Shopify Upselling and Cross-selling Apps: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs Qikify Slide Cart Drawer

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Work?
  3. How Does Qikify Slide Cart Drawer Work?
  4. How Much Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Cost?
  5. How Much Does Qikify Slide Cart Drawer Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs. Qikify Slide Cart Drawer
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that upselling and cross-selling can increase business revenues by 10-30% on average? These strategies grow more crucial as ecommerce spaces become increasingly competitive, requiring merchants to maximize every customer interaction. In this realm, the right Shopify apps can transform your storefront, turning casual browsers into loyal customers through smart recommendations and seamless shopping experiences. In this post, we scrutinize two of the most talked-about apps for Shopify: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle and Qikify Slide Cart Drawer. Both applications wield the power to enhance shopping experiences significantly, boasting features that not only encourage customers to add more to their carts but also simplify their shopping journeys with intuitive interfaces and beneficial integrations.

How Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Work?

Launched on August 10, 2022, Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle is quickly establishing itself as a notable app with a hearty endorsement from users, reflected in its stellar 4.9-star rating across nearly 500 reviews. This app's philosophy orbits around creating a seamless upselling and cross-selling environment without overwhelming shoppers. Displaying eye-catching popups on both Product and View Cart pages, it offers unlimited campaigns tailor-made for your audience. It supports an impressive spectrum of devices, ensuring responsiveness no matter the screen size. Additionally, the app is available in seven languages, allowing for a broad communication reach, and its customization options extend to the widget's design, ensuring brand consistency. For various businesses, Avada provides a strategic edge, whether you're a sprouting startup or a towering enterprise. The capacity to tailor campaigns can attract a startup's niche demographics or propel a large company's varied product range through sophisticated upselling tactics.

How Does Qikify Slide Cart Drawer Work?

Qikify Slide Cart Drawer takes a different approach. Since its launch on July 7, 2019, it has garnered a 4.9-star rating from 389 reviews, signaling widespread satisfaction. This application emphasizes the value of a sticky add-to-cart bar and a slider cart drawer for accessibility and ease of use. Upsells in the cart, free shipping progress bars, countdown timers, note-adding functionalities, and the ability to estimate shipping without navigating away from the current page are among its highlighted features. These tools aim to enhance the user shopping experience, reduce cart abandonment, and ultimately, increase average order value (AOV). The reach of Qikify may be particularly suited for midsize businesses looking to scale and refine their consumer journey with these advanced features.

How Much Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Cost?

Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle maintains a low barrier to entry, with its pricing tiers conspicuously absent, likely adopting a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. This indicates that businesses, irrespective of size, can access its full suite of features without worrying about multiple subscription levels or feature limitations. This approach is cost-effective as it avoids the complication of tiered pricing and avoids hidden costs that might deter prospective clients.

How Much Does Qikify Slide Cart Drawer Cost?

In contrast, Qikify offers a Free plan, providing basic slide cart features and 24/7 support, among others. This could be a boon for small businesses or startups testing the waters of ecommerce simplicity. Their Premium plan, priced at $14.99/month (a reduction from $19.99), adds more features, including an announcement bar, cart upsell, and no branding, thus catering to businesses ready to take their online presence up a notch.

Cost Analysis: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs. Qikify Slide Cart Drawer

The two apps have differing philosophies in pricing structures. While Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle offers a full-fledged feature set without tiers, Qikify reaches out to different market segments with its tiered model. While Qikify's premium offerings are reasonably priced, Avada's straightforward approach may appeal to users who prefer full access without additional fees.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Good?

With rave reviews amounting to a 4.9-star rating, it's evident that users are finding Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle beneficial. Insights suggest that ease of use and comprehensive feature availability without tiered pricing are likely drivers behind such positive feedback. Although specific customer support feedback isn't provided, one can assume its quality is in line with the high rating.

Is Qikify Slide Cart Drawer Good?

Mirroring Avada's performance in user satisfaction, Qikify's Slide Cart Drawer also boasts a 4.9-star rating. Its popularity hints at robust functionality and convenience, with a free plan that's enticing for those wary of initial investments. Positive reviews may also correlate with effective customer support, which is crucial in maintaining good customer relations.

User Preference: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle or Qikify Slide Cart Drawer?

Both apps score evenly on ratings, but Avada edges ahead slightly in review numbers, suggesting a marginally greater user base or longer market presence. It's crucial to remember that higher or lower review numbers don't necessarily equate to superiority; rather, they reflect the specific and varied needs of users that each app caters to.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Integrations:

The Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle weaves effortlessly into Shopify's ecosystem, integrating with Checkout, AVADA SEO, Email Marketing, and more. Its strength lies in its ability to link with an array of Avada's own apps, providing a harmonious and synergistic user experience.

Qikify Slide Cart Drawer Integrations:

The integration capabilities for Qikify are not specified, which could steer users seeking detailed ecosystem compatibility towards Avada. Nonetheless, Qikify's standalone features are robust, capable of uplifting the shopping experience without additional integration needs.


Both Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle and Qikify Slide Cart Drawer possess strong upselling and cross-selling capacities. User reviews echo the success of these features in enhancing ecommerce transactions. Avada's broad integrations contrast with Qikify's substantial standalone value. Strengths like Avada's language versatility and Qikify's tiered plans cater to different needs, while each app could develop further in areas such as integrations or tier offerings. Ultimately, the preference between them may hinge on a business's size, market reach, and integration priorities, with Avada being a one-stop shop for features and Qikify catering to varying budgets. In the sphere of upselling and cross-selling, both apps present compelling cases for enhancing customer experiences and are worthy of consideration for any Shopify retailer poised to elevate their sales game.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

Finding the perfect app to enhance your Shopify store's functionality can be a challenge, especially when it comes to upselling and cross-selling. You want an option that not only boosts revenue but elevates your customers' shopping experience. Allow us to introduce a contender that might just end your search: Frequently Bought Together, developed by Code Black Belt.

Key Features of Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together brings a host of powerful features to your storefront:

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Why We Recommend Frequently Bought Together

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Pricing Structure

The value-packed pricing of Frequently Bought Together begins at $9.99/month, which includes a 30-day free trial. This transparent investment is a testament to the app's confidence in providing ROI through its advanced functionality.

Merchant Feedback

The app boasts a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 2327 reviews. It's clear that merchants aren't just satisfied—they're delighted with the results. From the ease of installation and customization to the exceptional customer support, Frequently Bought Together earns its high praise. The merchants emphasize the significant impact on sales, the professional aesthetic, and the smart bundling options that the app brings to their stores.

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