Shopify Shipping Labels Apps: Colissimo Official vs ClickShip | Shipping Platform

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Colissimo Official Work?
  3. How Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Work?
  4. How Much Does Colissimo Official Cost?
  5. How Much Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Colissimo Official vs. ClickShip | Shipping Platform
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With online retail sales anticipated to reach staggering new heights each year, the importance of an efficient shipping process cannot be overstated. Shipping labels are a pivotal cog in the e-commerce machine, serving as crucial links between merchandise, merchants, and customers. They not merely facilitate the logistics of getting a package from A to B but also have the power to influence customer satisfaction and repeat business. In the milieu of Shopify's ecosystem, apps like Colissimo Official and ClickShip | Shipping Platform have emerged as powerful tools, offering diverse and intuitive shipping label solutions. Both are tailored to streamline the dispatch process, enhancing customer experience by promising convenience, accuracy, and reliability — core tenets for any e-commerce operation.

How Does Colissimo Official Work?

Colissimo Official epitomizes logistical efficiency within the French market. Through a direct partnership with the Colissimo technical team, it affords users an array of shipping services, designed to ease the logistical burden of shipping and returns. The app's features such as unlimited shipping and returns labels, multi-shipping CN23 coliship, and the coveted Pickup point selection before payment, pave the way for businesses to offer customizable solutions that cater to the varied needs of their clientele. The utility of Colissimo Official spans the spectrum of business sizes. While startups may revel in the simplicity of streamlined label creation, larger entities might leverage the premium PLUS support to manage higher volumes and complex logistic situations. A unique functionality lies in its international shipping capabilities which could be a boon for businesses looking to expand their horizons. Consider, for example, a scenario where a small business is inundated with international orders. Colissimo Official would not only alleviate the stress of label generation but also provide international shipping with customs documentation, thus simplifying a traditionally convoluted process.

How Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Work?

As a versatile and robust platform, ClickShip streamlines the shipping process from label generation to delivery. This free-to-install app provides users with automated shipping rates at checkout, advanced label and document printing, and exclusive shipping rates from trusted carriers. These features transcend business scales, offering startups the opportunity to access premium shipping services without upfront costs. Growth-stage businesses can make the most of the bulk and batch shipping tools, while large enterprises can integrate ClickShip’s services with multiple online marketplaces for a centralized shipping solution. Its LTL pallet rates and courier parcel options augment the scalability aspect, particularly for businesses that deal with bulky goods. Imagine a scenario where a rapidly expanding e-commerce store needs to streamline its order fulfillment for both parcel and freight shipping. ClickShip would be instrumental in offering real-time tracking and insurance solutions, both enhancing the customer experience and reducing operational stress.

How Much Does Colissimo Official Cost?

Business acumen dictates a keen eye for cost-effective solutions, particularly in operational aspects such as shipping. Colissimo Official provides a tiered pricing strategy to accommodate diverse business needs: For $19 per month, the Basic & Shopify plan provides a generous suite of features tailored for new or growing businesses focusing on a fundamental shipping strategy. The Advanced Plan, at $29 per month, builds upon the Basic & Shopify plan, likely appealing to more established businesses that have a steady shipping volume and require more nuanced support. Scaling upwards, the PLUS Plan comes in at $49 per month. This tier is best suited for large enterprises in need of comprehensive support and advanced features like Premium-PLUS support and selection of pickup points prior to payment. Colissimo Official steers clear of any hidden costs, ensuring predictability in budgeting.

How Much Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Cost?

In an arena where costs can heavily influence decision-making, ClickShip plays its card by being free to install. With no upfront costs, it provides: A cornerstone offering for startups, enabling them to integrate their own carrier accounts and print labels, including an address validation tool. While the free-to-install model is ClickShip’s singular pricing plan, it's important to recognize that businesses may incur costs through the use of third-party carrier services.

Cost Analysis: Colissimo Official vs. ClickShip | Shipping Platform

In assessing the fiscal landscape of Colissimo Official and ClickShip, both cater to the cost-conscious without skimping on features. Colissimo's tiered plans make it straightforward for businesses to predict costs as they scale, while ClickShip's no-cost entry point is attractive for businesses maintaining a tight grip on their purse strings. Furthermore, both apps occasionally roll out promotional incentives, which can enhance their appeal. On the grand scale of operation sizes, startups and SMEs might find ClickShip's model more accessible, while larger enterprises may view Colissimo Official's advanced feature sets as a wise investment.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Colissimo Official Good?

Sporting a gleaming 4.8-star rating from 182 reviews implies that Colissimo Official is hitting the mark. Users likely applaud its streamlined label creation and international shipping features, possibly leading to fewer logistical headaches and a positive impact on customer satisfaction. While customer support isn't explicitly detailed, dedicated support mentioned in plan descriptions suggests a commitment to service excellence — a factor often contributing to high ratings.

Is ClickShip | Shipping Platform Good?

ClickShip stands proud with a 4.6-star rating from 150 reviews. This suggests users are satisfied with the platform's dynamic shipping tools and cost-efficiency. Though customer support specifics are sparse, the advanced shipping features and the ease of printing labels speak to the app's ability to streamline the fulfillment process, a likely factor in its favorable reviews.

User Preference: Colissimo Official or ClickShip | Shipping Platform?

While Colissimo Official narrowly edges out with higher ratings and reviews, this might be influenced by the targeted French-speaking market and its official Colissimo partnership. However, ClickShip’s broader language support and integration with multiple carriers suggest a wide utility appeal, which may sway user preference depending on the specific requirements of shipping labels and fulfillment infrastructure.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Colissimo Official Integrations:

Colissimo Official, primarily integrating with Shopify's checkout, promises a seamless experience for users within its service scope. The integration facilitates a frictionless progression from cart to delivery, significantly enriching the customer journey.

ClickShip | Shipping Platform Integrations:

ClickShip's array of integrations with carriers like UPS, Canada Post, and major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart reflects its versatility. These alliances hypercharge the shipping process, affording users competitive rates and a host of options for order fulfillment.


Colissimo Official and ClickShip | Shipping Platform stand as testaments to Shopify's vibrant app ecosystem, each with distinct features that cater to different facets of Shipping labels. User reviews lean favorably towards both, endorsing their capabilities and reflecting generally positive sentiments. In strengths, Colissimo Official boasts a robust relationship with the French postal service and an intimate focus on merchant needs. ClickShip's strengths lie in its cost-effective entry point and extensive carrier integrations. On the flip side, Colissimo's language restrictions and ClickShip's potential external costs serve as areas they may refine. When it comes to recommendations, Colissimo Official may be the go-to for Shopify merchants who require a comprehensive, French-centric shipping solution. Conversely, ClickShip earns its stripes as an across-the-board shipping facilitator, especially effective for businesses seeking integration with North American carriers and retailers. Ultimately, the choice hinges on the specific needs and geographic focus of the merchant's customer base.

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