Shopify Retargeting Ads Apps: Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed vs. Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed Work?
  3. How Does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Work?
  4. How Much Does Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed Cost?
  5. How Much Does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed vs. Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Despite the soaring digital expanses, a staggering 97% of first-time visitors to e-commerce sites leave without making a purchase. This is where the power of retargeting ads comes into play, turning potential drop-offs into engaged customers. Essential to these ads are the tools that relentlessly track, analyze, and optimize customer journeys. In the spotlight, we have Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed and Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels—two robust Shopify apps crafted to master the re-engagement strategy. Both come with the promise of integrations, making for smooth sailing within the Shopify ecosystem, improving engagement, and potentially boosting conversion rates.

How Does Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed Work?

Omega offers an arsenal for retargeting ads through comprehensive tracking capabilities. Boasting unlimited pixel tracking, it addresses the key limitations introduced by privacy updates. Its dashboard is a cockpit from where businesses soar, providing insightful analytics that save time and increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). For instance, a startup could leverage the app's Event Report to refine campaigns, whereas large enterprises might draw on real-time ad reports for granular analysis. Notably, Omega's no-code, quick-setup model adapts precisely to the varying needs across the business size spectrum. Imagine a niche retailer instantly improving their ad targeting or a major brand reducing costs through automating product feed updates—this is what Omega aims to offer.

How Does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Work?

Orichi enters the arena with its pixel prowess, serving users with multi-channel tracking from Facebook and TikTok. Its strength lies in the Conversion API, which bridges the marketing data with Meta's ads system. Orichi's utility is impressive, providing vast flexibility for businesses to track events across multiple pixels. A small business could relish the adaptability in segmenting data, while larger corporates could exploit UTM analytics for informed decision-making. Picture a trendy apparel shop, achieving granular track data by product tag, or a sprawling online mall that harnesses the Multi Pixel feature for expansive tracking.

How Much Does Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed Cost?

In the hunt for cost-efficient ad tools, Omega stands as a viable contender. The TWO OWLS STANDARD plan sits at $15.99/month, packed with features fitting for startups or small enterprises seeking to enhance their retargeting without overwhelming costs. Conversely, the $20.99/month ENTERPRISE plan extends its benefits to larger ventures needing deeper insights and advanced reporting options. No explicit additional costs are detailed, making for an appealing choice cost-wise.

How Much Does Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Cost?

Orichi aligns its pricing strategy with the scale of operation. The Basic & Shopify plan at $14.99/month caters to early-stage businesses requiring essential tracking tools. The Advanced & Plus plan, priced at $24.99/month, expands its offering to suit growing or hefty businesses that need to leverage comprehensive analytics and multiple pixel-tracking capabilities. Here too, transparency in extra fees is maintained, underscoring a straightforward value proposition.

Cost Analysis: Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed vs. Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels

A side-by-side examination presents both apps as budget-friendly with tiered pricing matched to business growth stages. They abstain from hidden fees, allowing clear forecasting of marketing budgets. Omega edges slightly ahead with a lower entry point, while Orichi tops at a higher-tier plan suggesting a richer feature set for advanced users. Both lack explicit discount mentions, but potential users should stay attuned for any seasonal offers or free trials.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed Good?

Glancing at the sparkling 5-star rating from 966 reviews, Omega likely resonates well with its users. One could speculate that its ease of use, coupled with powerful analytics, factors heavily in satisfying diverse customer needs. Although specifics on customer support aren't outlined, the user satisfaction scores can be an indirect nod to commendable service.

Is Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Good?

Orichi garners a near-perfect 4.9-star rating from 110 reviews, indicative of high user regard. This favorable impression may stem from its multi-pixel capabilities and user-friendliness, especially for those targeting a younger demographic via TikTok. Similar to Omega, the lack of explicit feedback about support suggests that users are generally content with the service provided.

User Preference: Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed or Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels?

While both enjoy high ratings, Omega's user base is larger, perhaps reflecting a broader acceptance or a longer presence in the market. Orichi's slightly lower rating does not diminish its value, especially considering its specialism with TikTok, a platform with burgeoning advertising potential.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed Integrations:

Omega boasts seamless integrations with tools like PageFly and Meta pixels, suggesting a robust, synergetic performance within Shopify's environment. It may particularly appeal to those seeking straightforward, comprehensive tracking solutions that require minimal technical intervention.

Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels Integrations:

Orichi skills are evident in its ability to merge with an array of pixels, indicating flexible data tracking potential. This might attract businesses that are heavily invested in campaign segmentation and require a robust framework for managing multiple advertising channels.


Both Omega ‑ Facebook Pixels & Feed and Orichi: Tiktok Facebook Pixels emerge as stout contenders in the Shopify retargeting ads arena. User reviews nod towards a strong market acceptance, revealing a preference for user-friendly, versatile tools in ad tracking and optimization. Whereas Omega boasts a broader acceptance indicated through its volume of reviews, Orichi carves out its appeal by specializing in trends, like TikTok advertising. Strengths & Weaknesses: Omega's ease of use and comprehensive analytics stand out, while Orichi's strengths lie in flexible multi-pixel tracking and TikTok integration. Future updates and market trends could further influence their standings. Recommendations: For businesses seeking a robust, widely-accepted solution with keen analytics, Omega is a match. Orichi will suit trend-conscious brands that aim to penetrate markets via platforms like TikTok. Ultimately, it's the alignment with business needs and marketing strategies that will determine the choice between these two stellar Shopify retargeting ad apps.

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