Shopify Returns and Exchanges Apps: Order returns by Return Prime vs Sorted Returns Center

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Order returns by Return Prime Work?
  3. How Does Sorted Returns Center Work?
  4. How Much Does Order returns by Return Prime Cost?
  5. How much does Sorted Returns Center cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Order returns by Return Prime vs. Sorted Returns Center
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A seamless returns experience is essential for customer satisfaction; in fact, over 90% of consumers say that a convenient returns policy encourages them to shop again from an e-commerce platform. Returns and exchanges apps play a pivotal role in shaping these experiences, striking a balance between customer expectations and cost-efficiency for online retailers. With the advent of apps like Order returns by Return Prime and Sorted Returns Center, Shopify store owners can now offer intelligent and responsive returns processes. Both apps promise a streamlined workflow for returns and exchanges that integrate smoothly with existing systems, enhancing the post-purchase experience for both businesses and customers.

How Does Order returns by Return Prime Work?

Order returns by Return Prime offers an integrated solution to managing returns, exchanges, and refunds. This app automates sending return labels, creating exchanges, and processing refunds, thereby making return management less time-consuming. It also provides a customizable customer flow, allowing businesses to tailor the returns experience to their brand and policies. Store owners can add users and select logistics that align with their operations, facilitating a flexible and user-oriented return system. Whether a startup looking to establish trust or a large enterprise aiming to maintain its reputation, this app stands out by offering innovative functionalities such as in-store returns and integrating with various third-party logistics partners and applications for an end-to-end returns solution.

How Does Sorted Returns Center Work?

Sorted Returns Center offers a branded returns portal that simplifies returns, exchanges, and refunds. The app's highlights include competitive label options, custom communication templates, and a dashboard that provides full control over returns rules and analytics. Its auto-features cut down manual efforts significantly, providing a modern and efficient approach to returns management. The app aims to retain customer loyalty and streamline post-purchase operations, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking comprehensive returns management with a focus on branding and customer communication.

How Much Does Order returns by Return Prime Cost?

The cost-effectiveness of an app is a decisive factor for many businesses. Order returns by Return Prime offers various plans, starting with a Free Forever plan, catering to businesses testing the waters of e-commerce. The paid tiers, titled 'Grow,' range from $19.99 to $99.99 per month, scaling up the number of free return requests and additional features such as the ability to add users and connect with multiple logistics. With no hidden fees discernible, each tier is crafted to meet the needs of growing businesses keen on expanding their capabilities without overspending on returns management.

How much does Sorted Returns Center cost?

The Sorted Returns Center also offers a tiered pricing system, starting with the Silver Plan at $20 per month, scaling up to the Platinum Plan at $500 per month for high volume retailers. Each tier builds upon the previous one, adding more advanced features like auto-refunds, styling assistance, and expedited support response times. The jump in price correlates with a significant increase in the number of monthly return requests covered, showcasing a commitment to serving both small businesses and large enterprises effectively.

Cost Analysis: Order returns by Return Prime vs. Sorted Returns Center

Comparatively, both apps demonstrate a competitive pricing structure, with the choice largely dependent on the specific needs of the business, such as the volume of returns or the importance of branding. While Sorted Returns Center has a higher entry cost, it provides more features in its basic plan than Return Prime's free offering. Businesses should weigh these factors, along with potential trial periods or discounts, to discern which app offers better cost efficiencies relative to their operational scale.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Order returns by Return Prime good?

With a perfect 5-star rating garnered from 548 reviews, Order returns by Return Prime appears to be highly regarded by its users. One might infer that the customers value the app's comprehensiveness and customizable approach to returns management. The uninterrupted customer support mentioned in the app description suggests a proficient backing, likely contributing to its excellent rating.

Is Sorted Returns Center good?

Sorted Returns Center, with a 4.7-star rating from 416 reviews, also enjoys a favorable reputation. Its users may particularly appreciate the branded returns portal and the app's capacity to enhance consumer communication.

User Preference: Order returns by Return Prime or Sorted Returns Center?

When examining user preferences based solely on rating averages and review volumes, Order returns by Return Prime seems to have a slight edge. The difference in ratings could be attributed to various factors including user interface, feature set, and the overall effectiveness of each app in handling returns and exchanges.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Order returns by Return Prime Integrations:

Order returns by Return Prime lists integrations with noteworthy applications like Plobal Apps and Richpanel, signaling a broader compatibility with other platforms. These integrations are likely straightforward and provide additional layers of efficiency to the returns process.

Sorted Returns Center Integrations:

Although Sorted Returns Center does not list specific integrations, its capabilities may still align well with businesses prioritizing simplified and customer-focused returns processes.


Both Order returns by Return Prime and Sorted Returns Center offer robust features for returns and exchange management. User reviews suggest a high level of satisfaction with both apps, indicating their effectiveness in streamlining e-commerce returns. Strengths & Weaknesses: - Order returns by Return Prime excels in its automated features and customizable customer flows, tailored for diverse business models. - Sorted Returns Center shines with its branded portals and comprehensive dashboard, providing deep insights into the returns process. While minor differences exist in their integration offerings, the core functionalities cater well to Shopify retailers. Recommendations: When it comes to choosing between the two, businesses should consider their size, budget, and priority between automation versus customer communication. For organizations seeking extensive versatility and customization, Order returns by Return Prime might be the preferable choice. Conversely, for those valuing branded experiences and detailed oversight, Sorted Returns Center could be better suited. The final decision will rest upon the unique needs and goals of each Shopify store, with both apps presenting compelling cases for being the returns and exchanges solution of choice.

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