Shopify Sales Analytics Apps: SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking vs Easy Reports

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking Work?
  3. How Does Easy Reports Work?
  4. How Much Does SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking Cost?
  5. How much does Easy Reports cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking vs. Easy Reports
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


The foundation of a thriving e-commerce business lies in the power of meticulous sales analytics. In the vibrant ecosystem of online retail, where every decimal point can translate to significant impacts on revenue, sales analytics apps play a pivotal role. They help businesses to sharpen their financial strategies, optimize operations, and bolster customer satisfaction. Among the pantheon of sales analytics tools on the Shopify app store, SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking and Easy Reports emerge as noteworthy contenders. Both apps serve to enhance the analytical capabilities of e-commerce businesses, providing comprehensive insights and simplifying complex data into actionable knowledge. Seamlessly integrating with Shopify, these apps offer a lens through which store owners can scrutinize their financial health and make data-driven decisions.

How Does SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking Work?

At its core, SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking is crafted to eradicate the cumbersome process of manual profit calculations. It simplifies the tracking of both sales revenue and business expenses, providing a clear depiction of a business's financial status. The app caters to all business sizes by allowing the following functions: - Connection with major ad platforms to incorporate advertising spend into profit calculations. - Customization through adding both one-time and recurring expenses, enhancing the precision of profit metrics. - Configuration of processing fees for different payment gateways, including Shopify transaction fees for comprehensive cost calculations. - Accessibility to detailed sales and product profit reports, offering granular insights into financial performance. Utilizing SimplyCost allows businesses, ranging from budding startups to sprawling enterprises, to save time and gain accurate insights into profitability. Imagine a scenario where an up-and-coming online store swiftly pinpoints exactly where costs can be trimmed or how ad spending correlates with sales growth, thanks to SimplyCost's automated reporting.

How Does Easy Reports Work?

Easy Reports brings customization to the forefront, enabling businesses to craft intricate reports on orders, products, inventory, and customers. The app stands out by offering the following features: - Extensive report customization by including a myriad of attributes and filters to refine the data. - Quick report generation in formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF, and JSON, catering to a variety of preferences and uses. - Automated report scheduling and email delivery to streamline operations and maintain regular data oversight. - Central storage for reports to ensure data is kept safe and accessible. Businesses of different scales can wield Easy Reports to dissect their data pools, forging insights that drive sales growth. Consider a medium-sized enterprise optimizing its stock levels based on custom inventory reports, effectively reducing operational costs and boosting profit margins.

How Much Does SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking Cost?

Cost-efficiency defines the attractiveness of a sales analytics solution. SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking offers a single Professional Plan, priced at $4.99/month. This plan includes all features, with no restrictions, allowing businesses at any stage to leverage the full power of the app without concern for additional costs. This tier suits any Shopify merchant looking for comprehensive, yet affordable profit tracking.

How much does Easy Reports cost?

Easy Reports presents various plans, stratified by the scale of operations. The Basic Plan, at $4.99/month, serves stores on 'Basic Shopify'. Elevating to the Standard Plan at $9.99/month, the features expand to accompany stores on the 'Shopify' plan. For larger operations, the Advanced Plan, at $19.99/month, and the Plus Plan, for $99.99/month, cater to more voluminous data needs, including those on 'Advanced Shopify' and 'Shopify Plus', respectively. Each tier is crafted to align with the growing demands of businesses at different growth stages.

Cost Analysis: SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking vs. Easy Reports

With SimplyCost offering a single, all-encompassing plan, cost deliberations are straightforward. Conversely, Easy Reports provides a gradation of plans, aligning with Shopify's own pricing structure, offering scalability. Budget-conscious startups to established operations find their place within Easy Reports' pricing tiers, while any Shopify merchant can access SimplyCost's tools without compromise. Discounts and trials are subject to the developers' promotional strategies, but the essential cost-benefit analysis points towards SimplyCost for uniformity in pricing and Easy Reports for a tailored fit.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking good?

With a robust 4.8-star rating across 126 reviews, SimplyCost appears to effectively meet user expectations. The appreciation likely stems from its streamlined workflow, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, and its integrative ad spend feature. Good customer support, integral to achieving a high rating, seems implicit; however, the detail is not distinctly provided in the app description.

Is Easy Reports good?

Easy Reports boasts a slightly higher rating of 4.9 stars, derived from 116 reviews, suggesting high satisfaction among users. This could be attributed to its flexible reporting features and user-friendly interface. The lack of detailed customer support information means we can only infer its quality from the positive ratings.

User Preference: SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking or Easy Reports?

Analysis of user ratings suggests a slight preference for Easy Reports; however, the numbers are quite comparable. Given Easy Reports’ variety in plans and custom report capabilities, users might be benefiting from tailored solutions. On the other hand, SimplyCost’s simplicity and one-plan approach could be driving satisfaction through ease of use and predictability.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking Integrations:

Key Integrations for SimplyCost include Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and Pinterest Ads. These integrations are purposed to provide detailed insight into advertising costs, enhancing the app’s capabilities in profit calculation. Feedback on integration capabilities, while not specified, can be deduced from the positive ratings to be user-friendly and advantageous.

Easy Reports Integrations:

Easy Reports does not list specific integrations. This absence might suggest either a focus on independent functionality or an opportunity for users to request integrations as needed. Insights into integration would rely on user requests and individual preferences.


SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking and Easy Reports both offer compelling features for sales analytics on the Shopify platform. Users prize both applications for their distinct strengths: SimplyCost for its focused approach to profit tracking and Easy Reports for its vast reporting customizability. Strengths include SimplyCost’s simplicity and comprehensive profit tracking, while Easy Reports excels in customization and scalability. Each has room to grow, potentially expanding their integrations or offering more detailed information on customer support practices. For businesses seeking a straightforward tool to manage profitability, SimplyCost is a standout. Meanwhile, Easy Reports is advantageous for those who require detailed, customizable reporting structures as they scale. Selecting between the two comes down to specific business needs, budget constraints, and desired levels of report customization within sales analytics on the Shopify platform.

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