Shopify Shipping labels Apps: ShippingEasy vs Address Validator Plus

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does ShippingEasy Work?
  3. How Does Address Validator Plus Work?
  4. How Much Does ShippingEasy Cost?
  5. How much does Address Validator Plus cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: ShippingEasy vs. Address Validator Plus
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the fast-paced realm of e-commerce, seamless logistics play a pivotal role in customer satisfaction and the integrity of the supply chain. A report by Business Insider indicates that cart abandonment can soar due to inadequate shipping options. Shipping label apps fortify the shopping experience by delivering precision, speed, and reliability—critical components of post-purchase customer service. ShippingEasy and Address Validator Plus are two leading Shopify applications that streamline shipping label tasks. Both enhance user experience through their range of features and seamless integration with popular platforms and services, ultimately shaping the efficiency of order fulfillment processes.

How Does ShippingEasy Work?

ShippingEasy lives up to its name by simplifying the shipping process for merchants of all sizes. It grants access to discounted USPS and UPS rates, allowing businesses to economize on shipping expenses without compromising on service. ShippingEasy extends beyond mere label creation; it offers a rich suite of automation tools to manage rates and orders, plus marketing and customer retention campaigns. These features resonate with businesses looking to reduce the manual workload, optimize shipping operations, and improve customer retention. Be it a small startup or a large enterprise, the scalable nature of ShippingEasy's services provides nuanced functionality tailored to diverse needs within the shipping label landscape. Through automation, which includes presets for common shipping scenarios, merchants can expedite the shipping process, cutting down on the time generally seized by manual methods. Moreover, the app's customer marketing tools open channels for increased engagement and repeat business—a significant benefit for growth and scalability.

How Does Address Validator Plus Work?

Address Validator Plus ensures that an accurate shipping address is captured at the point of sale, reducing the costly repercussions of delivery failures. By prompting customers to confirm or correct their shipping details before finalizing their orders, the app aids in minimizing losses associated with returned packages. This feature is essential for stores that frequently encounter data entry errors or deal with a high volume of transactions. Streamlined design and customization options allow it to integrate smoothly with a store's branding, maintaining a professional appearance while addressing a critical operational challenge. What's more, it is compatible with express checkouts—a boon for stores that cater to customers expecting swift purchase experiences.

How Much Does ShippingEasy Cost?

Cost-efficiency is a critical element for businesses managing their shipping processes. With ShippingEasy, the price brackets range from a free Starter plan to a Plus plan at $49.99 per month, each tier offering expansions on shipment quantities and features like Flat Rate Green pricing and unlimited users. Startups may lean towards the no-cost Starter plan, established businesses might opt for the Growth or Basic plans, and large-scale operations are likely to benefit from the Plus plan's breadth of features. Notably, there are no hidden fees mentioned, making the pricing structure transparent and straightforward.

How much does Address Validator Plus cost?

With a model as straightforward as its purpose, Address Validator Plus touts a free installation and validation for the first 100 orders, then a nominal fee per order thereafter. This straightforward approach is ideal for businesses just starting out or those looking to manage variable expenses since it aligns costs directly with order volume.

Cost Analysis: ShippingEasy vs. Address Validator Plus

When placed side-by-side, ShippingEasy's tiered pricing structure provides a predictable monthly expense, which can be crucial for budgeting purposes. In contrast, Address Validator Plus aligns costs with the volume of transactions, which could potentially offer greater savings for lower volume businesses or those with seasonal fluctuations. Both apps lack explicit free trials but offer a free plan or installation to test the waters—a thoughtful gesture for cost-conscious businesses.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is ShippingEasy good?

A resounding average of 4.6 stars from 600 users indicates strong approval of ShippingEasy. These high marks likely stem from the app's multifaceted approach—merging shipping with customer retention—that would resonate well with users valuing comprehensive solutions. Customer support is often a linchpin for such ratings, and ShippingEasy's emphasis on "ridiculously helpful support team" suggests they prioritize this aspect highly, influencing user satisfaction positively.

Is Address Validator Plus good?

Surpassing its counterpart ever so slightly, Address Validator Plus garners an average of 4.7 stars from 210 reviews. The app's focus on addressing a specific pain point—incorrect shipping information—combined with simplicity and functionality, likely contributes to this favorable impression. The validation tool undoubtedly saves time and financial resources, which users seem to appreciate greatly.

User Preference: ShippingEasy or Address Validator Plus?

While ShippingEasy boasts more reviews, suggesting broader usage, Address Validator Plus has a marginally higher rating, which could indicate refined satisfaction in its niche. Users may gravitate towards ShippingEasy for a comprehensive shipping solution, whereas Address Validator Plus may appeal to those emphasizing order accuracy and cost per shipment.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

ShippingEasy Integrations:

ShippingEasy integrates with formidable commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart, illustrating an advanced capacity to address diverse sales channel demands. This facility in integration underpins a solution capable of scaling with business growth, a likely contributor to user appreciation.

Address Validator Plus Integrations:

Its scope of integrations may be lesser-known brands like Checkout and ReCharge, but that niche focus aligns with its specific aim of addressing checkout accuracy, an area of need that perhaps less expansive but equally impactful for user experience.


With their distinct strengths, ShippingEasy and Address Validator Plus cater to different aspects of the shipping label process within Shopify businesses. While ShippingEasy excels in providing a comprehensive shipping solution, Address Validator Plus offers focused enhancement on order accuracy. User reviews suggest both apps are held in high regard, though for different reasons. ShippingEasy is perceived well for its rich feature set and robust customer support, while Address Validator Plus is praised for its direct impact on reducing logistical headaches. However, both present opportunities for refinement, largely revealed through user feedback that probes into every corner of functionality and experience. For businesses in search of wide-ranging shipping management tools with growth potential, ShippingEasy stands out. In contrast, those prioritizing precise address validation to reduce operation costs might find Address Validator Plus to be the superior choice. Each app holds the potential to radically improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, with the choice heavily dependent on the specific operational needs and scale of the Shopify merchant in question.

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