Shopify Wholesale Pricing Apps: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts vs B2B Wholesale Club

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Work?
  3. How Does B2B Wholesale Club Work?
  4. How Much Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Cost?
  5. How much does B2B Wholesale Club cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts vs. B2B Wholesale Club
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, wholesale pricing serves as a cornerstone strategy for many businesses, with studies indicating enhanced sales performance through strategic discount offerings. Wholesale pricing apps play a pivotal role in this domain, augmenting the customer purchase journey and bolstering sales outcomes. In this exploration, we delve into two prominent apps, Unlimited Bundles & Discounts and B2B Wholesale Club, shedding light on their pivotal roles in equipping businesses with a spectrum of wholesale pricing options. Both apps not only streamline integration with Shopify but also profoundly impact operational efficiency and customer engagement.

How Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Work?

Overview: At its core, Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy Apps is a versatile tool designed to simplify the creation of product bundles and discounted groupings. This app is adept at offering varied wholesale pricing configurations without the need for complex coding. Its tailor-made solutions cater to diverse business sizes and industries through its adaptable feature set. Detailed within the app's repertoire is the capacity to form combinations such as ‘percentage-off’ deals and fixed price offers for multiple product purchases. These features are quintessential for both burgeoning startups and established entities, enabling them to present enticing offers that can lead to increased average order values and incentivized purchasing behaviors. Moreover, its user-friendly interface requires zero programming prowess, ensuring that even merchants who are new to e-commerce can seamlessly enhance their offerings. On the flip side, for the tech-savvy, APIs facilitate deeper customization and integration within their current systems. The flexibility of Unlimited Bundles & Discounts shines in scenarios from flash sales to seasonal offerings, positioning businesses to maximize their appeal and drive revenue growth.

How Does B2B Wholesale Club Work?

Much like its counterpart, B2B Wholesale Club by Orbit serves as a wholesale powerhouse, albeit with a distinct emphasis on B2B functionalities. It streamlines the task of applying wholesale pricing within a Shopify store, abolishing the need for a secondary storefront or intricate workarounds. This app is skillfully constructed to accommodate B2B operations, such as setting custom prices and granting visibility only to tagged B2B clients. Tools like quick order forms, live chat, manual orders, and net terms are engineered to align with the hefty demands of wholesale transactions. When considering businesses that handle large volumes of orders and require granular control over pricing strategies, B2B Wholesale Club offers a compelling suite of capabilities. These functionalities excel in scenarios where businesses must manage an intricate network of wholesale relationships while sustaining efficiency and personalized service.

How Much Does Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Cost?

In the pursuit of economical solutions for wholesale pricing, Unlimited Bundles & Discounts presents an array of plans suitable for different business stages and budgets: - The Free Plan is indeed free and serves as an introductory offering with limited functionality, ideal for emerging ventures keen on exploring the concept of product bundling. - The Basic Plan at $13.99/month extends unlimited bundling capabilities; a fit for growing businesses requiring a broader scope in their pricing strategies without substantial investment. - The Professional Plan priced at $21.99/month builds upon the Basic tier by accommodating larger operations like the Shopify/Professional Plan. - The Advanced Plan at $29.99/month is reserved for ventures at the pinnacle of Shopify’s platform hierarchy, needing robust wholesale pricing structures. While presenting these options, each tier remains unburdened by hidden fees, but it’s essential to be attentive to potential additional costs that could arise from increased platform use or integration with other apps and services.

How much does B2B Wholesale Club cost?

B2B Wholesale Club structures its pricing tiers to reflect the maturation and sophistication of B2B businesses within Shopify’s ecosystem: - At $39/month, the Basic plan lays the foundation, offering essential tools such as live chat and quick order forms, suited for businesses setting the stage for wholesale operations. - The Professional Plan costs $69/month and augments the Basic provisions with advanced features like custom prices, net terms, and volume discounts indicated for businesses scaling their operations. - Priced at $99/month, the Premium Plan further escalates the feature list with inclusive priority support and enhanced product visibility options, aligning with expansive enterprises that prioritize intricate customer segmentation and service excellence. - Additionally, there’s a complimentary Free Dev Plan targeted at Shopify Partners and developers test-driving the app in development stores. It’s prudent to underline that beyond the base prices, unique business requirements may necessitate additional investments in customization or support services.

