Shopify Shipping labels Apps: DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL vs Post & DHL Shipping (official)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL Work?
  3. How Does Post & DHL Shipping (official) Work?
  4. How Much Does DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL Cost?
  5. How much does Post & DHL Shipping (official) cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL vs. Post & DHL Shipping (official)
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the realm of e-commerce, efficient logistics is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction, with shipping labels being an integral part of the delivery process. These labels carry essential information that helps packages navigate through the complex channels of transportation to reach their desired destination promptly. Shipping label apps have become indispensable tools for e-commerce businesses aiming to streamline their supply chains and enhance the overall customer experience. Shopify, as a leading e-commerce platform, offers a suite of apps designed to facilitate shipping label creation and management. DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL and Post & DHL Shipping (official) are two exemplary solutions that simplify the integration of label printing within the e-commerce workflow, reinforcing the logistics prowess of online stores. Their capabilities are crucial in providing a seamless shipping experience, which in turn can bolster store reliability and increase customer loyalty.

How Does DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL Work?

DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL is a third-party app developed by 247APPS that offers comprehensive functionality for Shopify store owners. Aimed at reducing the time and resources spent managing shipments, it offers automatic label creation, batch processing, and an array of shipping documents including customs forms, invoices, and packing lists. This level of automation is particularly beneficial to businesses that cope with a large volume of orders daily. Its utility scales across startups to large enterprises, with unique features like rule-based shipping label creation and the availability of a Desktop app for barcode scanning. Such features can dramatically improve logistical efficiency and customer communication, as tracking information is automatically transmitted to the customer, ensuring transparency and trust. Imagine a scenario where a medium-sized business faces a surge in sales. easyDHL's bulk processing and automated fulfillment can handle the increased workload without a proportional increase in administrative strain, streamlining operations and maintaining customer service standards during peak times.

How Does Post & DHL Shipping (official) Work?

On the other hand, Post & DHL Shipping (official), backed by the logistics giant DHL, offers a user-friendly interface for creating DHL labels for domestic and international orders. This app prides itself on a simple installation process and the ease with which users can manage different shipping accounts. Although it does not present multiple pricing tiers, its 'free to install' model allows Shopify users to only incur costs for actual shipment fees through their DHL accounts. Much like easyDHL, these features are designed to empower businesses of all sizes. However, the streamlined, one-tiered approach of this official app is directed towards users who appreciate simplicity and direct affiliation with the DHL brand. It also stands out for its team communication features, enabling quick resolution of potential shipping issues within the app.

How Much Does DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is a vital component in the selection of any business utility. DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL offers a tiered pricing strategy, which includes a permanently free plan for basic shipping label creation. At $19 a month, the Basic plan adds rule-based label creation and a suite of reporting tools, making it a strategic choice for growing businesses. For $39, the Shopify & Advanced plan steps it up by catering to an even larger scale of operations with enhanced features. And at the high end, Shopify Plus at $79 a month provides an all-encompassing solution for large companies that may require the robust set of functionalities offered. Each tier offers an increment in value, with additional costs being transparent to the user—reflecting the principle of paying more only when the need for more advanced features arises.

How much does Post & DHL Shipping (official) cost?

For Post & DHL Shipping (official), the cost narrative is straightforward. Free to install, the app shifts the focus of expenses to the actual shipping costs, which are charged through the user's DHL account. While there is a singular tier, users should be aware of any extra fees that might be associated with using additional DHL delivery services. This pricing model is ideal for different scales of operations as each user pays in proportion to their use, which is inherently cost-efficient.

Cost Analysis: DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL vs. Post & DHL Shipping (official)

When it comes to cost, both apps cater to different user preferences. easyDHL's tiered pricing accommodates businesses seeking a predictable monthly cost and a suite of features at each level. In contrast, Post & DHL Shipping's cost-structure aligns with the pay-per-use principle, likely appealing to those with fluctuating shipping volumes. Discounted rates or trial periods may be offered occasionally, hence, it's prudent for prospective users to stay attuned to such promotions, however, at the time of writing, no such offers are present.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL good?

With an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars tally aggregated from 244 reviews, easyDHL garners high user approval, indicative of its effective shipping label solutions and seamless user experience. The stellar rating may suggest exceptional customer satisfaction, possibly accentuated by its customer support, although specific mentions of this aspect are not included in the data provided.

Is Post & DHL Shipping (official) good?

Not far behind, Post & DHL Shipping (official) amasses a 4.8-star rating from 184 reviews. This solid user endorsement likely reflects its efficacy in label creation and the inherent benefits linked to being an official DHL application. It's reasonable to infer that customer support plays a role in maintaining the app's high standing.

User Preference: DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL or Post & DHL Shipping (official)?

Both apps have garnered positive feedback, but easyDHL has a slight edge in ratings and the number of reviews, which may signal a broader user base and greater overall satisfaction. The preference might derive from the app's extensive feature set and flexibility across different business sizes, offering a tailored experience that seems to resonate well with its users.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL Integrations:

DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL boasts a slew of integrations including DHL, magnalister, and others, thus enhancing its utility by allowing for synergy with other essential e-commerce tools. These integrations suggest a concerted effort to create an ecosystem where users can manage various aspects of their operation within a central hub.

Post & DHL Shipping (official) Integrations:

The integration profile of Post & DHL Shipping (official) is more focused, centering primarily on DHL services. This could potentially offer an advantage in terms of specialization and streamlined support from the DHL team.


Through this comparative analysis of DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL and Post & DHL Shipping (official), it's apparent that each app brings distinct advantages to the table. easyDHL shines with its variety of features and scalable pricing tiers, whereas the official DHL app wins on simplicity and brand trust. User reviews lean slightly in favor of easyDHL, but both applications receive commendable ratings. The integration capabilities of easyDHL position it as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a robust feature set. Conversely, the official DHL app's narrower integration scope offers simplicity and a focus that some users might prefer. In summary, for businesses requiring detailed customization and a broad features set, DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL may be the more suitable choice. If brand affinity and a streamlined experience with direct DHL services are prioritized, Post & DHL Shipping (official) might be the better fit. Overall, the selection depends on specific business needs and preference for feature complexity or simplicity.

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