Shopify Sales Analytics Apps: Report Toaster: Custom Reports vs. StoreView

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Work?
  3. How Does StoreView Work?
  4. How Much Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Cost?
  5. How much does StoreView cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Report Toaster: Custom Reports vs. StoreView
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


What's a powerful asset for optimizing any e-commerce store's performance? Precise sales analytics. In a digital marketplace teeming with data, sales analytics apps not only streamline operations but also bolster growth and revenue. Among the plethora of tools available, Report Toaster: Custom Reports and StoreView stand out for their comprehensive sales analytics capabilities, seamless integration, and their transformative effects on e-commerce strategies.

How Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Work?

Report Toaster: Custom Reports emerges as a mighty ally for Shopify merchants aiming to harness their data's full potential. It proffers a suite of customizable reports, each tailored to sift through real-time data, giving business owners the agility to adapt swiftly to emerging trends. Features like multi-column sorting, aggregating data across different periods, and even calculating fields for commissions or tags offer businesses—from budding startups to large enterprises—a top-tier, customized analytics experience.

How Does StoreView Work?

StoreView operates as the store owner's omnipresent eye, illuminating customer interactions as they unfold. By recording store visits, cart updates, and transactions, it arms merchants with granular insight into customer behavior, aiding them in refining their sales tactics to enhance conversions. With daily reports and a comprehensive conversion funnel, StoreView simplifies the complex, making it a quintessential tool for any store aiming to capture and capitalize on user activity.

How Much Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Cost?

Seeking an economical analytics solution? Report Toaster: Custom Reports offers a tiered pricing strategy. With the Basic/Shopify plan, you can utilize the last 90 days of order history and over 120 reports completely free, making it perfect for new ventures. For growing businesses, the $9 Standard plan offers unlimited data and additional export options. A further upscaling to the $30 Advanced or $150 Plus plans is suited for larger operations needing more from their analytics, with comprehensive inventory history and multi-store reporting capabilities. Each subsequent tier builds upon the last, ensuring there are no surprise costs while scaling up.

How much does StoreView cost?

StoreView provides a straightforward offering. At $4.99 per month, its Standard plan unlocks the door to detailed customer activity insights and daily performance reports. With no additional tiers or hidden charges, it encapsulates cost-effective analytics for businesses intent on fortifying their conversion strategies without a steep investment.

Cost Analysis: Report Toaster: Custom Reports vs. StoreView

While Report Toaster offers scalability with its diverse pricing options, StoreView presents a uniform solution. The cost comparison leans towards StoreView for a singular budget-conscious choice or Report Toaster for businesses seeking scalable, feature-rich options. Neither app currently advertises discounts or trial periods, positioning them as straightforward investments into sales analytics.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Report Toaster: Custom Reports good?

Gleaning from its 4.9-star rating across 178 reviews, users likely celebrate Report Toaster for its deep customization and comprehensive reporting capabilities. This high rating might also reflect the app's robust customer support, evident from the inclusion of live chat in even its free plan.

Is StoreView good?

Matching Report Toaster's 4.9 stars but with 108 reviews, StoreView appears equally commendable. Users presumably value its real-time monitoring and insightful reporting, which seem to resonate well with e-commerce businesses focused on enhancing their customer journey and boosting conversion rates.

User Preference: Report Toaster: Custom Reports or StoreView?

Despite their equal ratings, Report Toaster's larger volume of reviews might suggest a wider user base or longer market presence. This could be attributed to its myriad of features and plans catering to diverse business needs, whereas StoreView's streamlined approach may appeal to users seeking simplicity and immediacy in their analytics.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Report Toaster: Custom Reports Integrations:

Report Toaster boasts a suite of integrations with key platforms like Google Sheets and ShipStation, facilitating dynamic data handling and streamlined shipping processes, enhancing its utility for diversified e-commerce ecosystems.

StoreView Integrations:

StoreView's integration capabilities aren't explicitly outlined, suggesting its standalone service focuses more on direct observation rather than multi-platform data synthesis. This might cater to merchants prioritizing a laser-focused approach to sales analytics.


Report Toaster and StoreView both bring unique strengths to sales analytics. Users laud Report Toaster for its extensive customization and scalability, while StoreView earns points for straightforward, real-time insights. Integration with tools like Google Sheets and ShipStation bolster Report Toaster's usefulness, though StoreView's dedicated monitoring capacity has its own merits. Both apps address diverse needs within the analytics domain, with each suitable for different user profiles or business needs. Report Toaster may serve those requiring extensive data manipulation better, while StoreView may be the choice for businesses after simplicity and immediate insights. Acknowledging these variabilities ensures recommendations remain balanced, catering to the distinct paths businesses take in leveraging data within the bustling world of e-commerce.

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