Shopify Upselling and Cross-Selling Apps: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell vs Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Work?
  3. How Does Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell Work?
  4. How Much Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Cost?
  5. How much does Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell vs. Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Statistics reveal that upselling and cross-selling can enhance a customer's basket size by an impressive 10-30% on average. These marketing strategies are not just about increasing profits; they're fundamental in enriching the customer's shopping experience, offering additional value through complementary products or upgrades. Shopify's diverse ecosystem of upselling and cross-selling apps has revolutionized the way store owners approach sales strategies. Two such apps that have made significant strides in this arena are Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell and Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell. Both harness the power of smart technology to seamlessly integrate with Shopify, propelling e-commerce ventures forward by optimizing sales opportunities.

How Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Work?

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell is designed with a robust algorithm that tracks every item in a shopper's cart, enabling targeted product suggestions. The app upsells by presenting an easy-to-use interface, ensuring recommendations are both relevant and timely, potentially boosting average order values across diverse e-commerce platforms. For businesses of all sizes, this tailoring capability means that from a one-product start-up to a sprawling enterprise, all can leverage personalized upselling. Unique to Voyager, its device-responsive approach optimizes user experience, which could profoundly impact sales by catering to mobile and desktop shoppers alike. Imagine a scenario where a customer adds a smartphone to their cart, and Voyager instantly suggests a compatible case and screen protector – this is upselling made effortless and efficient.

How Does Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell Work?

Cart X operates on the principles of simplicity and effectiveness, as it enables one-click upsells right after the purchase, alongside popup offers and a customizable thank you page. For brands focusing on customer re-engagement, Cart X’s post-purchase upsells are an arsenal for increasing repeat business. Its seamless interface, coupled with a diverse funnel editor, allows businesses from fledgling endeavors to expansive operations to craft bespoke upselling journeys. An upsell post-checkout could be a complementary product offer that captures the customer's immediate interest, thereby elevating the average order value without disrupting the shopping experience.

How Much Does Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Cost?

In the quest for upselling success, cost remains a critical factor for businesses. Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell offers a straightforward plan at $27 per month. This includes all the main features with no hidden fees, suitable for businesses looking for a comprehensive upselling solution without complex pricing structures. There are no explicit limitations stated, designating this plan as a one-size-fits-all, particularly appealing for businesses poised for growth and scalability.

How much does Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell cost?

Cart X presents a tiered pricing model starting with a ‘FREE FOREVER’ plan, which includes fundamental features such as popup upsells and a thank you page builder – an entry point for developing stores. For stores with up to 100 orders per month, the price is a manageable $9.99, while stores processing up to 200 orders can avail of enhanced features at $14.99 monthly. With explicit value propositions at each level, Cart X aligns itself with the growth trajectory of its users, allowing them to scale their upselling strategies incrementally.

Cost Analysis: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell vs. Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell

Comparing the two, Voyager’s single-tier pricing model simplifies decision-making but may pose a limitation for very small or budget-conscious businesses. On the other hand, Cart X tailors its pricing to align with business size, potentially offering a more accessible point of entry. Both provide commendable value, but for start-ups and smaller operations, Cart X's flexibility could provide a cost-efficient starting point with room to grow.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell good?

With 504 reviews averaging a 4.9-star rating, Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell is a heavyweight contender. Users likely associate its high ratings with the app's ease of integration, robust customization options, and the substantial impact on sales. The description’s mention of "Heroic Support" implies a commitment to customer service that might significantly contribute to user satisfaction.

Is Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell good?

Cart X, while newer to the market with 134 reviews, maintains an equivalent 4.9-star rating, indicating a strong start. The positive reception could stem from its user-friendly interface, diverse pricing options, and innovative post-purchase upsell features. The customer service, described as chat support within the descriptions of their plans, suggests direct and responsive assistance that could assure users.

User Preference: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell or Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell?

While both apps enjoy stellar ratings, Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell boasts a larger number of reviews, signifying a longer tenure and a potentially larger user base. Cart X's equal rating, however, indicates that it competes on quality and innovation. Users might prefer Voyager for its established reputation or Cart X for its flexibility and modern approach to post-purchase upselling.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell Integrations:

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell prioritizes user experience with a device-responsive system which, while not listing specific integrations, suggests a strategic focus on maximizing upselling opportunities across all shopping channels.

Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell Integrations:

While Cart X lists multiple integrations with platforms like Stripe and PayPal, enhancing the checkout process, its integrations are designed to streamline post-purchase upselling and cross-selling, demonstrating versatility and an emphasis on user-friendly transactions.


Selecting the right Shopify app for upselling and cross-selling boils down to specific needs and business models. Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell offers a universal pricing plan and an advanced upselling system adaptable to any device. Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell caters to evolving businesses with tailored pricing, post-purchase engagement, and smart integration capabilities. Both apps are designed to elevate the customer experience, each with its distinct flair for engagement and sales conversion. For companies seeking an all-inclusive system with sturdy support, Voyager could be the flagship choice. Conversely, Cart X positions itself as the crafty pick for businesses valuing flexibility and modern post-sale interactions. Balancing cost, usability, and features, each app presents a robust solution, promising to enrich the delicate art of upselling and cross-selling in the bustling marketplace of Shopify.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

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Key Features of Frequently Bought Together

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Why We Recommend Frequently Bought Together

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Pricing Structure

The value-packed pricing of Frequently Bought Together begins at $9.99/month, which includes a 30-day free trial. This transparent investment is a testament to the app's confidence in providing ROI through its advanced functionality.

Merchant Feedback

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