Shopify Wholesale Pricing Apps: BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price vs Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price Work?
  3. How Does Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B Work?
  4. How Much Does BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price Cost?
  5. How much does Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price vs. Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Wholesale pricing strategies can make or break a business operating in the B2B sphere. The right approach can lead to increased sales volumes, stronger customer relationships, and higher overall profitability. In this context, Shopify Wholesale pricing apps serve a pivotal role. They not only streamline the process of setting and managing prices but also offer sophisticated functionalities that cater to a diverse range of business needs. Today, we're evaluating two prominent players in this domain: BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price and Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B. These apps enhance the experience of businesses by providing extensive Wholesale pricing options and seamless integration capabilities that can profoundly impact market presence and customer experience.

How Does BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price Work?

BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price is an app that offers businesses an array of features designed to customize their Wholesale pricing strategy aligning with customer groups. Its approach is hinged on versatility. The app gives businesses the power to lock and hide prices, restrict product visibility, and create exclusive access through passcodes or secret links. For small businesses, the ability to control visibility and access without external assistance is invaluable. Larger enterprises, on the other hand, may leverage the app’s capabilities to diversify how they segment customer access. Startups can use the free plan to kickstart their operations, harnessing full app functionality without the initial investment—a significant advantage. A possible application scenario might be a Wholesale distributor seeking to conceal pricing from retail browsers while providing specialized rates to verified B2B clients. The BSS app allows for such targeted visibility, enhancing the distributor's ability to manage client-specific sales strategies.

How Does Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B Work?

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B, by Wholesale Helper, offers a suite of features focusing on flexibility and personalization in pricing. The app supports volume discounts, tiered pricing, and net payment terms. It's designed to apply percentage or absolute value discounts across different customer variants, driving businesses to implement a tailored pricing strategy easily. Small operations can quickly set basic cart requirements and discount schemes, an essential feature for those seeking to incentivize bulk purchases. For medium-sized businesses, the added net payment options and advanced shipping can streamline operations and enhance offer attractiveness. Large enterprises might find the bulk import/export feature particularly beneficial for managing complex, large-scale pricing strategies. Imagine a scenario where a merchant needs to incentivize bulk purchases without alienating smaller buyers. With Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B, they can implement volume-based pricing, providing discounts as purchase quantities increase, thereby driving overall sales volume up.

How Much Does BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price Cost?

Cost-effective solutions in Wholesale pricing are paramount for businesses to maintain profitability while being competitive. BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price offers several plans: - The Free Plan allows startups and businesses in development to use all features at no cost, which is particularly advantageous for early-stage businesses testing the market. - The Plus plan, at $10 per month, unlocks additional features like page locking by URLs and customer tags, suited for growing businesses refining their customer access. - The Platinum plan, costing $25 per month, is designed for businesses needing to hide prices on a per-product basis, offering more granular control over pricing visibility. - Lastly, the Premium plan at $50 per month, provides comprehensive features like hiding by passcode, targeting specific products, and collections making it ideal for established businesses with diverse client bases. There are no hidden fees or extra charges associated with these plans, making the cost structure transparent and predictable.

How much does Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B cost?

Just as with BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price, let's examine the cost breakdown for Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B: - The Basic plan begins at $19.99 per month, covering percentage discounts and minimum cart requirements, addressing the needs of startups and smaller businesses. - The Professional plan, priced at $34.99 per month, introduces individual variant pricing and net order terms, aiming at medium-sized businesses looking to expand their pricing complexity. - The Enterprise plan, at $44.99 per month, is comprehensive with features such as bulk imports and advanced cart requirements, tailored for large businesses requiring a robust Wholesale pricing mechanism. Similar to its competitor, there are no additional costs or fees beyond the subscription price.

Cost Analysis: BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price vs. Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

When comparing both apps, it's evident that BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price offers a free tier, making it an economically attractive choice for startups and development stores. As for paid tiers, BSS maintains a lower entry price point, while Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B starts higher but includes more advanced features in its basic plan, such as minimum cart requirements. Both apps lack promotional offers and trial periods as of the provided data, but this could be subject to changes on their respective Shopify app pages.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price good?

With a stellar 4.8-star rating across 476 reviews, BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price likely garners appreciation for its comprehensive free plan and robust feature set at relatively lower price points. Its customer support is hinted to be proficient, providing leverage by resolving issues, thus maintaining high user satisfaction.

Is Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B good?

Matching the 4.8-star rating albeit with slightly fewer reviews (458), Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B appears to resonate well with its user base. The abundance of features, even at the basic level, could be a considerable factor contributing to its positive reception. Strong customer support is also suggested by the consistency in high ratings.

User Preference: BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price or Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B?

While the ratings are on par, BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price leads slightly in the number of reviews, which could indicate a broader user base or higher adoption rate. This could be due to its free plan offering and the incremental feature additions with each paid tier. User preferences seem to lean towards BSS for companies at different stages of growth because of its flexible pricing strategy.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price Integrations:

BSS offers integrations with B2B/Wholesale Solution, MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator, and BSS: Product Labels & Badges, facilitating a more nuanced service that can interact with other tools for a seamless operation. The ease of integration appears to be a significant draw here.

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B Integrations:

On the other hand, Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B integrates with solutions like Wholesale Lock Manager, Pagefly, and other loyalty and filter apps, suggesting a strong focus on enhancing the Wholesale experience while providing additional marketing and sales tools. Integration is likely straightforward, contributing to the app's favorable ratings.


In summing up, both BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price and Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B have proven to be formidable tools in managing Wholesale pricing on Shopify. Each has demonstrated distinctive strengths—BSS with its free plan and tiered features, and Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B with its comprehensive pricing management capabilities. Users are inclined towards BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price for its generous free tier and scalability, while Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B is appreciated for its detailed pricing customization options. When it comes to integrations, both apps provide robust solutions that can enhance store operations, although their specific integration partners differ, which could sway a store owner's preference depending on their individual needs. Ultimately, the choice between these two apps may come down to the specific requirements of your business’s pricing strategy and how they align with the features each app provides. Whether prioritizing a cost-effective entry point and incremental feature access with BSS or a comprehensive feature set from the start with Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B, both apps are capable choices for empowering your Wholesale pricing efforts.

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