Shopify Shipping labels Apps: Post & DHL Shipping (official) vs Australia Post Shipping by AMP

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Post & DHL Shipping (official) Work?
  3. How Does Australia Post Shipping by AMP Work?
  4. How Much Does Post & DHL Shipping (official) Cost?
  5. How much does Australia Post Shipping by AMP cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Post & DHL Shipping (official) vs. Australia Post Shipping by AMP
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Efficient logistics lie at the heart of any successful e-commerce endeavor, with nearly 63% of customers citing shipping speed as a key factor in their shopping decisions. Shipping label apps have revolutionized the e-commerce industry by streamlining the shipping process, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. Fulfilling orders swiftly and accurately can escalate a brand’s credibility and the overall consumer experience. With the stakes so high, let's dive into an analytical comparison of two notable shipping label apps on Shopify: Post & DHL Shipping (official) and Australia Post Shipping by AMP, and examine how their robust feature sets and integrations could elevate e-commerce businesses.

How Does Post & DHL Shipping (official) Work?

Geared towards efficiency, Post & DHL Shipping (official) offers a centralized solution for label creation, management of shipping accounts, and automatic tracking updates. This app, developed by the logistics giant DHL, aims to simplify the shipping process for businesses operating on the Shopify platform. Key aspects include an easy-to-navigate interface for both domestic and international shipping, bulk processing capabilities, and a range of additional DHL services. This app serves as an excellent asset for all business sizes. Startups can leverage its free installation to manage costs, while small to medium businesses can appreciate the bulk processing for scaling operations. Larger enterprises may find value in the seamless management of multiple shipping accounts and team communication tools, addressing complex logistics demands. Businesses that trade cross-border can significantly enhance their customer experience by providing timely and accurate tracking updates facilitated by the app. Imagine an online store during the holiday season rush -- Post & DHL Shipping can potentially transform a daunting pile of orders into a smooth operation, with the click of a button generating labels and tracking IDs for a multitude of packages.

How Does Australia Post Shipping by AMP Work?

Australia Post Shipping by AMP, crafted by developer Addition, propels the shipping process with its automation and real-time rate calculation capabilities. It offers a tiered payment structure with services that range from simple live rates at checkout to comprehensive features like shipping automation and no monthly order limits. Businesses across the spectrum can find a plan that suits their needs. The Lite plan's live rates feature is ideal for startups ensuring transparency with customers, while the Basic plan includes more robust tools such as MyPostBusiness Order Fulfilment, valuable for emerging businesses. Growth-focused ventures can exploit the Pro version's automation features, freeing up critical resources for expansion. At its zenith, the Pro Plus plan caters to high-volume enterprises by removing order limitations, thus facilitating scalability. Visualize an online clothing retailer faced with a flash sale's aftermath; Australia Post Shipping can be the difference between chaos and calm by automating the selection of the most cost-effective shipping option based on preset rules, thus optimizing both time and expense.

How Much Does Post & DHL Shipping (official) Cost?

Cost efficiency can be a make-or-break factor for businesses in the realm of shipping. Post & DHL Shipping (official) maintains a straightforward pricing approach: it is free to install, with shipping costs charged through DHL accounts. This model could align exceptionally well with varying business modules -- cost-conscientious startups might find relief in upfront installation fees, while larger operations can assess this app as a value-added tool designed to integrate seamlessly within their existing shipping cost structure. The absence of additional hidden fees promotes transparency and predictability in operational budgeting.

How much does Australia Post Shipping by AMP cost?

Australia Post Shipping by AMP introduces a simplified four-tier pricing strategy. The Lite plan, at $14.99 per month, aids budget-focused startups. Beyond the Lite package, the Basic plan offers intermediate-level features for established small businesses at $24.99 per month. The Pro plan at $34.99 and the Pro Plus at $49.99 per month cater to businesses with higher volume and advanced operational needs by introducing automation and unrestricted order volume, respectively. The structured escalation aligns well with growing business demands, though additional costs for usage over the provided tiers could impact overall affordability.

Cost Analysis: Post & DHL Shipping (official) vs. Australia Post Shipping by AMP

In a head-to-head cost comparison, Post & DHL Shipping (official) undoubtedly shines for its lack of monthly fees, positioning it as a cost-effective player for businesses at all levels. Conversely, Australia Post Shipping by AMP offers a graduated suite of capabilities with its paid plans, which may present a better value for companies seeking advanced functionalities. Both apps lack promotional offers or trial periods in the provided data, steering the decision-making process toward feature necessities and business scale.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Post & DHL Shipping (official) good?

Averaging 4.8 stars from 184 reviews paints a promising picture for Post & DHL Shipping (official). Clients likely value the ease of use and the no-cost installation for their logistic operations. On the flip side, the app’s simplicity may not satisfy all, especially businesses looking for more nuanced shipping solutions. Although customer support specifics are not detailed, the high rating suggests a positive reception to any support provided.

Is Australia Post Shipping by AMP good?

Garnering 4.6 stars from 165 reviews, Australia Post Shipping by AMP’s standing is equally admirable. The array of features across price points seems to resonate well with users, indicating a strong fit for merchants with diverse needs. As with its counterpart, the lack of direct feedback on customer support precludes a definitive analysis, yet the rating indicates a degree of approval from its user base.

User Preference: Post & DHL Shipping (official) or Australia Post Shipping by AMP?

While Post & DHL Shipping (official) enjoys a marginally higher rating, Australia Post Shipping by AMP's comprehensive plans appear to offer more targeted solutions. User preferences revealed through ratings suggest that both apps have their adherents, with decisions likely influenced by specific business requirements and geographic factors.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Post & DHL Shipping (official) Integrations:

Post & DHL Shipping (official) integrates seamlessly with several DHL services, catering to both domestic and international shippers. Its simplicity and compatibility with the Shopify CarrierService API imply a beneficial synergy for Shopify users keen on centralizing their processes without extensive technical maneuvering.

Australia Post Shipping by AMP Integrations:

Equally adept, Australia Post Shipping by AMP supports integration with Australia Post, MyPost Business, and StarTrack, among others. This broad integration palette suggests a versatile application that can enhance the shipping operations for Shopify businesses, particularly those in the Australian market.


In summing up, Post & DHL Shipping (official) and Australia Post Shipping by AMP each provide Shopify merchants with robust and scalable shipping label solutions. Post & DHL Shipping (official) stands out for its ease of access and operation, while Australia Post Shipping by AMP impresses with its progressive feature set across its pricing tiers. User reviews lean favorably towards both, with slight variations possibly stemming from individual business needs and preferences. Through practical integration and compatibility, these apps position businesses to efficiently address their logistics challenges. Strengths & Weaknesses: Post & DHL Shipping (official): - Strengths: Free to install, user-friendly, excellent for international shipping. - Weaknesses: Limited to DHL services, which may not cater to all logistical requirements. Australia Post Shipping by AMP: - Strengths: Offers a comprehensive range of services, conducive to automation and scalability. - Weaknesses: Monthly fee could be a barrier for cost-sensitive businesses, focused primarily on the Australian market. Recommendations: Given the unique offerings, businesses would benefit from Post & DHL Shipping if their scope aligns with DHL’s services and wish to keep upfront costs low. Australia Post Shipping by AMP could be the go-to for organizations that seek in-depth automation features and are willing to invest in more advanced tiered options. Both deliver notable efficiencies in the Shipping labels domain, aligning with the modern e-commerce shop's pulse and pace.

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