Shopify SEO Apps: Schema Plus for SEO vs SEO Get Clicked

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Schema Plus for SEO Work?
  3. How Does SEO Get Clicked Work?
  4. How Much Does Schema Plus for SEO Cost?
  5. How much does SEO Get Clicked cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Schema Plus for SEO vs. SEO Get Clicked
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial factor in amplifying your online presence. Consider this: the top three Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks. SEO apps play a vital role in harnessing this power to enhance visibility, improve user experience, and ultimately boost business outcomes. Two notable players in this space, Schema Plus for SEO and SEO Get Clicked, both aim to optimize your store's SEO capabilities through seamless integration with Shopify and impact the overall digital experience.

How Does Schema Plus for SEO Work?

Schema Plus for SEO offers a comprehensive SEO solution aimed at maximizing your store's visibility in the search results. Launched by Uppercase Apps, its features include 24/7 customer support and the promise of Google Rich Results through the most complete schema. Regardless of size, businesses can enjoy the benefits of a service that targets an improved organic clickthrough rate. For small businesses and startups, the face-to-face onboarding via Zoom is a game-changer, ensuring you start on the right foot with your SEO. Medium to large enterprises benefit from the integration with most review apps on Shopify, allowing them to leverage their existing customer feedback effectively. Unique features such as advanced schema for FAQPages and BreadCrumbs schemas enhance the content understanding for Google, which can be particularly beneficial for companies with an extensive range of products or articles.

How Does SEO Get Clicked Work?

SEO Get Clicked by Adolab takes a different approach with its Pro SEO plan, offering a suite of tools to help you manage your store's SEO. From fixing links to product and image SEO enhancements, this app targets a comprehensive itinerary of SEO tasks. This app benefits businesses across the spectrum; startups can gain traction quickly with SEO video tutorials, while larger businesses can utilize the automatic SEO Rank Tracker and Competitor Tracking tools to stay ahead. Features like the SEO issue scans and fixes help maintain the health of your website, crucial for businesses aiming for long-term growth.

How Much Does Schema Plus for SEO Cost?

Effective SEO doesn't have to break the bank. Schema Plus for SEO has a clear pricing strategy with its SchemaPlus Pro plan priced at $14.99/month. This plan is comprehensive, catering to businesses at various stages; whether you're a startup or a scaling business, it’s tailor-made for rapid growth without the worry of hidden costs.

How much does SEO Get Clicked cost?

SEO Get Clicked's Pro SEO plan stands at $19.99/month. For businesses needing an all-encompassing SEO toolkit, this is a worthwhile investment. The plan is particularly appealing for enterprises with the need to track performance and stay ahead competitively, albeit at a slightly higher price point than its counterpart.

Cost Analysis: Schema Plus for SEO vs. SEO Get Clicked

Price-wise, Schema Plus for SEO appears more cost-effective. However, SEO Get Clicked offers additional tools like keyword and competitor tracking that may justify the extra cost for some businesses. While promotional offers weren't mentioned, it's advisable to check both platforms periodically for any discounts or free trials.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Schema Plus for SEO good?

With a stellar rating of 4.9 from 373 reviews, Schema Plus for SEO is generally well-regarded by users. The app’s 24/7 customer support indicates a commitment to service, likely contributing to high user satisfaction.

Is SEO Get Clicked good?

Mirroring its competitor's 4.9-star rating but from 357 reviews, SEO Get Clicked also enjoys high user acclaim. The tutorials provided suggest that user education is a priority, a factor that could play a significant role in its favorable reviews.

User Preference: Schema Plus for SEO or SEO Get Clicked?

With similar ratings but slightly different review counts, both apps are well-received. Preferences may boil down to specific needs—Schema Plus for its comprehensive schema and SEO Get Clicked for its broader SEO tools.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Schema Plus for SEO Integrations:

Schema Plus for SEO boasts integrations with a range of Shopify review apps like Yotpo and These integrations add significant value, facilitating a more enriched SEO through user-generated content.

SEO Get Clicked Integrations:

SEO Get Clicked connects with Google and various Shopify review apps. Like Schema Plus, these integrations can enhance SEO strategies by showcasing customer feedback directly in search results.


Both Schema Plus for SEO and SEO Get Clicked offer distinct features to help bolster your store's SEO. The former shines with its schema generation, while the latter offers a broader SEO toolset. Users respond favorably to both, but integration preferences may vary. Schema Plus for SEO's schema-centric approach can be a deciding factor for some, while others may prefer the comprehensive SEO management and tutorial support offered by SEO Get Clicked. In selecting the right app for your business, consider specific features, pricing, and the type of support that aligns with your SEO goals. Each app has demonstrated proficiency in their respective areas, thus ensuring that, depending on your priorities, you will find a powerful ally in either to drive SEO success on Shopify.

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Pricing Structure

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