Shopify Upselling and Cross-Selling Apps: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell vs Glood Product Recommendations

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Work?
  3. How Does Glood Product Recommendations Work?
  4. How Much Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Cost?
  5. How much does Glood Product Recommendations cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell vs. Glood Product Recommendations
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that upselling and cross-selling can improve your store’s revenue by 10-30% on average? An effective strategy can significantly enhance user experience by providing them with valuable options that meet their needs and interests. Upselling and cross-selling apps have become indispensable tools for maximizing the economic potential of ecommerce businesses. Today, we're looking at two commendable Shopify apps in this arena – Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell and Glood Product Recommendations. Both bring a wide array of options to the table for upselling and cross-selling, integrating seamlessly into your existing setup and delivering tailored approaches to improve sales and customer engagement.

How Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Work?

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell engineers a solution designed with pinpoint precision to optimize your sales process. Through tracking both what shoppers have in their cart and the device they're using, it masters the art of delivering targeted upsell opportunities. This smart technology enables businesses of all sizes to heighten user experience. For startups, the power of Voyager lies in its straight-forward setup and operation, while small to medium businesses will appreciate the scalability of its algorithms. Large enterprises will find value in the app's sophisticated cart-tracking capabilities, aligning their expansive product range for maximized upselling opportunities. Consider the scenario where a customer is purchasing a laptop; Voyager may suggest a compatible mouse or keyboard as an upsell – a strategy that not only makes the shopping experience more personal but also boosts the average order value.

How Does Glood Product Recommendations Work?

Glood Product Recommendations centers around its AI/ML-led platform, giving ecommerce businesses advanced tools for personalizing the customer journey. Personalized recommendations, similar products, and bundles are effortlessly served to the shopper, promising to boost both conversions and average order values. Startups will find the visual editor and customization options critical in building their unique brand experience. The BASIC and PRO plans are tailored to growing businesses, offering additional features like rule-based recommendations. Larger enterprises can leverage A/B testing and advanced recommendation engines available in the plus plan. Imagine an online bookstore using Glood AI to recommend a newly released thriller novel to a customer browsing through the mystery genre – that's the kind of specificity we're talking about.

How Much Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Cost?

In the arena of upselling and cross-selling, efficiency doesn't stop at just functionality—it extends to cost. Voyager’s single-tier pricing at $27/month provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to leverage upselling without the worry of scaling costs. This no-nonsense approach makes it ideal for businesses that desire simplicity and predictability in their monthly expenses.

How much does Glood Product Recommendations cost?

Glood Product Recommendations presents a flexible pricing model. It starts with a 100% FREE FOREVER plan, perfect for startups and small businesses looking to dip their toes into the world of personalized recommendations. The tiered approach, with price points at $19.99/month for BASIC, $69.99 for PRO, and $299.99 for Plus, ensures businesses only pay for the scale of services they need – a winning situation for growing businesses and established enterprises alike.

Cost Analysis: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell vs. Glood Product Recommendations

When comparing the pricing, Voyager’s one-price plan may appeal to those who prefer simplicity. Meanwhile, Glood’s tiered structure offers versatility, catering to a wider range of business needs. Each app’s cost-effectiveness aligns with different operational scales and requirements in upselling and cross-selling.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell good?

The sublime 4.9-star rating from 504 reviews suggests that users are highly satisfied with Voyager’s performance. The app's ease of use and effectiveness at providing upselling options evidently resonate with users. Given the emphasis on 'Heroic Support,' one can infer that Voyager’s customer service is a pillar of its high user satisfaction.

Is Glood Product Recommendations good?

Glood Product Recommendations also boasts a strong recommendation with its 4.7-star rating from 208 reviews. Its advanced, AI-driven approach reflects well amongst users who seek a dynamic, data-driven upselling and cross-selling strategy. And with round-the-clock support, Glood.AI assures a customer service safety net that businesses value.

User Preference: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell or Glood Product Recommendations?

Despite a marginal difference in ratings, the preference is not entirely clear-cut. Voyager’s higher ratings and review counts indicate a more established user trust. However, Glood’s impressive AI features and scalable pricing may cater to tech-savvy retailers seeking flexibility.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Integrations:

The emphasis on device-responsive upselling suggests that Voyager’s integration capabilities are seamless and user-focused. Given the lack of specific integration data, the implication is that Voyager focuses on platform-centric enhancements to maximize its upselling strategy.

Glood Product Recommendations Integrations:

Glood Product Recommendations shines with its numerous integrations with platforms like Checkout, Loox, and Klaviyo, enhancing the toolkit for comprehensive marketing strategies. This multifaceted approach signifies Glood’s commitment to a holistic ecosystem for upselling and cross-selling.


To sum up, both Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell and Glood Product Recommendations offer compelling features that can benefit a Shopify store in different ways. Voyager stands out for its straightforward, device-oriented upselling while Glood thrives on its advanced AI-driven personalization. Users have expressed their trust in both apps, albeit through different aspects of functionality and support. While Voyager’s integrations remain a bit of a mystery, Glood’s extensive compatibilities suggest a strong foundation for businesses seeking integration depth. When choosing between the two, the decision may ultimately hinge on your business's specific needs, whether you're after a robust one-size-fits-all solution or a customizable, AI-powered platform. Each offers unique strengths to elevate your Shopify store's performance in the competitive landscape of ecommerce.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

Finding the perfect app to enhance your Shopify store's functionality can be a challenge, especially when it comes to upselling and cross-selling. You want an option that not only boosts revenue but elevates your customers' shopping experience. Allow us to introduce a contender that might just end your search: Frequently Bought Together, developed by Code Black Belt.

Key Features of Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together brings a host of powerful features to your storefront:

  • AI-driven recommendations: Offers personalized product suggestions, based on years of continuous algorithm training.
  • Customizable product bundles: Enables you to create your own bundles for every product to suit your business strategy.
  • Multiple discount types: Includes four types of bundle discounts to tempt customers and improve conversion rates.
  • Seamless theme integration: Adapts beautifully to your store's design, with customizable styles to match your brand.
  • High-performance handling: Efficiently deals with large volumes of products, orders, and high traffic without a hitch.

Why We Recommend Frequently Bought Together

In the landscape of upselling and cross-selling apps, Frequently Bought Together stands out for its sophisticated AI algorithm which has been trained and refined since its launch in March 2017. It’s not merely about increasing order values—it’s about understanding your customers and providing them with valuable recommendations that enhance their shopping experience. Moreover, the app's ability to smoothly integrate with various review platforms like Shopify POS, Yotpo,, and others, ensures that your recommendations are bolstered by social proof.

Pricing Structure

The value-packed pricing of Frequently Bought Together begins at $9.99/month, which includes a 30-day free trial. This transparent investment is a testament to the app's confidence in providing ROI through its advanced functionality.

Merchant Feedback

The app boasts a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 2327 reviews. It's clear that merchants aren't just satisfied—they're delighted with the results. From the ease of installation and customization to the exceptional customer support, Frequently Bought Together earns its high praise. The merchants emphasize the significant impact on sales, the professional aesthetic, and the smart bundling options that the app brings to their stores.

Experience the synergy of advanced machine learning and practical e-commerce tools. Let Frequently Bought Together propel your store towards more conversions and a better shopping journey for your customers. The right tools make all the difference—see the proof for yourself.

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