Shopify Sales Analytics Apps: Report Toaster: Custom Reports vs Easy Reports

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Work?
  3. How Does Easy Reports Work?
  4. How Much Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Cost?
  5. How much does Easy Reports cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Report Toaster: Custom Reports vs. Easy Reports
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the vast expanse of e-commerce business management, sales analytics stand as a beacon of insight guiding decision-makers toward strategic excellence. At the heart of this are the sales analytics apps, providing granular data and comprehensive reports that fuel informed decisions and strategic planning. These tools are pivotal in converting raw data into actionable knowledge, leading to an enhancement in user experience and a tangible boost in performance outcomes. Two noteworthy contenders in this domain are 'Report Toaster: Custom Reports' by Cloudlab and 'Easy Reports' by DevCloud LLC. Both apps promise an extensive suite of analytic tools, seamless integration capabilities, and a marked impact on e-commerce management and strategy.

How Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Work?

Report Toaster emerges as a robust analytics tool with a clear aim: to offer comprehensive, real-time sales analysis. With over 120 pre-built templates and customizable reports, users can sift through the clutter to find patterns and insights relevant to their unique business needs. The app distinguishes itself through a refined feature list that includes the creation of custom fields, scheduled reporting, and aggregated data comparison, which are invaluable to businesses of all sizes, from bootstrapped startups to sprawling enterprises. Its ability to export reports and share live links adds a layer of convenience that expands the users' ability to collaborate and communicate data-driven strategies effectively. Envision a scenario where a multi-store retailer compares festive season sales across different regions and channels. With its multi-store reporting feature, Report Toaster can not only provide such comparative analysis but can also streamline it to be automatically shared with key stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same strategic page.

How Does Easy Reports Work?

Easy Reports takes pride in its user-friendly interface, granting users the power to generate detailed sales reports with minimal setup time. While it covers the foundational need for analytics by providing customizable reports on orders, products, inventory, and customer data, it truly shines by making the reporting process almost instantaneous. With added efficiency, businesses can focus on actionable outcomes rather than report generation. The ability to safely store generated reports provides users with a long-term perspective on their business trends. Picture a rapidly growing online store needing to quickly assess its inventory status post a significant promotional campaign; Easy Reports can promptly deliver these insights and ensure restocking strategies are timely and data-backed.

How Much Does Report Toaster: Custom Reports Cost?

Money matters, and in the realm of sales analytics, obtaining a high ROI on your analytic solutions is non-negotiable. Report Toaster's pricing model presents a ladder of options tailored to different operational scales. Starting with a free tier suitable for small businesses and scaling up to a $150/month ‘Plus’ plan for Shopify Plus users, it offers live chat support, customizable reports, and an expansive inventory history essential for businesses seeking extensive data tracking without the burden of prohibitive costs. Although devoid of any extra charges, it is worth noting that the advanced functionality of scheduled reports and sharing features are reserved for the higher tiers, making them more suitable for larger, data-driven enterprises.

How much does Easy Reports cost?

With Easy Reports, affordability intersects with functionality. With plans ranging from $4.99/month to $99.99/month, the app extends a complete feature set to all tiers, advocating for an egalitarian approach to sales analytics tools. The absence of differentiation in features across the price spectrum means that a business on 'Basic Shopify' can access the same powerful tools as a 'Shopify Plus' enterprise. However, businesses must consider the scaling potential of the app as their data needs grow, as there is no free entry point compared to Report Toaster.

Cost Analysis: Report Toaster: Custom Reports vs. Easy Reports

Balancing the features against their costs, Report Toaster casts a wide net with its free plan, enticing new or smaller businesses. In contrast, Easy Reports focuses on simplicity and a straight-forward all-features-inclusive model that speaks to those who appreciate transparent pricing without the need for scaling the tiers. While both offer significant value across their pricing spectrum, high-volume businesses might lean towards Report Toaster for its tiered approach, maximizing their investment as their operations grow.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Report Toaster: Custom Reports good?

The glowing 4.9-star rating from 178 reviews underscores a high level of user satisfaction with Report Toaster. It's not difficult to hypothesize that users are drawn to the depth of customization and reporting versatility it offers. Users value not just the extensive functional capabilities but likely also the reported efficacy of the live chat support mentioned in the app’s description, which undoubtedly contributes to the positive reception of the app.

Is Easy Reports good?

Mirroring its competitor, Easy Reports also boasts a 4.9-star rating, albeit from 116 reviews, signaling a similarly high level of satisfaction among its user base. The streamlined process and the immediate delivery of complex reports might contribute significantly to this perception. Although not explicitly stated, the consistent positive feedback could be influenced by an assumedly robust support system that underpins the user experience positively.

User Preference: Report Toaster: Custom Reports or Easy Reports?

While both apps enjoy near-perfect ratings, Report Toaster edges out slightly in terms of the sheer volume of reviews, suggesting a wider user base. This could be indicative of a preference among users, potentially attributed to the varied pricing tiers and extended report-history access. However, Easy Reports' solid performance suggests that its streamlined straightforwardness resonates well with its users, highlighting the importance of user-friendliness and quick report generation.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Report Toaster: Custom Reports Integrations:

Report Toaster's compatibility is showcased through its integrations with Google Sheets, Mechanic, ShipStation, Zapiet, Variant Options, and ReCharge, making it a versatile tool that extends its functionalities through these external connections. The ease of integrating these platforms can significantly broaden the app's applicability and enhance the overall analytic potency for the user.

Easy Reports Integrations:

Easy Reports does not list specific integrations, which might suggest a focus on core features over external platform connectivity. While this may streamline the user experience within the app, it potentially limits the scope of interactivity with other systems and tools.


Both Report Toaster: Custom Reports and Easy Reports have cemented their positions as reliable analytics solutions within Shopify's ecosystem. From user reviews, it is evident that they are both esteemed for their robust feature sets and user-centric design. Strengths & Weaknesses: Highlights for Report Toaster include its tiered pricing model and comprehensive report customization, which align perfectly with businesses scaling their operations. However, its higher tiers might be a leap for smaller ventures. Easy Reports' strength lies in its simplicity and all-in pricing, ideal for those who value ease and expedience, though it may need to evolve its integrative functions to cater to more technologically mature businesses. Recommendations: Report Toaster is potentially more suited to businesses with complex reporting needs and those who benefit from extensive integration capabilities. Conversely, Easy Reports could serve those looking for immediacy and simplicity in report generation without the hassle of a tiered pricing model. In the broader scope of sales analytics within Shopify's platform, both apps provide compelling options tailored to their unique market segments. Ultimately, users should weigh their specific needs against each app's offerings. While both offer commendable features, Report Toaster might be the go-to for the data-centric enterprise whereas Easy Reports could be the champion for the straightforward simplicity seeker.

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