Shopify Retargeting Ads Apps: Google, Facebook & Insta Ads vs Retargeting for Google Ads

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Google, Facebook & Insta Ads Work?
  3. How Does Retargeting for Google Ads Work?
  4. How Much Does Google, Facebook & Insta Ads Cost?
  5. How much does Retargeting for Google Ads Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Google, Facebook & Insta Ads vs. Retargeting for Google Ads
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With the e-commerce sector experiencing an online renaissance, it's no secret that retargeting ads are more vital than ever. In fact, retargeting can boost ad response by a staggering 400%. These statistics underscore the unmatched potential of retargeting ads in reshaping consumer behavior and driving sales. Retargeting ads apps have become essential in an online merchant's arsenal, enabling personalized conversations with customers who showed interest but didn't convert. In this context, Google, Facebook & Insta Ads and Retargeting for Google Ads stand out for their robust capabilities in retargeting ad management. They not only streamline the process but also integrate seamlessly with dominant platforms, bolstering merchants' abilities to capture and convert leads efficiently.

How Does Google, Facebook & Insta Ads Work?

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads by sixads bridges the gap between ad creation and campaign execution. It tailors automated funnel campaigns across top social platforms and Google, simplifying the ad management process. Key features include automated campaign creation, personalized ad visuals and texts, and high-impact video ads. The app's intuitive platform is particularly invaluable to businesses of all sizes, making professional-level ad management accessible. Startups can benefit from the Essential plan, while growing businesses can escalate their marketing strategy with the reach and remarketing campaigns available in the Pro plan. Larger enterprises can leverage channel performance insights and expert consultations from the Premium plan. Imagine launching campaigns in a fraction of the time or utilizing expert support to hone a marketing strategy – Google, Facebook & Insta Ads make these scenarios a reality, significantly enhancing outreach and customer engagement.

How Does Retargeting for Google Ads Work?

Retargeting for Google Ads by AdNabu Global, Inc. focuses squarely on optimizing Google Ads retargeting effectiveness. It features one-click pixel installation, audience creation, standard and dynamic retargeting, along with priority support. Such features promise impeccable ease and efficacy, regardless of business size. While the free tier is a boon for startups, its unlimited orders in the Advanced plan offer a more robust solution for SMBs. Large enterprises will appreciate the advanced dynamic retargeting capabilities coupled with exceptional support. Consider an e-commerce website leveraging dynamic ads reflecting users' past behaviours – Retargeting for Google Ads delivers this nuanced marketing tactic seamlessly and effectively.

How Much Does Google, Facebook & Insta Ads Cost?

Cost-efficiency in retargeting ads can be a game-changer for businesses. Google, Facebook & Insta Ads present three pricing tiers: Essential at $29.99/month, Pro at $44.99/month, and Premium at $89.99/month. The Essential plan is optimal for nascent companies, while the higher tiers offer more sophisticated tools suitable for expanding and well-established enterprises. It is important to note, though, that there's no one-size-fits-all approach in advertising – while startups might focus on costs, large businesses might emphasize features and scalability.

How much does Retargeting for Google Ads Cost?

Retargeting for Google Ads offers a simple and compelling pricing structure with a Free Forever plan and an Advanced plan priced at $19.99/month. Startups and small businesses can harness fundamental retargeting tools at no cost, whereas the Advanced plan is designed for businesses seeking to expand their reach without the worry of order limits.

Cost Analysis: Google, Facebook & Insta Ads vs. Retargeting for Google Ads

When comparing the costs, Google, Facebook & Insta Ads offer extensive features but at a higher price point. On the flip side, Retargeting for Google Ads focuses on Google Ads retargeting with a more budget-friendly model. Analyzing promotional offers reveals no clear standouts, but businesses must weigh these costs against their specific needs and the potential ROI from each app's features.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Google, Facebook & Insta Ads good?

With a commendable rating of 4.6 stars from 3461 reviews, users likely value the comprehensive nature of Google, Facebook & Insta Ads. The platform's blend of automation, expert insight, and performance analytics aligns with the needs of businesses seeking a hands-on approach to ad management. While the high rating indicates satisfaction with the platform's support, it cements the understanding that attentive customer service is integral for users navigating the complexities of online advertising.

Is Retargeting for Google Ads good?

Retargeting for Google Ads boasts an impressive 4.7 stars rating from 125 reviews. Although the review count is lower, the superior rating suggests that users benefit from its specialized focus on Google retargeting, enjoying the simplicity and efficiency it brings to their campaigns. The app’s hassle-free pixel installation and up-to-date code maintenance relieve users from technical strain, emphasizing the significance of seamless functionality and reliable support.

User Preference: Google, Facebook & Insta Ads or Retargeting for Google Ads?

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads take a slight lead in user preference by the sheer number of reviews, implying a more extensive user base. However, Retargeting for Google Ads holds a slightly higher average rating, indicating strong satisfaction among its users, potentially due to its user-friendly design and effective retargeting strategies.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads Integrations:

With strategic integrations like Privy and ROI Hunter, Google, Facebook & Insta Ads strikes a chord with users seeking diversified yet cohesive campaign management. These integrations promise additional features and an enhanced user experience, evidencing Google, Facebook & Insta Ads' commitment to a versatile advertising ecosystem.

Retargeting for Google Ads Integrations:

Retargeting for Google Ads capitalizes on deep integration with Google's ecosystem, offering streamlined interaction with Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. This targeted integration demonstrates the app's exclusive focus on enhancing Google ad retargeting efficiency.


To recap, both Google, Facebook & Insta Ads and Retargeting for Google Ads serve as powerful contenders in the Shopify retargeting ads app space, each with unique strengths. Google, Facebook & Insta Ads shine with an all-encompassing approach, while Retargeting for Google Ads is a specialized solution that prioritizes simplicity and efficacy in Google ad retargeting. Both apps garner positive user reviews, though businesses must weigh their comprehensive features versus focused retargeting tools. For diverse ad management across multiple channels, businesses may lean towards Google, Facebook & Insta Ads. Conversely, for focused Google ad retargeting without the added complexity, Retargeting for Google Ads is the tool of choice. The final recommendation depends on specific business needs and advertising strategies, yet both apps demonstrate remarkable capability to enhance retargeting efforts and ensure that Shopify businesses engage their target audiences more effectively.

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