Shopify Upselling and Cross-Selling Apps: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs Assortion: Upsell & Bundles

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Work?
  3. How Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Work?
  4. How Much Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Cost?
  5. How Much Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs. Assortion: Upsell & Bundles
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that a well-executed upsell or cross-sell strategy can boost your average order value by 10-30%? This isn't just an impressive statistic; it's a transformative reality that countless Shopify stores are leveraging to scale their revenues. In a market brimming with e-commerce potential, upselling and cross-selling apps become indispensable tools for enhancing customer experience and boosting sales outcomes. Today, we are spotlighting two noteworthy players: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle and Assortion: Upsell & Bundles. Both apps are designed to enrich the Shopify store experience by providing a plethora of options for savvy merchants looking to encourage higher purchase volumes through intelligent product suggestions.

How Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Work?

In the world of upselling and cross-selling, Avada offers a robust solution with its Upsell Cross Sell Bundle. This app stands out with its ability to deliver customizable, attention-grabbing popups on both product and View Cart pages, enticing customers to enhance their shopping carts. Main features include limitless campaign creation with various discount types, a responsive design across devices, and support for seven languages. These attributes are not just beneficial for increasing sales; they also serve to personalize the shopper's journey, whether they're interacting with a niche startup or a vast enterprise. One can imagine a fledgling online store using Avada's widget to recommend accessories for an initial purchase, or a larger retailer utilizing the same tool to promote a premium upgrade to electronics, thus significantly improving their customers' shopping experience and their own revenue streams.

How Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Work?

Assortion: Upsell & Bundles takes a comprehensive approach as well, promoting increase in average order volume (AOV) through combined offers and post-purchase incentives. Feature-rich, this app focuses on creating a seamless user interface that allows merchants to establish bundle products that customers frequently buy together and adds post-purchase upsell opportunities. For the discerning business owner, these functions hold the promise of enriched customer engagement and boosted sales. Whether it’s a customer being presented with a volume discount on a sought-after beauty product or receiving a post-purchase offer that's too good to refuse, Assortion: Upsell & Bundles is engineered to meet a variety of sales-boosting needs.

How Much Does Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Cost?

The subject of cost is paramount to any decision-making process in e-commerce, and Avada's pricing acknowledges that. While specific plan details are not provided, it's understood that accessibility and versatility are inherent in their offering. This app potentially caters to a range of business sizes and needs without the worry of additional costs.

How Much Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Cost?

Assortion: Upsell & Bundles offers three distinct pricing plans. Starting at $14.99/month for the Basic plan and scaling up to $49.99/month for the Growth plan, there are clear pathways for scaling up as your business grows. These tiers allow merchants to control costs while expanding their upselling and cross-selling capabilities.

Cost Analysis: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle vs. Assortion: Upsell & Bundles

A side-by-side cost comparison can be challenging without complete pricing details for Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle. However, we can assert that both apps have garnered high approval ratings, indicating strong value propositions. It’s imperative for merchants to assess which app's model aligns more closely with their financial strategy and desired scalability.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 492 reviews, the Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle has evidently met or exceeded user expectations, with features and ease of use likely contributing to its success. The absence of detailed customer support insight within the provided data leaves us to infer from the high user rating that their support mechanisms are satisfactory.

Is Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Good?

Similarly, Assortion carries a 4.9-star average across 367 reviews, pointing towards a highly positive reception. Its clear and tiered pricing structure, along with diverse features, suggests that users find value in its broad spectrum of upsell and cross-sell tools.

User Preference: Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle or Assortion: Upsell & Bundles?

The close match in ratings yet higher number of reviews for the Avada app may suggest a slight preference in the market, potentially due to its customizable campaigns and multilingual support. Yet one must not overlook Assortion's integrated analytics and design consistency, which are also highly valued features.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle Integrations:

Avada boasts an array of notable integrations, from Checkout to Email Marketing, each serving to amplify the app’s functionality and simplify the upselling process. The breadth of these integrations likely contributes to an efficient and seamless user experience, as suggested by the app’s high rating.

Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Integrations:

Assortion's integration appears more focused, homing in on Checkout functionality. This precision tailoring implies streamlined simplicity and a direct channel for enhancing post-purchase customer engagement.


Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle and Assortion: Upsell & Bundles both offer a compelling array of features for upselling and cross-selling within Shopify’s ecosystem. Users have voiced their approval, highlighting the successful templating and integration prowess of each app. With unique strengths such as Avada's customizable popups and Assortion's incorporated analytics, there is a fitting solution for various business models. Possible areas for improvement could revolve around expanding language support for Assortion and Avada's visibility on pricing. For businesses seeking tailored integrations and language support, Avada may edge ahead, while Assortion might attract those who prioritize integrated analytics and a clear pricing structure. Ultimately, the choice rests upon which app's strengths best match the individual needs of a Shopify merchant's upselling and cross-selling aspirations.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

Finding the perfect app to enhance your Shopify store's functionality can be a challenge, especially when it comes to upselling and cross-selling. You want an option that not only boosts revenue but elevates your customers' shopping experience. Allow us to introduce a contender that might just end your search: Frequently Bought Together, developed by Code Black Belt.

Key Features of Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together brings a host of powerful features to your storefront:

  • AI-driven recommendations: Offers personalized product suggestions, based on years of continuous algorithm training.
  • Customizable product bundles: Enables you to create your own bundles for every product to suit your business strategy.
  • Multiple discount types: Includes four types of bundle discounts to tempt customers and improve conversion rates.
  • Seamless theme integration: Adapts beautifully to your store's design, with customizable styles to match your brand.
  • High-performance handling: Efficiently deals with large volumes of products, orders, and high traffic without a hitch.

Why We Recommend Frequently Bought Together

In the landscape of upselling and cross-selling apps, Frequently Bought Together stands out for its sophisticated AI algorithm which has been trained and refined since its launch in March 2017. It’s not merely about increasing order values—it’s about understanding your customers and providing them with valuable recommendations that enhance their shopping experience. Moreover, the app's ability to smoothly integrate with various review platforms like Shopify POS, Yotpo,, and others, ensures that your recommendations are bolstered by social proof.

Pricing Structure

The value-packed pricing of Frequently Bought Together begins at $9.99/month, which includes a 30-day free trial. This transparent investment is a testament to the app's confidence in providing ROI through its advanced functionality.

Merchant Feedback

The app boasts a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 2327 reviews. It's clear that merchants aren't just satisfied—they're delighted with the results. From the ease of installation and customization to the exceptional customer support, Frequently Bought Together earns its high praise. The merchants emphasize the significant impact on sales, the professional aesthetic, and the smart bundling options that the app brings to their stores.

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