clientele, with seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces that can directly impact a store's bottom line.

How Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Work?

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts approaches wholesale pricing with a particular emphasis on flexibility and user experience. It allows the creation of product bundles with customizable discounts, incentivizing increased sales through built-in deals and discounts. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned entrepreneur, the app is designed with different expertise levels in mind, requiring zero manual coding. It integrates with apps such as bold, currency converters, and automatic discounts, further broadening its appeal. The standout feature here is its scalable bundle options, which could be especially beneficial for businesses of all sizes looking to personalize their offerings. Small businesses can leverage the 1-bundle option from the Free Plan to test the waters, while larger enterprises can utilize the Advanced Plan for limitless bundles according to their Shopify plans. These functionalities are tailored to help stores boost their average order value through incentivized upselling and cross-selling, effectively optimizing sales strategies.

How Does BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution Work?

BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution positions itself as a one-stop solution for merchant's wholesale needs. Markedly, the platform specializes in creating customizable B2B shopping experiences through features such as custom pricing, registration form customization, and regulated tax control. This app shines in its offering of an in-depth customization toolset tailored for large-scale operations that need fine-grained control over their wholesale practices. Businesses can take advantage of automated features such as customer and order auto-tagging found in the Essential Plan, whereas the Platinum offers advanced functionalities like form conditional logic and API access for pricing. This level of detail in customization is essential for merchants who want to establish exclusive wholesale pricing, showcase volume discounts, and set specific customer rules—all of which can lead to increased customer loyalty and higher profit margins for wholesalers.

How Much Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Cost?

Cost considerations play a crucial role for merchants when deciding on a wholesale pricing app. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts offers a tiered pricing model, starting with a Free Plan suitable for startups testing the waters with a single bundle. Its subsequent paid plans—including Basic, Professional, and Advanced—are based on the subscriber's Shopify Plan, with the intent of scaling with the business's growth. The Basic Plan, at $13.99 per month, is favored by growing businesses ready to expand their bundling strategies without overcommitting financially. The higher tiers provide more features, addressing the needs of larger entities requiring expansive bundling options without additional hidden fees. It's important to note, though, that there are no additional costs outside the monthly subscription fee associated with these plans.

How much does BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution cost?

BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution's pricing structure comprises an Essential Plan at $25/month, catering to small to medium-sized businesses looking to automate wholesale operations. The Advanced Plan doubles the price to $50/month while expanding features such as multi-currency and custom shipping rates. Top-tier needs are addressed by the Platinum Plan priced at $100/month, which grants all features needed for complex B2B operations, signifying its readiness to handle the most demanding wholesale tasks. Additionally, BSS Commerce uniquely offers a Free Forever tier, targeted primarily at development stores or partners testing the platform. This inclusiveness is a nod to a community of developers and agencies that serves to improve and tailor the platform to their specific needs.

Cost Analysis: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts vs. BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts appears to lean towards a more cost-sensitive approach with its free entry tier and subsequent incremental increases that align with Shopify's native pricing tiers. In contrast, BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution, while offering a free tier for development purposes, generally carries a heftier price tag, presumably reflecting its comprehensive feature set designed for more extensive wholesale operations. Despite the higher costs, BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution might still emerge as the more cost-efficient choice for large-scale businesses due to its broad wholesale features and extensive pricing rules customization.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Unlimited Bundles & Discounts good?

A robust 4.8-star rating from over 2000 reviews reflects strong user satisfaction with Unlimited Bundles & Discounts. Users likely praise its ease of use, the flexibility it provides to businesses of varying sizes, and the positive impact it can have on sales figures. With such a high rating, one could reasonably infer that customer support is responsive and helpful, though specific mentions are scarce.

Is BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution good?

With an even higher average rating of 4.9 stars from 605 reviews, BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution garners commendation for its comprehensive wholesale features and the intricate control it affords its users. The lesser number of reviews may be due to its more niche, B2B-focused audience or its relatively later launch date when compared to its contender.

User Preference: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts or BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution?

The difference in ratings and reviews between the apps suggests that both are well-regarded, but Unlimited Bundles & Discounts may have a slight edge in user population. This could be attributed to its broader appeal through its tiered pricing model, catering to a diverse range of business sizes and needs.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Integrations:

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts touts a solid lineup of integrations with notable Shopify-related apps and services, potentially allowing merchants to streamline various aspects of their online store management and promotional activities. This comprehensive integration capability is an asset, simplifying the user experience and providing a seamless workflow.

BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution Integrations:

BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution provides targeted integrations specific to the needs of B2B merchants, such as B2B Login Access and order management tools. The B2B-focused integrations indicate a deliberate design choice to serve a more specialized market, ensuring that B2B functionalities are not afterthoughts but foundational components.


Unlimited Bundles & Discounts and BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution present diverse paths to achieve similar goals—empowering Shopify merchants with tailored wholesale pricing strategies. Both apps showcase robust features that cater to distinct audiences with varying needs, from straightforward bundling strategies to intricate B2B solutions. Reviews indicate satisfaction with both platforms, though closer examination and differentiation are required by each business based on their unique needs. Compatibility with existing systems and preferred workflows will also play a significant role in determining the ideal choice. Strength & Weaknesses: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts stands out with its ease of use and accessibility to businesses of all sizes, while BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution excels in delivering complex and customizable wholesale solutions. Both could work on expanding their supported languages and perhaps increasing the visibility of their customer support offerings. Recommendations: For businesses seeking simplicity and cost-effectiveness with a broad appeal, Unlimited Bundles & Discounts presents an attractive option. On the other hand, BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution is arguably the better fit for larger or growing merchants who require a sophisticated, all-encompassing B2B wholesale solution. Each app holds its ground in the arena of wholesale pricing, enabling Shopify merchants to scale operations and elevate the customer experience.

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