Shopify Shipping Labels Apps: Address Validator Plus vs ClickShip | Shipping Platform

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Address Validator Plus Work?
  3. How Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Work?
  4. How Much Does Address Validator Plus Cost?
  5. How Much Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Address Validator Plus vs. ClickShip | Shipping Platform
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the intricacies of online retail, the final step of delivering a product is just as crucial as the first click on a website. Missteps in shipping can lead to lost packages, delayed deliveries, and ultimately, dissatisfied customers. Shipping labels apps are therefore essential for smoothing out this final step, ensuring that online retailers can offer a seamless, end-to-end shopping experience. Today, we're examining two formidable contenders in this arena: Address Validator Plus and ClickShip | Shipping Platform. Both platforms offer an extensive range of options for shipping labels, boast ease of integration with other systems, and significantly enhance the logistics of e-commerce businesses.

How Does Address Validator Plus Work?

Address Validator Plus, developed by RoboTurk, focuses on the critical process of shipping address validation. This is designed to address a common yet costly issue - incorrect shipping details provided by customers. By validating addresses against complex rules, it can instantly flag and correct potential shipping issues at the point of purchase, saving businesses from the hassle of failed deliveries and customer dissatisfaction. Its standout features include customizable address prompts, compatibility with express checkout options, and seamless operation across mobile and desktop devices. The app particularly benefits e-commerce retailers, irrespective of size, by practically eliminating the time and resources spent on addressing failed delivery issues. Imagine a scenario where during a major sale, hundreds of orders are processed; Address Validator Plus ensures that each address is correct, averting potential logistical nightmares.

How Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Work?

ClickShip | Shipping Platform, brought to you by Freightcom, takes a broader approach to shipping management. This app not only offers an address validation tool, but it also features a dynamic shipping rates calculator, automated shipping label creation, and advanced shipping features such as bulk shipment processing. Especially notable is the ability to source exclusive rates from trusted parcel and LTL carriers and the ability to automate various parts of the shipping process, including documentation printing. ClickShip's functionality is invaluable for businesses that seek efficiency in handling large volumes of shipments across borders, making international logistics manageable and cost-effective.

How Much Does Address Validator Plus Cost?

Economic prudence is paramount in e-commerce. Address Validator Plus presents a competitively priced model that charges nothing for installation, with the first 100 orders free, followed by a nominal fee per order. This flexibility in pricing means that businesses of any scale - from a startup to a large corporation - can employ the software without upfront costs, paying more only as their shipping numbers grow. There are no hidden fees or extra costs, making this a straightforward and accessible option for companies conscious of their bottom line.

How Much Does ClickShip | Shipping Platform Cost?

ClickShip | Shipping Platform operates under a similar financial ethos, with no initial installation fee. The platform takes it a step further by allowing businesses to upload their carrier account numbers and print labels directly, potentially offering significant savings. This flat-rate approach ensures that businesses don't experience variable charges as they scale, making it especially appealing for growing and established operations that want to forecast shipping costs with greater accuracy.

Cost Analysis: Address Validator Plus vs. ClickShip | Shipping Platform

In comparing the two, the cost-efficiency of each app is closely tied to operational volume. Address Validator Plus is perhaps more suited for businesses with lower shipping volumes due to its pay-per-use system, while ClickShip shines for businesses with higher shipment numbers looking to capitalize on scaling benefits. Neither platform currently advertises specific promotions or trials, but their lack of upfront costs already represents an appealing offer for businesses wary of commitment.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Address Validator Plus Good?

With a stellar average rating of 4.7 stars from 210 reviews, it's clear that Address Validator Plus has struck a chord with its users. This high rating suggests that the app effectively meets the needs of businesses looking to mitigate shipping issues stemming from incorrect address entries. Given its feature set, one might infer that users find the accuracy and customization options particularly beneficial. While the app's description doesn't detail customer support capabilities, one could posit that the high user satisfaction also reflects positively on the support provided.

Is ClickShip | Shipping Platform Good?

ClickShip boasts a strong average rating of 4.6 stars culled from 150 reviews, indicating a robust and reliable platform. This level of approval implies that users value its comprehensive shipping solutions, from rate calculation to label printing, and the convenience of advanced shipping features tailored for diverse shipping needs. The broader language support for English and French may also enhance the appeal to a wider user base.

User Preference: Address Validator Plus or ClickShip | Shipping Platform?

While the ratings for both apps are closely matched, Address Validator Plus has a slight edge with a higher star rating and more reviews. This numerical advantage might suggest greater user satisfaction or wider adoption, but it's essential to consider the nature of each app's features - Address Validator Plus has a specialized focus on address validation, while ClickShip offers an extensive suite of shipping tools. User preference would likely hinge on these distinctions, with businesses favoring one over the other based on their specific logistical challenges and the scale of their shipping operations.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Address Validator Plus Integrations:

Address Validator Plus integrates smoothly with key systems like Checkout and ReCharge. These integrations suggest an app dedicated to refining the purchase process and minimizing the friction that comes with subscription models and express checkouts.

ClickShip | Shipping Platform Integrations:

ClickShip excels in an array of integrations, including UPS, Canada Post, and major retail platforms like Amazon and Walmart. Its diverse compatibility makes it a powerhouse for businesses looking for a shipping solution that easily meshes with their existing logistics infrastructure.


Both Address Validator Plus and ClickShip | Shipping Platform present strong cases as shipping solutions. Address Validator Plus specializes in ensuring the accuracy of shipping details, while ClickShip offers a more holistic approach to shipping management. User reviews point towards satisfaction with both platforms, though Address Validator Plus has a slight lead. Integration-wise, ClickShip stands out with its wider range of compatible services and platforms. In essence, Address Validator Plus shines for businesses emphasizing flawless delivery information, and ClickShip is a match for operations looking for comprehensive shipping process management. Ultimately, the best choice depends on a business's specific needs and scale, with each app offering its unique strengths to the world of e-commerce logistics.

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