Shopify Product Bundles Apps: Bundle Builder vs MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Bundle Builder Work?
  3. How Does MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order Work?
  4. How Much Does Bundle Builder Cost?
  5. How much does MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Bundle Builder vs. MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Product bundling is a popular and powerful strategy in the ecommerce space, influencing the buying behavior of customers and boosting average order value significantly. There are several product bundling apps available for Shopify store owners, each with its unique features and benefits. Among these are Bundle Builder and MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order. Both apps offer innovative solutions for creating, managing, and optimizing product bundles.

How Does Bundle Builder Work?

Bundle Builder, developed by the team of the same name, allows Shopify merchants to create and manage product bundles effectively, increasing sales with the use of bundling discounts. It facilitates setting up single or multi-step bundles, providing total control over bundle discounts. Merchants can create customizable bundle offers and set rules for their bundles, including minimums and conditions. Bundle Builder refreshes your inventory in real-time and offers a personal onboarding call to ensure a smooth user experience.

How Does MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order Work?

On the other hand, MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order, developed by EFOLI, LLC, simplifies the ordering process for stores dealing with multiple variant products. It displays bundle variants in various formats, thereby facilitating easy ordering. Notably, it supports B2B catalogs price list and allows the implementation of quantity rules, including increments and bundle quantity selectors (drop-down).

How Much Does Bundle Builder Cost?

The cost of Bundle Builder starts at free for the basic plan. More advanced features can be accessed with the paid plans, priced at $25 per month for the growth plan, and $299 per month for the Pro and Shopify Plus tiers. Each pricing tier offers a different set of features, delivering value for businesses of varying sizes.

How much does MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order cost?

The pricing of MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order begins at $0 for the Starter plan, while the Standard and Professional plans cost $9.99 and $19.99 per month, respectively. Each of these tiers offers a host of different features inclusive of the price, allowing store-owners to select the plan that best suits their business needs.

Cost Analysis: Bundle Builder vs. MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order

While both apps offer a free tier, Bundle Builder's higher-tier plans are significantly more expensive than those of MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order. However, the value provided at the respective price points seems to be commensurate with the cost, depending on the scale of the business operation.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Bundle Builder good?

Bundle Builder's average rating of 4.1 stars from a total of 320 reviews suggests user satisfaction. Its features, ease of use, effectiveness in managing product bundles, and the level of customer support might have contributed to this high rating.

Is MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order good?

Given its average rating of 5 stars from its 239 reviewers, MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order appears to have satisfied customers. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface must have played a part in garnering such a commendable rating.

User Preference: Bundle Builder or MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order?

As per rating and review numbers, both the apps seem to have their own fan base. However, in terms of average ratings, MultiVariants holds a slight edge over Bundle Builder.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Bundle Builder Integrations:

Integration with other software adds more value to the app usability. Bundle Builder integrations include systems like Checkout, Shopify Reviews, yotpo, BEST Currency Converter, and Quick Pick Picklists.

MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order Integrations:

Like the Bundle Builder, MultiVariants also offers robust integration capabilities with platforms like Seal Subscriptions, Deposits split payments, BEST Currency Converter, Pagefly Page Builder, Bundle builder, and Appstle Subscriptions.


In the world of product bundling apps for Shopify, Bundle Builder and MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order offer unique and powerful features. Both are highly rated by users, suggesting their effectiveness in developing and managing product bundles. Bundle Builder excels with functionalities like real-time inventory syncing and personal onboarding. On the other hand, MultiVariants stands out with features like B2B catalog price list support and advanced controls over variant ordering quantities. For startups or businesses on a tight budget, MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order's accessible pricing and strong features might prove to be the optimal choice. Meanwhile, for larger businesses looking to invest in flexibility, advanced functionalities, and priority support, Bundle Builder might be the solid bet. Remember, choosing the best product bundling app for your Shopify store will depend on your specific needs and resources. Both Bundle Builder and MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order offer free plans - an opportunity for you to try and see which app will work best for you and your business.

Still searching for the right fit? Try out these bundling solutions

Frequently Bought Together by Code Black Belt

Elevate your Shopify store’s bundling strategy with Frequently Bought Together. This app is a powerhouse in driving sales through smart product recommendations and bundle discounts. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

  • AI-Driven Recommendations: Automatically suggests products that complement each other, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Customizable Bundles: Tailor bundles to your store’s needs, with options to exclude certain products.
  • Seamless Integration: Works effortlessly with various Shopify themes.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Quick and helpful support for any issues or optimization needs.
  • High Conversion Value: Proven to boost sales and customer engagement.

With a stellar overall rating, Frequently Bought Together is a top choice for Shopify stores looking to capitalize on bundle sales. Ready to boost your revenue? Explore Frequently Bought Together..

VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discounts by HulkApps

Maximize your store’s potential with VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts. This app offers a unique approach to incentivizing bulk purchases, making it ideal for businesses aiming to increase average order values. Key features include:

  • Tiered Discount Structures: Create multiple discount levels to encourage larger purchases.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor the app’s appearance to match your store’s branding.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to set up and manage within your Shopify store..
  • Responsive Customer Support: Quick assistance for any setup or operational queries.
  • Boost in Sales and Satisfaction: Merchants report significant increases in bulk buying rates and customer satisfaction.

With a high overall rating, VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts is an excellent choice for stores looking to enhance their bundling strategy and increase sales. Discover VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts..

Both Frequently Bought Together and VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts offer unique advantages for Shopify store owners. Whether you’re looking to create AI-driven product bundles or incentivize bulk purchases with tiered discounts, these apps provide the tools you need. Check them out to see which one aligns best with your business strategy!