Shopify SEO Apps: Schema Plus for SEO vs GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Schema Plus for SEO Work?
  3. How Does GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer Work?
  4. How Much Does Schema Plus for SEO Cost?
  5. How much does GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Schema Plus for SEO vs. GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


About 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, making Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the cornerstone of a thriving digital presence. For e-commerce platforms like Shopify, SEO apps are instrumental in amplifying visibility, driving traffic, and augmenting sales. Two prominent players, Schema Plus for SEO and GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer, emerge as versatile tools designed to streamline and bolster the SEO endeavors of Shopify users. Their integration capabilities and ease of operation are commendable, enhancing the overall site performance and strengthening the online footprint of businesses.

How Does Schema Plus for SEO Work?

Schema Plus for SEO harnesses the power of the latest Google requirements to enrich Shopify stores with full schema (JSON-LD) markup. With ex-Google engineers at the helm, this app ensures accurate schema implementation, playing a vital role in enabling Google Rich Results and polishing visibility. Features such as 24/7 customer support, integrations with major review apps, and a comprehensive suite of schemas including FAQPage, Recipe, and Product, cater to an array of business sizes and types. Be it a startup looking to establish a digital identity or a large-scale entity aiming for enhanced search presence, the unique functionalities of Schema Plus for SEO are nothing less than a strategic asset for any ambitious venture.

How Does GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer Work?

GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer positions itself as a beginner-friendly companion for Shopify store owners. Its suite of tools, from an automatic tags generator to an SEO images optimizer, streamlines the SEO optimization process attractively for newcomers. Striking features like the Focus Keyphrase Finder and SEO Expert email support make this app a cherished ally for those aiming to perfect their content for search engine consumption. Tailored for businesses of varying scales, GoSEO excels in simplifying complex SEO practices without compromising on quality, offering tangible value through elevated organic outreach and customer engagement.

How Much Does Schema Plus for SEO Cost?

Pricing is paramount in the digital toolkit deliberations, and Schema Plus for SEO upholds the principle of cost-efficiency. At $14.99 per month, SchemaPlus Pro teems with features including 24/7 customer support and a robust schema foundation aimed at erradicating schema errors. Primarily suited for businesses keen on maximizing their SEO potential without fretting over complex technicalities, this sole pricing tier makes advanced SEO accessible, eliminating additional costs or surcharges.

How much does GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer cost?

GoSEO's financial appeal lies in its versatility, offering a gratifying Free Plan and a feature-dense Premium Plan at $14/month. The Free Plan serves as a proficient tool for startups and budget-conscious enterprises, providing fundamental features such as SEO Score and Google Preview. On the other hand, the Premium Plan extends its repertoire with advanced functions, including JSON-LD and images optimization for a layered SEO strategy, affirming its position as an essential tool for aspiring businesses poised for growth.

Cost Analysis: Schema Plus for SEO vs. GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer

A comparative glance at the pricing models of both apps reveals competitive positioning, each carving out a unique value-producing niche. While Schema Plus offers a singular, feature-rich tier, GoSEO provides flexibility through its dual-tiered approach. Both apps sidestep introductory offers, instead, emphasizing their inherent, sustained value. Optimizing for operations of different magnitudes, each app advocates for scalable SEO without overstretching financial resources.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Schema Plus for SEO good?

With an imposing 4.9-star average from 373 reviews, Schema Plus for SEO is evidently applauded. Users extol its ease of use and robustness in optimizing their online presence. The app's commitment to round-the-clock expert support likely infuses confidence, mirroring its high rating, and amplifying user experience.

Is GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer good?

Another app basking in a 4.9-star average rating, GoSEO garners praise from its 106 reviewers for its user-friendly interface and effective optimization tools. However, fewer reviews as compared to Schema indicate it may be an emerging contender, nevertheless, leaving a significant imprint on its users through its comprehensive SEO facilities and approachable design.

User Preference: Schema Plus for SEO or GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer?

While both apps boast equivalent average ratings, Schema Plus for SEO carries the weight of a higher review volume, suggesting a wider user base and potential reliability. Still, the preference can be subjective, hinging on specific business needs and the appeal of individual app functionalities.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Schema Plus for SEO Integrations:

Schema Plus for SEO flaunts seamless integration with review apps like Yotpo and, enhancing consumer trust through rich snippets. This interoperability amplifies its attraction, serving as a catalyst for improved SEO performance and broader applicability.

GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer Integrations:

Although GoSEO does not flaunt a list of third-party integrations, its inbuilt features like JSON-LD code optimization underscore its commitment to self-sufficiency. Its singular ecosystem is designed to ensure that crucial SEO elements are internally optimized without relying on additional integrations.


Schema Plus for SEO and GoSEO ‑ SEO Products Optimizer each extend distinguishable paths to SEO excellence on Shopify. With the insights drawn from reviews to integrations, it is evident that both cater to unique market segments. Schema Plus, with its integrative prowess and extensive schema options, may appeal to those seeking depth and detail. GoSEO, with its simplicity and approachability, is likely the go-to for beginners and those who appreciate an all-inclusive tool. Strengths & Weaknesses: Schema Plus stands out with its advanced schema options and expert support, though it may overwhelm the unversed. Conversely, GoSEO shines in user-friendliness, yet lacks the integrative scope that seasoned businesses might seek. Recommendations: For businesses demanding a comprehensive SEO boost with dedicated support, Schema Plus for SEO is the suitable hero. Conversely, GoSEO should be the pick for those who value straightforwardness and prefer a gentle plunge into SEO optimization.

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