Shopify SEO Apps: LAI Product Reviews Ali Review vs SEO Get Clicked

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does LAI Product Reviews Ali Review Work?
  3. How Does SEO Get Clicked Work?
  4. How Much Does LAI Product Reviews Ali Review Cost?
  5. How much does SEO Get Clicked cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: LAI Product Reviews Ali Review vs. SEO Get Clicked
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it's clear that search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of online success. SEO apps serve as vital tools for enhancing visibility, driving traffic, and ultimately, boosting sales. In this context, we spotlight LAI Product Reviews Ali Review and SEO Get Clicked—two robust SEO applications on the Shopify platform. These solutions boast comprehensive features and seamless integration capabilities, significantly impacting user experience and online business outcomes.

How Does LAI Product Reviews Ali Review Work?

LAI Product Reviews Ali Review caters to businesses prioritizing social proof and authority through customer reviews. Importing customer feedback from platforms like AliExpress and Amazon, the app provides a suite of widgets and SEO snippets to showcase this powerful form of marketing directly on your store. For businesses of any size, the ability to customize widgets to blend with the store's aesthetic is invaluable. Its automated email campaigns help connect with customers post-purchase, gathering more reviews and fostering customer loyalty. Its integrations, like Google Shopping, further enable businesses to leverage reviews for improved search rankings and visibility, which can be particularly game-changing for startups seeking to establish their brand.

How Does SEO Get Clicked Work?

SEO Get Clicked approaches SEO from a technical optimization angle. It helps you identify and resolve common SEO pitfalls, ensuring your store is always primed for search engines. Integration with Google's rich results means that your products' star ratings can show up in search results—a powerful incentive for potential customers to click through to your site. Its features serve a broad spectrum of business sizes but could be exceptionally promising for small to medium businesses looking to compete with larger players through better search visibility. The image and blog SEO functionalities are particularly helpful, allowing businesses to enhance all content types for SEO, not just their product listings.

How Much Does LAI Product Reviews Ali Review Cost?

Price-sensitive SEO solutions are crucial for maximizing ROI. LAI Product Reviews Ali Review offers a Free plan, making it accessible for new or cost-conscious businesses to begin leveraging reviews. Its Complete plan, at $11.95/month, expands capabilities significantly, providing video reviews, Q&A, product grouping, and advanced integration features, presenting a clear pathway for scaling businesses.

How much does SEO Get Clicked cost?

At $19.99/month, SEO Get Clicked's PRO SEO plan might appear steep for startups, but the breadth of features like SEO issue scanning, image optimization, and competitor tracking, justifies the investment for growth-stage businesses and established enterprises focused on sustaining and improving their SEO ranking.

Cost Analysis: LAI Product Reviews Ali Review vs. SEO Get Clicked

Considering value, LAI Product Reviews Ali Review offers a free entry point, whereas SEO Get Clicked provides comprehensive SEO tools at a consistent price. The former might appeal to those looking for customer review management tools with SEO benefits, while the latter could be more suited for businesses focused on resolving broad-ranging SEO issues.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is LAI Product Reviews Ali Review good?

LAI Product Reviews Ali Review's stellar rating based on over 1,700 reviews suggests that users are highly satisfied. Reviewers likely appreciate its multi-source review collection and diverse widget layouts. Support for multiple languages and extensive integration capabilities also play a role in this positive feedback.

Is SEO Get Clicked good?

With a similar high rating but fewer reviews, SEO Get Clicked is also well-regarded. Its comprehensive SEO tools and user-friendly video tutorials likely contribute to user satisfaction. Click-through rate enhancements via rich results may also be a noteworthy feature appreciated by users.

User Preference: LAI Product Reviews Ali Review or SEO Get Clicked?

The larger number of reviews for LAI Product Reviews Ali Review could indicate a broader user base or longer market presence. However, both apps have an equal rating of 4.9 stars, pointing to a high level of quality and effectiveness in their respective SEO functions.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

LAI Product Reviews Ali Review Integrations:

Key integrations for LAI Product Reviews Ali Review include Shopify Flow and popular marketing platforms like Klaviyo, enhancing its utility as a customer engagement tool. These integrations contribute to a seamless review management process that can extend the reach and impact of reviews across various marketing functions.

SEO Get Clicked Integrations:

SEO Get Clicked integrates with multiple review apps, reinforcing the synergy between customer feedback and SEO performance. The integration process is designed to be straightforward, automating the inclusion of SEO-friendly content on your site and thus focusing on driving greater organic traffic.


LAI Product Reviews Ali Review shines with its review-centric approach to SEO, vital for building trust and driving conversions. On the other hand, SEO Get Clicked offers a comprehensive toolset for technical SEO optimization. While both apps provide significant value in their niches, your choice might come down to whether your focus is on leveraging customer reviews for SEO or on a broader SEO strategy that encompasses technical optimization across your entire online presence.

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