Shopify Pre-order Apps: PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale vs PreVue: Pre Order Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale Work?
  3. How Does PreVue: Pre Order Products Work?
  4. How Much Does PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale cost?
  5. How much does PreVue: Pre Order Products cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale vs. PreVue: Pre Order Products
  7. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  8. Conclusion


The digital marketplace is an ever-evolving sphere with consumers constantly seeking instant gratification in their online shopping experience. As businesses grapple with these desires and supply chain variability, pre-order functionality has surfaced as a crucial technique in mitigating stock issues, smoothing product launches and capitalizing on consumer anticipation. High-grade pre-order apps are the key in executing this strategy effectively, enabling businesses to boost sales, manage customer expectations, and enhance their product launch plans. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of two top-notch pre-order apps available to Shopify store owners: PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale and PreVue: Pre Order Products.

How Does PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale Work?

Hailing from the desks of ImpactPixel, PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale is a premiere app designed to facilitate the convenient sale of out-of-stock and forthcoming items. So, how does it serve this purpose? Upon the customer's interaction with the "Pre-Order" button, they’re led to a regular order page, thereby capturing their interest even when the product is in the restocking phase. This ingenious solution turns the tables on potential losses incurred during out-of-stock periods and enables businesses to benefit from a surge of consumer anticipation for future products. The app’s functionality also extends to fully customizable pre-order messages, and pre-order label texts, making it flexible for businesses of all sizes to amalgamate the feature with their unique aesthetics and tone.

How Does PreVue: Pre Order Products Work?

Crafted by ZendApps, PreVue: Pre Order Products serves the same purpose but adopts a somewhat different approach. It ditches the old "Sold Out" button switches it up with a "Pre Order" button, letting customers proceed with their purchases despite the item's unavailability. All that's required is marking the intended products as "Pre-Order", and assigning them an anticipated stock quantity. The app’s standout feature, however, lies in its newly launched “Back in Stock” function, capable of automatically emailing customers once a product is replenished, thus encouraging a swift purchase.

How Much Does PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale cost?

Economically managing pre-orders is essential to maximize your profit margins. PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale is available with two dynamic pricing plans - BASIC and ADVANCE. The BASIC plan is free and entitles you to listing a single product with five variants, catering to an unlimited spectrum of visitors supported by 24/7 assistance. For a monthly fee of $6.70, the ADVANCE plan provides unlimited access to product listings, variant options, visitor handling, and order placements.

How much does PreVue: Pre Order Products cost?

For PreVue: Pre Order Products, a straight-forward pricing scheme is in place. The Premium Plan costs $5.49 monthly, and assures you of Pre-Order Limit Quantity, Pre-Order Line Item Label, Back In Stock Alerts, Pre-Order Label display on Products, and support for an unlimited number of products.

Cost Analysis: PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale vs. PreVue: Pre Order Products

In terms of cost, both apps cater to different use case scenarios based on user needs. If you are a startup or a small business with a limited range of products, the free BASIC plan from PIX may suit your needs. However, established businesses with expansive product lines may find the unlimited offerings under the ADVANCE plan more suitable. In contrast, PreVue: Pre Order Products’ pricing is more competitive for businesses that want a comprehensive solution with features like Back in Stock Alerts at a flat monthly fee.

Is PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale good?

With an average rating of 4.2 stars from 34 reviewers, PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale appears to have gained popularity with its userbase. This acceptance could potentially be attributed to the app's ability to seamlessly handle pre-orders for both out-of-stock and soon-to-be-launched products. Moreover, the availability of 24/7 Support certainly drives up its favorability.

Is PreVue: Pre Order Products good

The rating of 4.6 stars from 17 reviewers does shine a positive light on PreVue: Pre Order Products. Users have likely found value in its pre-order functionality, and the Back in Stock Alert feature appears to be a winner in facilitating heightened customer engagement.

User Preference: PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale or PreVue: Pre Order Products?

Both apps have proven beneficial to their userbase, as reflected in their respective star ratings. While both apps excel in the domain of user satisfaction, the choice between the two comes down to individual business needs and the specific combination of features they seek in a pre-order app.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale Integrations:

Store owners will appreciate the simplicity of PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale as it primarily focuses on its core functions, eliminating distractions from other tools or integrations.

PreVue: Pre Order Products Integrations:

Similar to PIX, PreVue: Pre Order Products doesn't involve any integrations. Instead, it banks on optimized performance and compatibility with Shopify itself.


Navigating the waters of online sales can be complex, but with the right strategy and tools, businesses can optimize their sales performance. Both PIX ‑ PreOrder Now & PreSale and PreVue: Pre Order Products are valuable additions to a merchant's toolkit. Though each comes with its own unique features and attributes, the decision to use one over the other would largely depend on specific business nuances and individual needs. Both present themselves as solutions that can streamline the execution of pre-order strategies, making customer-merchant interactions hassle-free, even in the absence of immediate stock. Choose wisely and remember, it's all about making the online shopping experience as seamless as possible for your customers.

Our Top Recommendations for Your Print-on-Demand Store

Hulk Form Builder by HulkApps

Looking for a versatile tool to enhance your Shopify store’s functionality? Hulk Form Builder is your ideal solution. This app is not just a form builder; it’s a gateway to better customer engagement and data collection, which can be ingeniously used for managing pre-orders. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Versatile Form Creation: Design both simple and complex forms, perfect for pre-order inquiries or custom requests.
  • Customization and Compatibility: Tailor forms to match your store’s aesthetic, ensuring seamless integration with the latest Shopify themes.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure a smooth experience for customers on any device.
  • Robust Support: Benefit from a team that’s ready to assist with setup and customization.
  • Global Accessibility: Available in multiple languages, making it suitable for a diverse range of customers.

With its high overall rating, Hulk Form Builder is more than just a form creation tool; it’s a multifaceted asset for any Shopify store. Ready to enhance your customer interaction? Explore Hulk Form Builder.

SC Back in Stock Restock Alert by Shop Circle

Maximize your sales potential with SC Back in Stock Restock Alert. This app is a powerful tool for keeping your customers informed and engaged, especially useful for managing pre-order demand. Here’s what makes it essential:

  • Automated Alerts: Notify customers when out-of-stock items are back, perfect for managing pre-order lists.
  • Multi-Channel Notifications: Utilize email, SMS, and push notifications to keep your customers updated.
  • Customizable Alerts: Tailor the notification style to fit your store’s branding.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to set up and integrate with your Shopify store.
  • Effective Customer Retention: Keep your customers coming back with timely restock alerts.

With a strong overall rating, SC Back in Stock Restock Alert is an invaluable tool for any Shopify store looking to improve customer retention and manage pre-orders effectively. Discover SC Back in Stock Restock Alert.

Both Hulk Form Builder and SC Back in Stock Restock Alert offer unique advantages for Shopify store owners. Whether you’re looking to create custom forms for pre-order inquiries or keep customers informed about product availability, these apps provide the solutions you need. Check them out to see which one aligns best with your business strategy!