Shopify Sales Analytics Apps: FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App vs Popcorn Replay Customer Visits

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App Work?
  3. How Does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Work?
  4. How Much Does FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App Cost?
  5. How much does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App vs. Popcorn Replay Customer Visits
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine this: businesses that leverage analytics outperform competitors by driving 5% more productivity and 6% higher profits. In the realm of e-commerce, sales analytics apps are pivotal for harvesting insights that refine customer journey and boost conversion rates. Two particular apps that stand apart in this arena are FBTrack - Facebook Pixels App and Popcorn Replay Customer Visits. Both offer actionable data, ensuring that businesses deeply understand user interaction. Integrating seamlessly with Shopify, these apps empower store owners with the resources needed to enhance analytical capabilities and, ultimately, deliver a superior customer experience.

How Does FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App Work?

In an online landscape riddled with tracking challenges, FBTrack - Facebook Pixels App emerges as a potent tool. By empowering users with unlimited Facebook or Meta Pixels and Conversions APIs tracking, this app strives for meticulous data collection. The reconciliation of server-side and browser events minimizes the loss of information from impediments such as ad blockers or strict privacy settings. But why does this matter? For businesses ranging from sprouting startups to vast enterprises, having detailed performance insights is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. It facilitates targeted marketing campaigns that directly speak to a variety of audience segments. The app's intuitive interface means that whether it's a niche brand or a burgeoning marketplace, setup is painless and insights are comprehensive.

How Does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Work?

With Popcorn Replay Customer Visits, the previously opaque window into consumer behavior becomes crystal clear. This platform allows businesses to capture and play back sessions, offering a candid view of the customer's online store journey. Features like event timelines and device tracking aren't just data points—they're the key to unlocking a better user experience. Regardless of a company's size, assessing and enhancing website layout becomes a more manageable task with this visual aid. Moreover, the ability to share recordings ensures that the collaborative effort towards improving the store's design is uncomplicated. Robust yet accessible, the app acts as a compass for navigation through the intricacies of customer interaction, leading to decisive action and improved outcomes.

How Much Does FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App Cost?

A prudent investment in sales analytics can be the distinguishing factor for which businesses flourish. FBTrack is obtainable at a single pricing tier—Unlimited—at $7.99/month. This tier confers unrestricted access to features like unlimited conversions APIs tracking and server-side events for all pixels. Aimed at businesses ready for scale, it removes barriers often faced by growing enterprises while not being burdensome for lean startups. However, organizations must consider possible additional costs arising from ad spending and other external marketing tools in synergy with FBTrack.

How much does Popcorn Replay Customer Visits cost?

Popcorn Replay Customer Visits presents three distinct pricing tiers: SILVER at $9.99/month for 2,000 recordings, GOLD at $19.99/month for 5,000 recordings, and PLATINUM at $49.99/month for 10,000 recordings. This tiered structure allows businesses of varying sizes to choose a cost commensurate with their needs. Additional charges might encompass broader marketing initiatives that leverage the insights provided by Popcorn Replay but, in and of itself, presents no hidden fees.

Cost Analysis: FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App vs. Popcorn Replay Customer Visits

When conducting a side-by-side evaluation, FBTrack's single-tier structure may seem limited against Popcorn Replay’s versatile offerings. Yet, the value lies in the unrestricted capabilities FBTrack offers. Popcorn Replay’s tiered approach caters to varied traffic levels, which can synchronize with a business’s growth trajectory. Both apps do not explicitly state promotional discounts or trial periods, so the nominal prices lead the decision-making process.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App good?

With an impeccable 4.8-star rating from 247 reviews, FBTrack - Facebook Pixels App stands tall. Users likely commend its expansive pixel and conversion tracking capabilities, especially beneficial for businesses striving for precision in their marketing. The high rating suggests a smooth user experience and dependable outcomes. Super Reactive Support, as mentioned in the app's description, hints at a strong customer service foundation, potentially bolstering user satisfaction.

Is Popcorn Replay Customer Visits good?

Not to be overshadowed, Popcorn Replay Customer Visits holds its own with a respectable 4.5 stars from 180 reviews. This feedback implies that the app delivers valuable insights and user experience enhancements effectively. While the app's description doesn't explicitly mention support, the proactive use of this session recording tool likely necessitates a sound support system, contributing to its solid rating.

User Preference: FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App or Popcorn Replay Customer Visits?

Between the higher rating and greater number of reviews, FBTrack seems to have a slight edge in user preference. This could be attributed to the growing importance of precise ad targeting, where FBTrack excels. However, for businesses prioritizing website optimization through direct visitor insights, Popcorn Replay, with its comprehensive tiered plans, could be more appealing.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App Integrations:

FBTrack lists several key integrations, including Facebook Pixel, Meta Pixel, and Online Store 2.0. These integrations, combined with Meta Conversions API, broaden the app's functionality, facilitating user's adoption and providing enhanced tracking capabilities.

Popcorn Replay Customer Visits Integrations:

Popcorn Replay's listing does not specify particular integrations. However, the app's primary function as a session recorder likely means it's focused on a standalone experience that could seamlessly coexist with other Shopify enhancements without direct tie-ins.


Through this comparative lens, FBTrack − Facebook Pixels App shines with its singular, feature-rich plan, scaling effortlessly with businesses. Popcorn Replay Customer Visits plays an equally important role, delivering insights with its visual session recording tool within a tiered pricing structure. User reviews point towards a high level of satisfaction for both, with a slight nod to FBTrack for its expansive tracking options. Both apps serve a critical need in sales analytics, with FBTrack focusing on ad targeting efficiency, while Popcorn Replay emphasizes optimization through customer behavior insights. Depending on your business's needs, FBTrack might suit those looking for a marketing edge, whereas Popcorn Replay could be the key to enhancing user experience. Both tools stand as testament to the power of informed decision-making fueled by robust sales analytics.

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