Shopify Pre-order Apps: Preorder Pro + Back in Stock vs Downpay: Deposits made simple

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Preorder Pro + Back in Stock Work?
  3. How Does Downpay: Deposits made simple Work?
  4. How Much Does Preorder Pro + Back in Stock cost?
  5. How much does Downpay: Deposits made simple cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Preorder Pro + Back in Stock vs. Downpay: Deposits made simple
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With the ever-evolving dynamics of e-commerce, pre-orders have become a crucial part of the online shopping experience. Ensuring a smooth pre-order process not only maintains the customer's interest but can also significantly enhance the sales figures. A pre-order app can be immensely beneficial in improving the product launch strategy, leading to better product management and customer satisfaction. Today, we delve into the functionality, flexibility, and integration of two such innovative Shopify pre-order apps — Preorder Pro + Back in Stock and Downpay: Deposits made simple.

How Does Preorder Pro + Back in Stock Work?

Developed by Magical Apps, Preorder Pro + Back in Stock provides comprehensive solutions for managing pre-orders, coming soon, and back in stock alerts for your products. With built-in analytics, it empowers businesses to track their performance while simultaneously appealing to their customers through new buying avenues. The app's customizable pre-order buttons and product badges help the store's aesthetics align with the brand. Its relevance spans startups to large enterprises looking to maximize their sales through planned pre-orders, making this app a versatile and valuable tool. Imagine a startup launching a unique product line. With the app's features, the startup can track pre-order volumes and identify popular items even before the official launch, thus allowing the revision of manufacturing and marketing strategies accordingly.

How Does Downpay: Deposits made simple Work?

Downpay: Deposits made simple, an ingenious app developed by Hypehound, introduces a dynamic method of managing preorders and custom-made products. It adapts to customer needs by offering the flexibility to make partial payments, deposits, or 'pay later' options. By integrating natively with Shopify features, the app provides an upgrade in customer experience and brings a sense of trust. From the configuration of purchase options to the provision of payment management portals, Downpay ensures an easy and hassle-free shopping experience. Consider an online boutique selling custom-made dresses. With Downpay, the store can introduce 'pay later' options or accept partial payments, making it more manageable for customers to buy these exclusive pieces, thereby significantly improving the store's sales volumes.

How Much Does Preorder Pro + Back in Stock cost?

The FREE plan of Preorder Pro + Back in Stock, priced at $0, allows one pre-order product and one coming soon product, making it ideal for startups or small businesses. As business scales, the BASIC plan at $5.99/month offers unlimited pre-order and coming soon products, the STARTER plan at $11.99/month additionally provides collection page badges and analytics. Finally, the PREMIUM plan at $19.99/month includes all features of the STARTER plan plus product page badges, pre-order emails, a "Notify Me" feature, and premium support.

How much does Downpay: Deposits made simple cost?

With its 'pay as you go' pricing model at $9.99/month, Downpay provides unlimited orders and options with secure card vaulting and seamless payment collection. This is customizable for businesses of all sizes. There's also a Sandbox plan which is free to install, making it an ideal choice for partner development stores and for businesses interested in exploring beta features and partnership opportunities.

Cost Analysis: Preorder Pro + Back in Stock vs. Downpay: Deposits made simple

From a cost perspective, whilst both apps include free plans, Preorder Pro provides greater specificity and options in the paid tiers with tiered pricing and more features. Downpay leverages a 'pay as you go' pricing model with wide-ranging flexibility. Insights indicate that for diverse business operations scales, Preorder Pro might provide better cost efficiency, but for businesses gravitating towards simple yet effective solutions, Downpay stands out.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Preorder Pro + Back in Stock good?

With an average rating of 4.5 stars from 64 users, Preorder Pro + Back in Stock stands as a reliable choice. Users seem to appreciate the customizable buttons, and the automated alerts system certainly contributes to the rating. Besides, the availability of Email Tech Support under all plans underscores the importance the development team places on customer support.

Is Downpay: Deposits made simple good

Downpay: Deposits made simple boasts an impressive average rating of 5 stars from 31 reviews. The variety in payment options and the integrations with Shopify add to its appeal. The premium support offering in the "pay as you go" plan assures effective customer service.

User Preference: Preorder Pro + Back in Stock or Downpay: Deposits made simple?

While Preorder Pro + Back in Stock has a higher number of reviews, Downpay: Deposits made simple sweeps the board with a perfect rating, suggesting it might be the preferred choice. The simpler pricing model and higher flexibility could likely contribute to this preference.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Preorder Pro + Back in Stock Integrations:

Although no specific software or tools are listed under Preorder Pro + Back in Stock's integrations, the features suggest seamless integration with the Shopify platform.

Downpay: Deposits made simple Integrations:

Downpay: Deposits made simple offers integrations with various Shopify features, including checkout, discounts, and bulk editor. This inclusion reassures users about compatibility and suggests a seamless shopping experience.


Both Preorder Pro + Back in Stock and Downpay: Deposits made simple offer unique and compelling features to effectively manage pre-orders. While the former caters to an in-depth approach appealing to businesses of various sizes, the latter promises simplicity and flexibility, especially resonating with stores offering customizable or made-to-order products. Notably, Downpay could improve by providing a more detailed pricing structure. Similarly, Preorder Pro can enhance its offering by ensuring more explicit integrations with other software. A final recommendation would depend on individual business needs and the type of products on offer. However, a blend of these apps’ unique features and affordable prices can ensure a smooth e-commerce shopping experience. Therefore, both present as reliable choices for managing pre-orders in your Shopify store.

Our Top Recommendations for Your Print-on-Demand Store

Hulk Form Builder by HulkApps

Looking for a versatile tool to enhance your Shopify store’s functionality? Hulk Form Builder is your ideal solution. This app is not just a form builder; it’s a gateway to better customer engagement and data collection, which can be ingeniously used for managing pre-orders. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Versatile Form Creation: Design both simple and complex forms, perfect for pre-order inquiries or custom requests.
  • Customization and Compatibility: Tailor forms to match your store’s aesthetic, ensuring seamless integration with the latest Shopify themes.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure a smooth experience for customers on any device.
  • Robust Support: Benefit from a team that’s ready to assist with setup and customization.
  • Global Accessibility: Available in multiple languages, making it suitable for a diverse range of customers.

With its high overall rating, Hulk Form Builder is more than just a form creation tool; it’s a multifaceted asset for any Shopify store. Ready to enhance your customer interaction? Explore Hulk Form Builder.

SC Back in Stock Restock Alert by Shop Circle

Maximize your sales potential with SC Back in Stock Restock Alert. This app is a powerful tool for keeping your customers informed and engaged, especially useful for managing pre-order demand. Here’s what makes it essential:

  • Automated Alerts: Notify customers when out-of-stock items are back, perfect for managing pre-order lists.
  • Multi-Channel Notifications: Utilize email, SMS, and push notifications to keep your customers updated.
  • Customizable Alerts: Tailor the notification style to fit your store’s branding.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to set up and integrate with your Shopify store.
  • Effective Customer Retention: Keep your customers coming back with timely restock alerts.

With a strong overall rating, SC Back in Stock Restock Alert is an invaluable tool for any Shopify store looking to improve customer retention and manage pre-orders effectively. Discover SC Back in Stock Restock Alert.

Both Hulk Form Builder and SC Back in Stock Restock Alert offer unique advantages for Shopify store owners. Whether you’re looking to create custom forms for pre-order inquiries or keep customers informed about product availability, these apps provide the solutions you need. Check them out to see which one aligns best with your business strategy!