Shopify Product Review Apps: Product Reviews vs CM Commerce: Email Marketing

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Product Reviews Work?
  3. How Does CM Commerce: Email Marketing Work?
  4. How Much Does Product Reviews Cost
  5. How much does CM Commerce: Email Marketing cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Product Reviews vs. CM Commerce: Email Marketing
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Customer reviews are the linchpin of e-commerce businesses thriving today. A whopping 93% of consumers say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. Hence, having a strong customer review platform is indispensable for e-commerce businesses. Two such platforms that are making waves are Product Reviews and CM Commerce: Email Marketing. Both platforms are geared towards enhancing customer trust and improving product visibility in an e-commerce environment. Let's dive in to understand their functionalities and how they help boost sales.

How Does Product Reviews Work? Product Reviews is a comprehensive review management platform designed to boost your store’s reputation. With its impressive features like unlimited review requests and SEO snippets, it helps businesses gather customer feedback intuitively. Moreover, its utility stretches across businesses of all sizes. As an example, for start-ups, curating reviews and cross-shop syndication can be beneficial, whereas large enterprises can leverage manual social push and tailored store widgets. enables review collection after order fulfillment or delivery and allows easy importing of reviews from other apps. This streamlines continuous customer engagement and significantly boosts the review management process, eventually contributing to increased trust and sales performance.

How Does CM Commerce: Email Marketing Work?

Similar to, CM Commerce: Email Marketing is a robust product review app. It blends email marketing with user-generated content tools to build trust in your brand. The platform effortlessly syncs all customer and order data to create dynamic customer profiles and list segments. Through this, it enables personalized branding, uplifting conversion, and sales. Not only does CM Commerce ensure shorter sales cycles through trigger-based email automation, but it also reduces cart abandonment significantly with its optimized email marketing campaigns.

How Much Does Product Reviews Cost

The pricing strategy of a review management platform is pivotal in ensuring a profitable outcome. For Product Reviews, there are two distinct pricing tiers. The “Forever free” plan replete with features like unlimited review requests and shop syndication comes at zero cost. For businesses that require more advanced features like Q&A, custom forms, and Google Shopping integration can opt for the $15/month “Awesome” package. This plan could suit established companies seeking a comprehensive solution for review management.

How much does CM Commerce: Email Marketing cost?

CM Commerce: Email Marketing is free to install, and paid plans commence from $9/mo, determined by the number of subscribers. This makes it a flexible option for businesses to start at no cost and gradually shift to a paid plan as their user base expands.

Cost Analysis: Product Reviews vs. CM Commerce: Email Marketing

The pricing models of both platforms are starkly different. offers a fully equipped free plan, whereas CM Commerce operates on a scalable subscription model. Thus, while the former could be suitable for businesses wanting cost-effective basic review management features, the latter might offer more value for businesses wanting scalability.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Product Reviews good?

With an overwhelming rating of 5 stars from 19777 reviews, Product Reviews stands strong in the user satisfaction department. This could be attributed to its wide range of features and a customer support team ready 24/7 for basic design tweaks and troubleshooting.

Is CM Commerce: Email Marketing good?

CM Commerce: Email Marketing has also fared well with a commendable 4.6 stars from 1145 reviews. Its ability to instantly sync all customer data and dynamic personalized branding seems to resonate well with its user base.

User Preference: Product Reviews or CM Commerce: Email Marketing?

The higher number of reviews for might indicate a larger user base, while the near-perfect rating reflects strong customer satisfaction. Though CM Commerce has fewer reviews, it still maintains a solid reputation. A detailed look into user reviews for both apps would provide a more in-depth comparison.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison Product Reviews Integrations: Product Reviews integrates seamlessly with, PushOwl, AfterShip, Google Shopping Feed, LoyaltyLion, and Klaviyo. These integrations complement the app’s review management capabilities and make for a more wholesome customer review and loyalty management strategy.

CM Commerce: Email Marketing Integrations:

Unlike, CM Commerce: Email Marketing offers no explicit integrations. Nevertheless, its comprehensive email marketing services and user-generated content tools are designed to engage customers deeply and build trust in the brand.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

If you haven't settled on a review app after our comparison, you might want to explore the Shopify Product Reviews & Ratings App by HulkApps. With a 4.7-star rating from over 300 users, this app is more than just a tool—it's a solution. Here's a snapshot of its standout features:

Smart AI Approval:

This tool auto-publishes positive reviews. It means your store always shows the best feedback, helping build trust with shoppers.

Social Sharing:

Share customer reviews easily on social media platforms. It's a great way to let more people know about the good things customers are saying.

Photo Reviews:

Customers can add photos to their reviews. It gives others a real look at what they can expect.

Custom Fields:

Add up to 5 extra fields in your review form. It helps you get more specific feedback about things like product size, color, or delivery.

Structured Data:

Improve your store's online visibility. Show customer review counts in search results, making your products stand out more.

HulkApps offers different plans to fit your needs, including a free option. Check out the HulkApps Product Reviews for a full review solution.