Shopify Sales Analytics Apps: Popcorn Replay Customer Visits vs Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Work?
  3. How Does Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking Work?
  4. How Much Does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Cost?
  5. How Much Does Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Popcorn Replay Customer Visits vs. Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the realm of online business, staying ahead necessitates a comprehensive understanding of your customer behavior and revenue streams. Sales analytics plays a crucial role in mining actionable insights that springboard customer engagement and revenue growth. By integrating advanced sales analytics applications, e-commerce platforms like Shopify enable merchants to leverage data-driven strategies to optimize their virtual storefronts. Two noteworthy additions to this toolkit are Popcorn Replay Customer Visits and Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking. Both provide cutting-edge analytics solutions, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and yield considerable impacts on sales and user experience.

How Does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Work?

Popcorn Replay Customer Visits is an innovative tool that takes a visual approach to sales analytics. It offers a window into the customer's journey by recording their visits. This enables merchants to view firsthand how users interact with the site. The app boasts features such as mobile playback, event timelines, and session insights pinpointing browser, device, and location data. For businesses of all sizes, the ability to share and save recordings creates an invaluable resource for team collaboration toward refining the user experience. In a scenario where a user abandons their cart, the app could reveal if a design flaw or a layout issue led to this outcome, helping businesses tackle the problem directly.

How Does Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking Work?

Transitioning to revenue focused analytics, Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking excels in connecting and interpreting data across various marketing channels. It tracks client-side and server-side interactions to give real-time reporting and an intricate view of the revenue being generated. For instance, it merges Shopify data with Google Analytics 4 to provide a comprehensive overview of customer behavior and revenue trends. Tailored for data-driven enterprises, this app allows larger organizations to deploy strategic marketing with precision, while smaller firms can confidently scale with an understanding of how and where their revenues are coming from.

How Much Does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is paramount in sales analytics solutions. Popcorn Replay offers tiered pricing, starting at $9.99 per month for the SILVER plan. This tier includes 2,000 saved recordings among other features, making it suitable for start-ups. The GOLD plan, at $19.99/month, offers 5,000 saved recordings and is aimed at growing businesses, while the PLATINUM plan with 10,000 saves for $49.99/month caters to large enterprises seeking extensive analytics capabilities. There are no additional costs, keeping billing simple and transparent.

How Much Does Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking Cost?

Littledata's offerings begin at $99/month for the Standard plan, featuring live reporting and GA4 support—a robust option for small to medium-sized businesses needing real-time data. The Pro plan at $249/month adds priority support, suitable for larger businesses requiring more direct assistance. Enterprises can opt for the Plus plan at $599/month, offering headless tracking and managed onboarding for complex setups with multiple country stores. While the initial price point is higher, the rich features justify the investment for data-centric businesses.

Cost Analysis: Popcorn Replay Customer Visits vs. Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking

When examining cost versus functionality, Popcorn Replay offers affordability tailored to businesses at various growth stages. Littledata, with its higher entry point, focuses on in-depth tracking and large-scale data analysis. Littledata offers a 30-day free trial for its Standard and Pro plans, enticing potential users to experience the service without immediate investment. Businesses must weigh the depth of analytics and the scale of operation needs against the subscription costs to determine which app presents the best value proposition.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Popcorn Replay Customer Visits good?

With a commendable 4.5-star rating from 180 reviews, Popcorn Replay Customer Visits is well-received, likely due to its intuitive visual interface and the actionable insights merchants can garner from recorded sessions. The rave reviews can be attributed to the app's ease of use and its ability to pinpoint customer experience issues directly. Although explicit customer support feedback is sparse, the positive reviews hint at users' satisfaction with the support provided.

Is Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking good?

Mirroring the impressive score, Littledata also boasts a 4.5-star rating but from 107 reviews. Its popularity among users stems from its comprehensive tracking and seamless integration with advertising platforms. The higher price point does not seem to deter satisfied customers who value detailed analytics.

User Preference: Popcorn Replay Customer Visits or Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking?

Both apps hold the same rating, but Popcorn Replay Customer Visits has garnered more reviews. This could suggest it has a wider user base or that it elicits stronger user engagement. However, Littledata's specialized features and integrations could be driving a focused clientele who prioritize depth of data over price.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Integrations:

Popcorn Replay prioritizes a streamlined, focused approach to analytics, and as such, it doesn't list specific integration partners. The replay and recording functionalities are its central features, with seamless operation within the Shopify environment.

Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking Integrations:

Littledata shines with a robust list of integrations, including Google Analytics 4, Shopify Flow, and various advertising platforms like Facebook and TikTok. This rich ecosystem allows it to serve businesses looking for a comprehensive data suite that influences all elements of their online presence.


Popcorn Replay Customer Visits thrives in offering businesses a window into their customers' online experiences with an easy-to-use, visually-oriented interface. Meanwhile, Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking serves as a powerhouse of data consolidation, ideal for businesses keen on comprehensive analytics. Both apps manifest strengths in their respective areas—Popcorn Replay in its simplicity and visual insights, Littledata in its data depth and integrative capabilities. Merchants with a keen eye on user experience may lean towards Popcorn Replay. At the same time, those venturing for granular data across multiple platforms may find Littledata aligns better with their objectives. In the end, the choice is clear-cut: select the app that best aligns with your business's scale and data strategy.

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