Shopify Upselling and Cross-Selling Apps: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Work?
  3. How Does Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell Work?
  4. How Much Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Cost?
  5. How much does Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs. Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that strategic upselling can increase businesses' revenues by 10-30% on average? In the fast-paced e-commerce landscape, the ability to effectively upsell and cross-sell is not just a revenue booster—it's essential for survival. The right Shopify app can turn passive browsing into proactive purchasing. Both Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle and Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell excel at nudging customers towards higher-value purchases with seamless integration, enhancing user experiences, and consequently, boosting overall sales outcomes.

How Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Work?

Launched in August 2022, Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle stakes its claim in the Shopify ecosystem by leveraging a widget-based approach to create customizable and highly responsive upsell and cross-sell campaigns. The app enables unlimited offers, supports seven languages, and boasts integrations with other Avada tools, thereby delivering a tailored experience across diverse customer bases. The ease with which it slots into storefronts and cart pages, combined with its design flexibility, ensures businesses can capture customer attention without breaking the aesthetic of their Shopify store.

How Does Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell Work?

Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell sets itself apart with its variety of highly targeted offers and extensive customization options. With a solid track record since May 2019, this app aligns with various customer actions, offering tailored upsells and cross-sells at critical touchpoints like cart addition and checkout. Its feature-rich tiers cater to businesses of different scales, reinforced by the commendable support observed in user reviews.

How Much Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Cost?

Cost considerations are paramount for businesses looking to optimize their sales techniques. As the pricing tiers for Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle were not provided, we can infer that interested parties should contact Avada directly for pricing information, ensuring they only pay for what truly benefits their establishment.

How much does Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell cost?

Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell offers four pricing tiers: - The Free Plan is a robust choice for startups, introducing the power of one offer without cost. - The Starter Plan at $3.95/month allows for three offers, a good fit for businesses with a modest product range. - The Basic Plan is priced at $4.95/month and promises seven offers, suited for growing enterprises. - At $7.95/month, the Premium Plan unlocks unlimited offers, perfect for large businesses aiming for comprehensive upsell strategies.

Cost Analysis: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs. Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell

While Avada's pricing isn't specified, Propel's structured plans show a clear pathway for growth, accommodating increasing complexity in selling strategies. Businesses should weigh the number of offers they require and the value of seamless integration before committing to either app.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 492 reviews, Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle is highly regarded in the Shopify community. Users likely appreciate the app's language versatility and design customization, making it a friendly option for diverse markets. Strong customer support is a must, and the high rating implies a satisfied clientele in this regard.

Is Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell good?

The 4.8-star rating and 257 reviews propel Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell into a favorable position. Its success mirrors those of established brands, suggesting a good fit for a clientele with refined tastes and requirements. The consistent emphasis on quality support indicates the app's credibility in providing reliable user support.

User Preference: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle or Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell?

Avada seems to edge out Propel with a slightly higher rating and more reviews. This could be due to its more recent market entry and emphasis on customizability. However, Propel's longstanding marketplace presence and structured pricing model appeal to users seeking a tried and tested solution.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Integrations:

Avada promises easy integration, not just with Shopify but with its own suite of applications like AVADA SEO and AVADA Email Marketing, offering a unified front in e-commerce optimization.

Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell Integrations:

As for Propel, while specific integration data was not disclosed, its effectiveness with most themes suggests a strong compatibility across the Shopify ecosystem, potentially making it a plug-and-play solution for various merchants.


The choice between Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle and Propel Upsell & Cross‑sell ultimately depends on your business needs. If you prioritize a la carte flexibility and a multilingual reach, Avada could be your match. Should you require a structured approach with proven strategies, Propel might be the better bet. Both are poised to revolutionize the upsell and cross-sell spaces on Shopify, but the best fit varies as does each unique business footprint. Choose wisely, integrate seamlessly, and watch your average order value soar through strategic, well-timed upsell and cross-sell propositions.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

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Key Features of Frequently Bought Together

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Why We Recommend Frequently Bought Together

In the landscape of upselling and cross-selling apps, Frequently Bought Together stands out for its sophisticated AI algorithm which has been trained and refined since its launch in March 2017. It’s not merely about increasing order values—it’s about understanding your customers and providing them with valuable recommendations that enhance their shopping experience. Moreover, the app's ability to smoothly integrate with various review platforms like Shopify POS, Yotpo,, and others, ensures that your recommendations are bolstered by social proof.

Pricing Structure

The value-packed pricing of Frequently Bought Together begins at $9.99/month, which includes a 30-day free trial. This transparent investment is a testament to the app's confidence in providing ROI through its advanced functionality.

Merchant Feedback

The app boasts a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 2327 reviews. It's clear that merchants aren't just satisfied—they're delighted with the results. From the ease of installation and customization to the exceptional customer support, Frequently Bought Together earns its high praise. The merchants emphasize the significant impact on sales, the professional aesthetic, and the smart bundling options that the app brings to their stores.

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