Cost Analysis: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts vs. B2B Wholesale Club

When juxtaposing the pricing frameworks of Unlimited Bundles & Discounts and B2B Wholesale Club, a nuanced picture of value for each app emerges. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts captivates with its no-cost entry point, perfect for nascent enterprises cautious about overheads. Conversely, B2B Wholesale Club harbors a higher initial cost reflective of its specialized B2B feature set, which might be superfluous for basic wholesale needs. Current and potential promotions, including trial periods and discounts, could sway decision-making for retailers leaning towards one app or the other, though these offers need to be evaluated within the context of long-term value and scalability.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Unlimited Bundles & Discounts good?

With a stellar average rating of 4.8 stars gleaned from 2006 reviews, Unlimited Bundles & Discounts stands tall as a robust solution within the Shopify ecosystem. Users likely commend its diverse bundling options and the ease with which they can be deployed, resonating well with businesses across the spectrum. Customer support, though not explicitly reviewed in the data provided, can be inferred to be effective given the positive overall sentiment.

Is B2B Wholesale Club good?

B2B Wholesale Club, boasting a strong 4.6-star rating from 690 reviews, similarly establishes itself as a reliable and efficiency-driven solution. The somewhat lower ratings relative to its counterpart may suggest room for improvement or perhaps reflect a more niche application. Nevertheless, the consistency of features tailored for B2B transactions likely garners praise from users requiring these specific functionalities.

User Preference: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts or B2B Wholesale Club?

Analysing the average ratings and volume of reviews, Unlimited Bundles & Discounts appears to edge out in terms of user preference. It may owe this favor to its broader applicability and free starting plan, making it accessible to a wider pool of businesses. In contrast, the B2B Wholesale Club's specialized offerings, while indispensable for certain operations, may not be as universally necessitated, potentially influencing its user rating metrics.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Integrations:

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts prides itself on an array of integrations with tools such as checkout systems, currency converters, and an ecosystem of Revy and bold apps, fortifying its adaptability. These synergies promote a seamless connection with existing operations and enhance the selling experience, rounding out the app’s integration abilities commendably.

B2B Wholesale Club Integrations:

B2B Wholesale Club, on the other hand, fosters integrations specifically with Shopify POS, indicating a more focused but equally potent integration path. This dedicated alignment ensures a harmonious operation, particularly for businesses reliant on the Shopify POS infrastructure for their wholesale transactions.


In reviewing Unlimited Bundles & Discounts and B2B Wholesale Club, each app exhibits distinct strengths in the arena of wholesale pricing. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts boasts a high degree of adaptability and accessibility, matched with widespread acclaim for its user-friendliness and flexibility. B2B Wholesale Club, with its B2B-centric features, excels in meeting the intricate needs of wholesale operations requiring detailed management and control. The general consensus among users paints a portrait of reliability and effectiveness, with room for improvement in each app’s specialized areas. The integrations of both platforms underscore their commitment to seamless compatibility, albeit with varying degrees of breadth and focus. Strengths & Weaknesses: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts demonstrates superiority in its versatility and ease of use, while B2B Wholesale Club stands out for its deep B2B functionality. Weaknesses are limited but suggest room for expansion in terms of broader language support for Unlimited Bundles & Discounts and a need for B2B Wholesale Club to perhaps generalize its offerings to cater to a wider audience. Recommendations: If you seek a cost-efficient, versatile app for initiating wholesale pricing tactics, Unlimited Bundles & Discounts could be your go-to solution. For businesses deeply entrenched in the B2B sector requiring comprehensive wholesale features, B2B Wholesale Club emerges as the clear choice, despite a higher entry-level price. Ultimately, the selection boils down to the unique requirements of your Shopify business and the scale at which you operate within the wholesale landscape.

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