Shopify SEO Apps: SEO Get Clicked vs Reviews Importer Testimonials

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does SEO Get Clicked Work?
  3. How Does Reviews Importer Testimonials Work?
  4. How Much Does SEO Get Clicked Cost?
  5. How much does Reviews Importer Testimonials cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: SEO Get Clicked vs. Reviews Importer Testimonials
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


The digital market space thrives on visibility, with 93% of online experiences beginning on a search engine. In this increasingly competitive landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) isn't just a plus—it's an imperative. SEO apps enhance user experiences, pump up their SEO game, and boost visibility and sales. In this light, let’s explore two notable SEO apps for Shopify: SEO Get Clicked and Reviews Importer Testimonials. Each brings unique capabilities that streamline SEO efforts, integrating with various platforms to optimize and elevate your digital presence.

How Does SEO Get Clicked Work?

SEO Get Clicked is a holistic app that enables Shopify store owners to identify and resolve SEO issues, enhancing website visibility and driving traffic. Here’s how it positions itself as a versatile SEO option: - **Scan & Fix SEO Issues**: Helps you identify and remedy SEO challenges that might hinder your store’s online visibility. - **Product, Image, & Blog SEO**: Ensures every aspect of your content is SEO-optimized, from product descriptions to blog posts. - **Display Reviews on Google**: Integrates with review apps to show your product ratings directly in search results, bolstering trust and click-through rates. - **Track Competitors**: Keeps an eye on your competition's SEO performance, so you can strategize accordingly. - **Keyword Tool**: Supports your search for keywords that could increase your visibility online. Whether you run a fledgling startup or a large enterprise, these features can vastly improve your SEO, drawing more targeted traffic to your site and potentially boosting sales.

How Does Reviews Importer Testimonials Work?

Reviews Importer Testimonials zeroes in on leveraging social proof to win trust and convert leads by: - **Importing Reviews**: Allows easy import of reviews from platforms like AliExpress and Facebook, as well as YouTube and TikTok. - **Review Rich Snippets**: Enriches your SEO by showing star ratings in Google search results, directly influencing buyer decisions. - **Email Campaigns**: Automated follow-ups gather customer feedback, an essential for continuous improvement. - **Sharing Across Product Groups**: Maximizes the impact of positive reviews by spreading them across your product range. The utility of Reviews Importer Testimonials spans all business sizes, offering a platform for customer voices to resonate, in turn, supporting sales growth.

How Much Does SEO Get Clicked Cost?

Cost-effectiveness remains a priority for businesses investing in SEO. SEO Get Clicked has one main offering: - **PRO SEO Plan**: At $19.99/month, this plan encompasses comprehensive SEO tools and integrations for businesses aiming to fine-tune their SEO efforts without overstretching their budget. There are no mentioned additional costs, making this an appealing choice for startups and SMEs alike.

How much does Reviews Importer Testimonials cost?

Reviews Importer Testimonials hasn't publicly disclosed its pricing, so the focus for potential users is on the value offered through its features rather than the cost. Users interested in this application should reach out to Trustify for more detailed pricing information.

Cost Analysis: SEO Get Clicked vs. Reviews Importer Testimonials

With SEO Get Clicked's transparent pricing, it appeals to businesses looking for straightforward budgeting. Although Reviews Importer Testimonials doesn’t offer this information upfront, it's essential to consider potential costs by directly inquiring to gauge which provides better cost efficiency and aligns with your SEO needs.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is SEO Get Clicked good?

The 357 reviews averaging 4.9 stars suggest satisfaction among users, likely appreciating its comprehensive SEO tools, ease of use, and effectiveness. While specific customer support feedback isn't mentioned, the high ratings imply positive support experiences.

Is Reviews Importer Testimonials good?

Mirroring the sentiments for SEO Get Clicked, Reviews Importer Testimonials matches the 4.9-star rating, although with 182 reviews, it indicates plenty of satisfied users. The integration of user-generated content through reviews suggests that businesses value the ability to showcase consumer trust.

User Preference: SEO Get Clicked or Reviews Importer Testimonials?

While both apps enjoy virtually identical ratings, SEO Get Clicked has a higher number of reviews, potentially indicating a wider user base or a longer presence in the market.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

SEO Get Clicked Integrations:

SEO Get Clicked supports popular review apps such as, Yotpo,, and more, allowing for seamless customer experiences and providing additional SEO benefits within the user's e-commerce ecosystem.

Reviews Importer Testimonials Integrations:

Reviews Importer Testimonials doesn’t list specific integrations, suggesting that while the app focuses on importing reviews from various platforms, merchants would need to confirm compatibility with their current tech stack.


SEO Get Clicked impresses with its comprehensive set of SEO tools, while Reviews Importer Testimonials brings the power of social proof to the forefront. User reviews reflect well on both, with integration capabilities giving SEO Get Clicked a visible edge. Strengths & Weaknesses: SEO Get Clicked stands strong in its holistic SEO approach and extensive integrations. Reviews Importer Testimonials shines in its focus on utilizing social proof, but could further clarify integration options. Recommendations: If your goal is to streamline your SEO with one encompassing tool, SEO Get Clicked might be the better choice. On the other hand, if enhancing credibility through reviews is your priority, consider Reviews Importer Testimonials. Both apps are adept at improving SEO, but your specific needs and current tech stack will guide the best choice for your business.

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