Shopify Retargeting Ads Apps: Retargeting for Google Ads vs. Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Retargeting for Google Ads Work?
  3. How Does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Work?
  4. How Much Does Retargeting for Google Ads Cost?
  5. How much does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Retargeting for Google Ads vs. Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the world of digital marketing, retargeting ads have revolutionized the way businesses reconnect with visitors who've left their site without making a purchase. These ads remind and encourage potential customers to return, significantly increasing conversion rates. Retargeting ads apps on Shopify serve as bridges, forging connections between online stores and customers by placing targeted advertisements across multiple online platforms. In this blog, we dive into the features of two notable apps: "Retargeting for Google Ads" by AdNabu Global, Inc. and "Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" by ORICHI. Both excel in enhancing the retargeting ad experience through seamless integration and robust capabilities, potentially transforming the way businesses re-engage their audience.

How Does Retargeting for Google Ads Work?

"Retargeting for Google Ads" streamlines the process of setting up Google retargeting campaigns. Its standout feature is the automatic 1-click pixel installation, eliminating technical difficulties while ensuring retargeting accuracy. The app draws product information from the Google Merchant Center, enabling dynamic ads that display relevant products with updated images and prices. Businesses of varying sizes can leverage the app to create retargeting audiences effortlessly. The one-click integration with Google Ads & Google Merchant Center underscores its benefits, particularly the lack of necessity for a technical background.

How Does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Work?

"Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" focuses on overcoming the challenges posed by IOS 14+ updates with a suite of tracking solutions. With its range of features including Multi Pixel tracking and Tiktok Pixel integration, it's an invaluable tool, particularly for those who rely heavily on social media marketing. This app scales up to meet the needs of larger businesses, providing UTM Analytics and Conversion API for Facebook, enhancing tracking accuracy and ad performance. The seamless addition of multiple pixels ensures comprehensive data capture for nuanced advertising strategies.

How Much Does Retargeting for Google Ads Cost?

Retargeting for Google Ads presents two clear pricing plans. Their 'Free Forever' plan is perfect for newcomers and startups dipping their toes into the retargeting space, while the 'Advanced' plan at $19.99 per month supports unlimited orders and dynamic remarketing, suitable for growing businesses.

How much does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels cost?

Orichi provides a two-tiered pricing strategy, starting at $14.99/month for their Basic & Shopify plan. This plan is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises. The 'Advanced & Plus' plan at $24.99/month aligns with larger businesses seeking advanced tracking and analytics.

Cost Analysis: Retargeting for Google Ads vs. Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels

Comparing the two, "Retargeting for Google Ads" offers a free entry point, which may be appealing for budget-conscious startups, while "Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" provides advanced functionalities at a higher floor price. Both offer substantial value at their respective price points, with the decision likely hinging on specific business needs and marketing goals.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Retargeting for Google Ads good?

Garnering a 4.7-star rating from 125 reviews, "Retargeting for Google Ads" is well-regarded. Users often highlight the simplicity and effectiveness of the app. The high rating suggests satisfactory customer support, a crucial component that goes hand-in-hand with user experience.

Is Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels good?

"Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" commands a 4.9-star rating from 110 reviews, indicating a positive user sentiment. The slightly higher rating compared to its competitor points towards excellence in providing a wide range of options in Retargeting ads and possibly, a more personalized customer service.

User Preference: Retargeting for Google Ads or Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels?

While both apps have high ratings, "Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" edges out with a slightly higher score and fewer reviews, suggesting intense satisfaction among a dedicated user base. Preferences may be influenced by "Orichi's" focus on overcoming iOS tracking hurdles, a current and significant challenge for many marketers.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Retargeting for Google Ads Integrations:

With strong ties to Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center, "Retargeting for Google Ads" eases the path for businesses entrenched within the Google ecosystem. The app's ability to adapt to Google's regular updates adds a layer of reassurance for users.

Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Integrations:

"Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" integrates well into an advertising strategy that's centered around social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Tiktok. Its multi-pixel approach provides a versatile use case for diverse marketing needs.


Both "Retargeting for Google Ads" and "Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" offer powerful retargeting solutions, but their distinct features cater to different preferences. "Retargeting for Google Ads" stands out for its simplicity and direct Google integration, making it a reliable option for those seeking a streamlined Google-centric retargeting tool. On the other hand, "Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels" offers sophisticated tracking capabilities geared towards the social media advertising landscape. Strengths & Weaknesses: "Retargeting for Google Ads" excels in its ease of use and direct integration with Google services, though some may seek broader social media retargeting features. "Orichi," while comprehensive in its multi-platform tracking, has a higher entry point in terms of pricing, and might be considered complex for users only starting with retargeting. Recommendations: Businesses focused on Google-based retargeting efforts may find "Retargeting for Google Ads" more aligned with their needs. In contrast, companies aiming to capitalize on social media engagement should consider the broad tracking capabilities of "Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels." Ultimately, the right choice will be the one that integrates most seamlessly with your existing marketing strategies and provides the greatest return on your ad spend.

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