Shopify Subscription Apps: Bundler ‑ Product Bundles VS Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Bundler ‑ Product Bundles Work?
  3. How Does Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells Work?
  4. How Much Does Bundler ‑ Product Bundles Cost?
  5. How Much Does Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Bundler ‑ Product Bundles vs. Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integrations and Compatibility
  9. Conclusion


The e-commerce landscape has transformed over the last decade, opening new avenues for merchants and customers alike. One growing trend that has gained significant traction in recent years is the rise of subscription services, a model that allows merchants to maintain a steady revenue stream and customers to enjoy regular deliveries of their favourite products. Today, we take a closer look at two Shopify apps designed to assist businesses in offering such services: Bundler ‑ Product Bundles and Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells.

How Does Bundler ‑ Product Bundles Work?

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles, developed by, is an app designed to boost sales through bundle discounts. The app aims to increase a business's average order value by promoting popular products together and offering discounts when these products are bought in a bundle. But how does it manage this? Bundler provides diverse features such as customizable widgets, bundle widgets, volume discounts, and customizable product images among others. It can be used by businesses of various sizes. For instance, a startup could hone the power of bundle discounts to attract new customers, while a well-established corporation may use the volume discounts feature to solidified their market standing.

How Does Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells Work?

Developed by Ninety9, Addly is a Shopify app that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create optimized upsells and bundled offers. It uses data from order history to build accurate offers on products that are frequently bought or added to the cart together. Similar to Bundler, Addly also features a variety of discounts, from volume discounts to Mix & Match offers. But its AI integration creates an essential distinguishing factor. For instance, the AI can automatically generate upsells and cross-sells for each product saving significant manual effort for businesses.

How Much Does Bundler ‑ Product Bundles Cost?

Bundler offers two price tiers. The FREE PLAN does exactly what it says ‑ it comes at no cost, and provides access to a range of features such as unrestricted bundles, customizable widgets, and discount conditions, among others. The Premium tier is priced at $6.99/month, presenting additional features like variant level bundles, landing pages, and funnels. Despite the varying features offered by both tiers, Bundler represents value-for-money at both levels, catering to enterprises of varying sizes and budgets.

How Much Does Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells Cost?

Addly offers two pricing plans as well. The Limited free tier presents a minimalistic offering, providing functionalities such as Bundle offers and Volume discount offers. The Unlimited premium, priced at $9.99/month, offers a comprehensive suite of features, including Data driven AI, Upsell & Cross-sell sliders, and Full customization & Translations.

Cost Analysis: Bundler ‑ Product Bundles vs. Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells

Bundler and Addly present competitive pricing with differing values at different price points. While Bundler's free plan extends its reach to startups that are cautious about expenses, Addly's AI-powered offers place it as a compelling choice for businesses that focus on personalization and data-driven decisions.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Bundler ‑ Product Bundles Good?

With an impressive rating of 4.9 stars informed by over 1075 reviews, Bundler has made a substantial mark on the Shopify app market. Users often appreciate the variety of bundle options and the versatility offered for businesses of different sizes.

Is Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells Good?

Addly holds an equivalent rating of 4.9 stars but with fewer reviews, a total of 79. The AI feature of the application stands out in the reviews and users appreciate the AI's proficiency in creating accurate upsells and cross-sells.

User Preference: Which App Wins?

While both apps maintain highly favourable ratings, Bundler edges out Addly in terms of sheer volume of users' feedback. More reviews often indicates a larger and potentially more diverse user base, a testament to its effectiveness across different business needs.

Integrations and Compatibility

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles Integrations:

Bundler supports integration with Shopify POS, currency converters, and subscriptions, among others. These integrations simplify the retailers' tasks while improving their functionality and productivity.

Addly • AI Bundles & Upsells Integrations:

Addly, on the other hand, integrates with various apps, from checkout and currency converters to review apps and discount apps. These extensive integrations boost the app's functionality and flexibility, providing users with a comprehensive toolkit for their online marketplace.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

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Insights and Management:

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Customer Support:

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