Shopify Shipping Labels Apps: ShippingEasy vs ClickShip | Shipping Platform

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does ShippingEasy Work?
  3. How Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Work?
  4. How Much Does ShippingEasy Cost?
  5. How Much Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: ShippingEasy vs. ClickShip | Shipping Platform
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, the importance of seamless shipping operations can't be overstated. In fact, approximately 60% of customers cite shipping speed and related services as key factors influencing their online shopping decisions. Shipping labels apps are integral tools for businesses to streamline their delivery processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize logistics. In this arena, ShippingEasy and ClickShip | Shipping Platform stand out as prolific options. Both apps offer robust features that not only simplify label creation but also integrate flawlessly with various e-commerce platforms, significantly enhancing the shipping experience for retailers and their customers alike.

How Does ShippingEasy Work?

ShippingEasy is a cloud-based shipping solution that caters to a range of businesses, from startups to well-established enterprises. It facilitates discounted shipping options, automates workflows, and provides an assortment of customizable solutions. The platform supports mass order processing, easy label printing, and effective rate management. It is particularly beneficial for businesses of differing sizes due to its scalability and user-friendly interface. For instance, a small business owner can leverage powerful automation to eliminate repetitive tasks, while a large enterprise might appreciate the ability to connect multiple user accounts for a cohesive shipping strategy. A unique function within ShippingEasy is its automated marketing tools which aid in customer retention.

How Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Work?

ClickShip | Shipping Platform, similar to its counterpart, enhances the shipping process but with a strong focus on rate calculation and bulk operations. It allows integration of personal carrier account numbers, provides address validation, and offers a user-friendly dashboard for managing shipments. Exclusive rates for LTL pallets and parcels, automated label printing, and batch processing make this app highly attractive. For small businesses, the free installation is a major plus, enabling access to professional-grade shipping tools without upfront investment. Conversely, larger organizations might value the bulk and batch shipping capabilities, which help in handling higher volumes of shipments efficiently.

How Much Does ShippingEasy Cost?

When considering cost-effectiveness, ShippingEasy presents a tiered structure catering to a diverse range of business requirements. The 'Starter' plan, at no cost, offers 25 shipments per month – perfect for a fledgling startup testing the waters of e-commerce. Moving up, the 'Growth' plan at $19.99/month allows for 200 shipments and introduces powerful automation, an attractive option for expanding businesses. The 'Basic' plan, at $29.99/month, includes 500 shipments and Flat Rate Green pricing, further refining cost-saving strategies for more established operations. Lastly, the 'Plus' plan at $49.99/month unlocks the full potential of ShippingEasy with 1,500 shipments and unlimited user access, tailored for large enterprises. It's important to note there doesn't appear to be hidden additional charges within these tiers.

How Much Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Cost?

Conversely, ClickShip | Shipping Platform boasts a straightforward pricing model: free to install. This eliminates entry barriers for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to only pay for the shipping costs themselves. By enabling retailers to upload their existing carrier account numbers, ClickShip offers flexibility and control over shipping expenses without additional software costs. This singular model simplifies decision-making, but it limits choice in terms of scaling up with value-added features.

Cost Analysis: ShippingEasy vs. ClickShip | Shipping Platform

Diving into cost comparison, ShippingEasy's tiered structure offers defined pathways for scaling, with specific features at each level. While ClickShip offers a pay-as-you-go model that can be appealing in its simplicity and lack of commitment. Businesses that anticipate growth may find ShippingEasy's stepped pricing and feature inclusion more structured and predictable for budgeting, whereas ClickShip keeps it simple and adaptable for any business size.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is ShippingEasy Good?

With an impressive 4.6 stars from 600 reviews, ShippingEasy evidently resonates well with its users. This high rating aligns with ShippingEasy's comprehensive feature set and its focus on automation and cost-saving strategies. ShippingEasy's support team often receives glowing reviews too, which not only highlights the solution's reliability but also that ShippingEasy places a high value on user satisfaction.

Is ClickShip | Shipping Platform Good?

Matching the 4.6-star rating, albeit with 150 reviews, ClickShip | Shipping Platform similarly garners positive feedback. Users particularly commend the platform for its ease of use and competitive shipping rates. The lower number of reviews, compared to ShippingEasy, could suggest a newer market presence or a more niche user base.

User Preference: ShippingEasy or ClickShip | Shipping Platform?

Though both apps share the same rating, ShippingEasy's higher review count may suggest a broader user base or longer market presence. This could be attributed to its more extensive suite of features and customizable plans catering to a wider range of business sizes and needs.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

ShippingEasy Integrations:

ShippingEasy prides itself on seamless integrations with major carriers like USPS and UPS, as well as multichannel sales platforms including Amazon and eBay. These integrations simplify order consolidation and shipping processes, potentially giving businesses a competitive edge in operational efficiency.

ClickShip | Shipping Platform Integrations:

Similarly, ClickShip | Shipping Platform integrates with prominent carriers and e-commerce platforms. It also supports LTL options, which may provide added value for businesses shipping larger volumes or heavier items. The dual-language support in English and French can be a plus for operations in bilingual regions.


In selecting between ShippingEasy and ClickShip | Shipping Platform, businesses must consider their unique shipping needs, budget constraints, and desired operational scalability. Both apps offer valuable features that cater to a range of business models, with ShippingEasy providing a more structured growth path and ClickShip focusing on flexibility and a straightforward, cost-effective approach. In terms of strengths, ShippingEasy's automation and marketing tools are standout features, along with its tiered pricing. ClickShip shines with its 'Free to install' policy, simplicity, and focus on LTL shipping. As for weaknesses or areas of improvement, users of ShippingEasy may desire even more features within the free tier, and ClickShip could expand its breadth of features to compete closely with ShippingEasy's offerings. For business owners seeking a detailed and customizable shipping solution that scales with their growth, ShippingEasy might be the choice. However, those looking for an uncomplicated, budget-friendly option, especially with LTL shipping needs, may opt for ClickShip. Whichever choice is made, both platforms remain formidable players in the Shipping labels sphere, each offering unique prerogatives that cater to diverse e-commerce shipping demands.

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