Shopify Upselling and Cross-Selling Apps: Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy vs. Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy Work?
  3. How Does Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory Work?
  4. How Much Does Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy Cost?
  5. How Much Does Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy vs. Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits by 25% to 95%? Upselling and cross-selling play a pivotal role in not only enhancing customer retention but also in maximizing average order values. Apps designed for these sales strategies are crucial for merchants seeking to elevate their customers' shopping experience and simultaneously bolster revenue. Both Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy and Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory rise to this challenge, offering a myriad of features aimed at stimulating incremental purchases. Both apps tout seamless integration with Shopify, promising to transform the shopping experience while significantly impacting a store's performance.

How Does Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy Work?


Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy, developed by Logbase, is geared towards ensuring merchants can effortlessly entice customers with relevant product offerings at strategic points in the purchasing process. Its key selling point is the ability to display unobtrusive, high conversion pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers, effectively increasing the average order value.

Main Features

With Selleasy, stores can bundle frequently purchased items together, offer related product add-ons, and even set up post-purchase upsell pages with just one click. The app's manual or automatic product recommendations provide versatility for business owners, allowing for a tailored upsell strategy. The embedded widgets are designed to blend seamlessly into an existing store’s theme, making the upsell experience feel natural and intuitive. Businesses at any scale, from sprouting startups to large enterprises, can leverage Selleasy's customization options and support services. The app serves as a potent tool for those looking to refine their upselling and cross-selling without needing an IT department to set it up, potentially increasing engagement and conversion.

How Does Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory Work?


PickyStory offers a complete solution for bundling and upselling within Shopify. It acts on the premise of capturing every opportunity for revenue with its AI-engine.

Main Features

It comes power-packed with AI-powered bundles, enabling merchants to offer personalized upsells and cross-sells across the customer journey — from adding products to the cart to post-purchase offers. Its in-cart upsell features, combined with offers such as BOGO and mix & match, allow for a dynamic and automated approach to increasing sales. PickyStory is also accessible to businesses of varying sizes, providing tools that scale with a store’s growth.

How Much Does Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy Cost?

Ecommerce merchants understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, particularly when it comes to sales and marketing tools. Selleasy offers a free plan with comprehensive upsell and cross-sell features, styling customization, and support channels. As businesses grow, they can opt for Tier II at $8.99/month or Tier III at $16.99/month, both including a 30-day free trial. These plans cater to expanding stores that need more robust capabilities.

How Much Does Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory Cost?

PickyStory starts with a free tier, offering essential features for upselling and cross-selling. For more extensive needs, the standard plans are priced at $49.50/month and $89.50/month respectively. These plans aim to serve busy stores that require in-depth, AI-driven upsell capabilities and advanced support.

Cost Analysis: Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy vs. Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory

When comparing both apps, Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy presents a more budget-friendly option, especially attractive to merchants just embarking on their upselling journey. However, PickyStory's higher-tier plans may justify their cost through advanced AI capabilities and can be more suitable for stores with a high volume of traffic requiring complex bundle configurations.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy Good?

The stellar 5-star rating from 1326 reviews suggests that users are exceptionally satisfied with Selleasy. Its intuitive design, coupled with effective upsell and cross-sell prompts, likely contributes to its high favorability among users.

Is Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory Good?

With a 4.8-star rating across 612 reviews, Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory has evidently also made a positive impression. Its advanced AI capabilities and seamless bundle configurations are probably the key contributors to its robust rating.

User Preference: Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy or Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory?

Comparing user ratings highlights a slight preference for Selleasy, though both apps score impressively. This preference may stem from Selleasy's user-friendly interface and robust support, making it a favored option for a wide audience.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy Integrations:

Selleasy offers integrations with notable apps like LogBase Store Pickup and Conversion Bear, indicating a focus on enhancing the shopping experience and checkout efficiency. Its compatibility with multi-language and multi-currency stores broadens its suitability for international markets.

Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory Integrations:

With integrations that include GemPages and Langify, Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory underscores a dedication to providing a robust and culturally adaptable shopping journey. Its range of integrations aligns it closely with merchants who desire a streamlined, automated upselling process within a globally accessible storefront.


While both Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy and Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory provide comprehensive tools for upselling and cross-selling, they each have their distinct strengths. Selleasy's simplicity and cost-effectiveness contrast with PickyStory's advanced AI and broader integration range. Merchants seeking an intuitive and affordable upsell solution may gravitate towards Selleasy, whereas those looking for sophisticated, AI-backed bundling might find PickyStory aligns more closely with their needs. Ultimately, the choice will hinge on the specific goals, budget, and required features of the Shopify store in question.

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Key Features

  • Smart AI Algorithm: Years of refinement have made its recommendations incredibly accurate and tailored to drive up conversion rates.
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Why We Recommend This App

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Pricing Structure

Starting at $9.99/month after a 30-day free trial, you get access to all the premium features of the app without breaking the bank. Given the wealth of functions and the potential for a significant return on investment, Frequently Bought Together is competitively priced.

Merchant Feedback

With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 2327 reviews, it’s clear that merchants are benefiting greatly from Frequently Bought Together. They commend its seamless integration, the boost in conversion rates through discounts and bundles, and the exceptional customer service. The tool is not only easy to install and customize but also quick to increase sales and enhance the professional appeal of your online store.

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