Shopify Sales Analytics Apps: TrueProfit: Profit Analytics vs StoreView

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does TrueProfit: Profit Analytics Work?
  3. How Does StoreView Work?
  4. How Much Does TrueProfit: Profit Analytics Cost?
  5. How much does StoreView cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: TrueProfit: Profit Analytics vs. StoreView
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Data-driven decisions are the backbone of successful e-commerce businesses. In fact, analytics can drive up to a 40% improvement in business performance according to multiple surveys. Sales analytics apps have become instrumental in this process, providing merchants with real-time insights to fine-tune their strategies and maximize profits. TrueProfit: Profit Analytics and StoreView are two popular Shopify applications designed with this in mind. Both offer a suite of features to streamline analytics, yet each has its unique strengths, catering to diverse business needs.

How Does TrueProfit: Profit Analytics Work?

TrueProfit: Profit Analytics aims to simplify and refine the profit tracking process for Shopify stores. It replaces cumbersome spreadsheet calculations with an automated and insightful dashboard. Storeowners can watch their net profits unfold in real time, taking into account costs like goods, shipping, transaction fees, and advertising. Especially beneficial for merchants are the tools for viewing customer lifetime value, marketing attribution, and product bundling analytics. These features are essential for varying business sizes, as they allow for detailed product-level profit tracking, ensuring that no detail is missed when it comes to profitability.

How Does StoreView Work?

StoreView brings the surveillance capability of a brick-and-mortar store to an online setting. Providing real-time insights into customer actions, StoreView tracks page visits, cart activities, checkouts, and orders. This visibility into customer behavior is crucial for optimizing conversion paths and improving the customer experience. With a clear and concise pricing structure, it’s a tool designed for straightforward utility, offering daily actionable intel through inbox reports. Such features are incredibly useful for businesses seeking to understand their customer journey and refine their marketing strategies in real time.

How Much Does TrueProfit: Profit Analytics Cost?

Investment in a thorough analytics solution is imperative for growth. TrueProfit offers four tiers: - **Basic** ($25/month): Suitable for startups, providing essential analytics for up to 300 orders/month. - **Advanced** ($50/month): Offers additional product and P&L analytics for SMBs handling up to 800 orders/month. - **Ultimate** ($100/month): Designed for growing businesses, expanding features to 2000 orders/month with advanced COGS settings. - **Enterprise** ($200/month): Tailored for large enterprises, with unlimited access without extra charges. This plan also includes exclusive features such as marketing attribution.

How much does StoreView cost?

StoreView keeps it simple with a single **Standard Plan** at $4.99/month. This single-tier strategy is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that need a basic understanding of customer behavior without the complexity of tiered features. It includes the monitoring of customer activities and daily reporting.

Cost Analysis: TrueProfit: Profit Analytics vs. StoreView

With varying pricing structures, TrueProfit offers a comprehensive analytics approach for businesses at all stages, while StoreView is an affordable entry point with its singular focus on customer activity insight. TrueProfit's tier-based model caters to scalability; meanwhile, StoreView's one-size-fits-all plan could be a cost-effective option for smaller operations. Both lack transparency on any hidden costs or extra charges which should be considered by potential users.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is TrueProfit: Profit Analytics good?

With an impressive average rating of 4.9 stars from 266 reviewers, TrueProfit is revered for its comprehensive feature set that supports data-driven decision-making. Such acclaim suggests a strong user satisfaction with the tool’s capabilities and customer support, vital for maintaining the integrity and utility of analytics platforms.

Is StoreView good?

Similarly, StoreView also enjoys an average rating of 4.9 stars but from 108 reviewers, indicating a shared level of satisfaction among a smaller user base. The focus on real-time insights seems to resonate well with users, suggesting effectiveness and a quality of support that helps businesses connect further with their consumer behaviors.

User Preference: TrueProfit: Profit Analytics or StoreView?

While both apps boast almost perfect ratings, the larger volume of reviews for TrueProfit might suggest a higher trust or wider adoption in the community. Preference could also stem from TrueProfit's extensive feature range and diverse pricing plans, which can accommodate a broader range of business sizes and needs.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

TrueProfit: Profit Analytics Integrations:

TrueProfit integrates with major advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, enhancing the power of its analytics through direct data feeds. This ease of integration extends its functionality, allowing users to obtain a more granular view of advertising performance and its impact on profitability.

StoreView Integrations:

StoreView's integrations are not specified, which could be a potential limitation for users looking to streamline their workflow with existing tools. Nevertheless, its core functionality operates independently, providing value to users through its focused real-time analytics.


The exploration of TrueProfit: Profit Analytics and StoreView in sales analytics reveals distinct approaches to data interpretation, with TrueProfit offering multi-tier, comprehensive profit analytics, and StoreView focusing on real-time customer activity monitoring. User reviews lean positively for both, yet TrueProfit's broader feature set and integration capabilities may offer more to the data-centric merchant. However, for businesses seeking a straightforward, cost-effective solution to monitor customer actions, StoreView is a strong contender. It’s clear from this analysis that the choice between TrueProfit and StoreView should be informed by the particular needs, business size, and analytics goals of a Shopify store.

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