Shopify Shipping labels Apps: PH Ship, Rate and Track vs Envia Shipping and Fulfillment

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does PH Ship, Rate and Track Work?
  3. How Does Envia Shipping and Fulfillment Work?
  4. How Much Does PH Ship, Rate and Track Cost?
  5. How much does Envia Shipping and Fulfillment cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: PH Ship, Rate and Track vs. Envia Shipping and Fulfillment
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In an era where e-commerce giants have set high delivery standards, the accuracy, efficiency, and customization of shipping labels have become pivotal in the competitive world of online retail. Shipping labels are not merely about logistics; they embody the professionalism of a brand and can significantly influence customer satisfaction and retention. Within this space, Shopify Shipping labels apps have emerged as powerful tools that streamline the fulfillment process, reinforce brand value, and catalyze customer loyalty. Two such apps, PH Ship, Rate and Track and Envia Shipping and Fulfillment, stand out for their diverse range of features and seamless integration capabilities, enhancing the overall e-commerce experience for both sellers and buyers.

How Does PH Ship, Rate and Track Work?

PH Ship, Rate and Track is crafted to offer a comprehensive range of shipping label options by integrating with FedEx to provide real-time shipping rates, on-demand label printing, and efficient order tracking. It addresses the needs of businesses of all sizes by offering a suite of features that promote a seamless shipping experience. For startups, the app could reduce entry barriers by easing the fulfillment process through direct printing of shipping labels within Shopify, thus eliminating the need for extensive logistics infrastructure. Small to medium businesses might see benefits in providing accurate shipping costs at checkout, leveraging convenience and transparency. Larger enterprises could take advantage of a streamlined workflow that marks orders as fulfilled and sends tracking details to customers, significantly reducing customer service inquiries related to shipping. Imagine a scenario where a business faces high seasonal demand; PH Ship, Rate and Track can streamline the shipping process, ensuring that all orders are efficiently processed, tracked, and delivered.

How Does Envia Shipping and Fulfillment Work?

Envia Shipping and Fulfillment offers a dynamic approach to managing shipping labels, with a unique proposition of free installation while charging per shipping label, allowing businesses to scale their costs with their operations. The app's features include instant quote generation, automated shipping rules, live checkout rates, and the ability to create partial fulfillments. These functionalities cater to businesses across the spectrum, enabling startups to compete with larger players by offering sophisticated logistics options such as same-day delivery. For SMBs, the Advanced Features like Automated Shipping rules and Split Order Packages can enhance efficiency and customization, while large enterprises can benefit from insights gained through Envia's comprehensive shipping data to optimize their logistics strategy. Envision a company facing the complexity of managing international shipments; Envia's variety of courier options and detailed tracking can streamline global logistics, ensuring customer satisfaction across borders.

How Much Does PH Ship, Rate and Track Cost?

For online merchants, a cost-effective solution for handling shipping labels is critical. PH Ship, Rate and Track offers an Unlimited plan at $19/month. This plan provides live shipping rates at checkout, label printing, and dedicated support, presenting a robust solution for businesses at any stage. There are no known additional costs or limitations to this plan, and its universal appeal lies in its straightforward pricing and extensive feature set. Whether you're a startup looking to establish reliability or a large enterprise seeking to optimize fulfillment, the unlimited plan ensures predictability in monthly expenses.

How much does Envia Shipping and Fulfillment cost?

Envia Shipping and Fulfillment takes a different approach with a free-to-install model, charging for each shipping label based on various factors like destination, weight, and size. This pricing structure offers flexibility, especially for emerging businesses watching their overhead, as they only pay for what they use. For larger businesses, this can enable a pay-as-you-grow system that aligns with fluctuating sales volumes, providing effective cost management without sacrificing essential shipping features.

Cost Analysis: PH Ship, Rate and Track vs. Envia Shipping and Fulfillment

When comparing both apps, PH Ship, Rate and Track presents a simple, flat-rate pricing model that can be appealing for businesses seeking consistent budgets. Envia Shipping and Fulfillment might be more attractive for those with variable shipping volumes, allowing them to incur costs proportional to their shipping activity. Both apps do not explicitly mention promotional offers or trial periods; however, the value proposition of each will resonate differently with businesses depending on their operational scale and shipping frequency.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is PH Ship, Rate and Track good?

With an impressive average rating of 4.9 stars out of 424 reviews, PH Ship, Rate and Track seems to have garnered considerable user approval. This could suggest that users find its features—such as real-time FedEx integration and on-call support—exceptionally useful for streamlining their shipping process. The high rating also hints at effective customer support, which is critical, as timely assistance can be the difference between a fulfilled order and a frustrated customer.

Is Envia Shipping and Fulfillment good?

Envia Shipping and Fulfillment holds a respectable 4.6-star rating from 400 reviews, indicating solid performance. Users likely appreciate the app's scalability and the array of advanced shipping options provided. The varied integrations and the pay-per-label pricing model appear to cater well to a diverse clientele.

User Preference: PH Ship, Rate and Track or Envia Shipping and Fulfillment?

Both apps have garnered high user ratings, though PH Ship, Rate and Track slightly edges out with a higher rating and more reviews. This could reflect a slight user preference for its predictable pricing and the seamless FedEx integration it offers. However, Envia's flexible pricing model and wide range of features are also well-received, emphasizing that the choice between apps may come down to the specific needs and size of the business.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

PH Ship, Rate and Track Integrations:

PH Ship, Rate and Track's primary integrations revolve around its FedEx certification—rigorously highlighting its compatibility with various FedEx services. The simplicity of adding a FedEx account number and the breadth of shipping service access make this app a compelling choice for FedEx users looking to integrate shipping functionalities directly into their Shopify store.

Envia Shipping and Fulfillment Integrations:

Envia Shipping and Fulfillment integrates with multiple couriers like Shopify Flow, Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS, among others, offering versatility in shipping carrier selection. This broad integration palette not only simplifies logistics for sellers who may have preferences or contracts with various carriers but also provides customers with more shipping options.


PH Ship, Rate and Track, and Envia Shipping and Fulfillment each deliver unique strengths within the shipping labels space. User reviews point to a favorable reception for both apps, suggesting that their features are successfully meeting the diverse needs of Shopify merchants. On integration and compatibility, PH Ship, Rate and Track provides a targeted FedEx-centric experience, while Envia Shipping and Fulfillment offers wider courier flexibility. Strengths & Weaknesses: PH Ship, Rate and Track shines with its streamlined FedEx services and all-in-one pricing tier, but may not satisfy merchants looking for a broader range of carrier integrations. Envia thrives on its flexibility and advanced features, yet the per-label cost could unexpectedly add up for merchants with high shipping volumes. Recommendations: For Shopify merchants primarily using FedEx and desiring a straightforward monthly cost, PH Ship, Rate and Track is likely the best choice. Conversely, if versatile courier options and flexible pricing are top priorities, then Envia Shipping and Fulfillment would be the recommended option. Both apps excel in improving the Shopify shipping experience, and the optimal choice ultimately hinges on the unique demands of the merchant's shipping strategy and volume.

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