Shopify Popups Apps: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups vs ProveSource Social Proof

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Work?
  3. How Does ProveSource Social Proof Work?
  4. How Much Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Cost?
  5. How much does ProveSource Social Proof cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups vs. ProveSource Social Proof
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that popup messages have a response rate of up to 60% when done right? Popups have become a vital tool in digital marketing, offering businesses the ability to convey critical messaging, encourage sales, and capture lead information. In the realm of ecommerce, popups serve as an effective bridge between customer indecision and action. We're diving into two potent Shopify apps in this spectrum: 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' and 'ProveSource Social Proof,' known for transforming visitor experiences and bolstering conversions seamlessly.

How Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Work?

Overview: 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' is designed to enrich the shopping experience by offering targeted promotions through aesthetically pleasing pop-ups. These pop-ups can be tailored with targeting rules, integrating with robust email service providers and offering the capability for A/B testing to optimize campaigns. The app shines in its ability to capture visitors' details and convert them into offers instantly - an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. Imagine a startup experiencing a surge in visitor engagement through targeted offers or a large enterprise streamlining its multiple marketing campaigns. The design-friendly editor makes creating pop-ups a breeze, contributing significantly to increased engagement rates and ultimately, more sales.

How Does ProveSource Social Proof Work?

Overview: 'ProveSource Social Proof' taps into the power of social influence by displaying notifications of recent orders and positive reviews. These notifications can be tailored in style, timing, and placement, making your store appear more trustworthy and bustling. What sets 'ProveSource Social Proof' apart is its knack for fostering urgency and trust through real-time displays of activities. Small businesses can exponentially amplify their perceived value by showing consumer interactions, while large retailers can utilize this tool to reinforce their reliability at scale. Its intuitive customizability ensures the social proofing aligns with the brand's ethos, driving conversions effectively.

How Much Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Cost?

When it comes to pricing, 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' introduces an attractive tiered system, starting with a robust Free plan for up to 5,000 monthly visitors. The 'Economy' plan is suitable for growing startups, priced at $9.99/month for up to 10,000 visitors. The 'First Class' plan, at $24.99/month, serves small to medium businesses with up to 15,000 visitors. Those at enterprise level can opt for the 'Private Jet' plan at $69.99/month for more than 15,000 visitors. Each tier includes full feature access, which means businesses can scale without worrying about missing out on essential functionalities. There's clarity in what you're paying for without hidden fees, making it a transparent choice for cost-conscious ventures.

How much does ProveSource Social Proof cost?

Similarly, 'ProveSource Social Proof' has a scalable pricing model. The 'Free Plan' caters to new businesses, supporting up to 1,000 visitors. For $29/month, the 'Starter Plan' presents itself as a valuable upgrade for small businesses, extending the reach to 20,000 monthly visitors without the ProveSource branding. Medium-sized businesses can benefit from the 'Growth Plan,' which for $54/month, scales up to 50,000 visitors, offering extensive customization with unlimited impressions and templates. Empowering your store with social proofing becomes an investment with clear returns, and the lack of ProveSource branding on the paid plans helps maintain a seamless brand experience for customers.

Cost Analysis: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups vs. ProveSource Social Proof

Both apps offer competitive price points, but 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' has the edge for businesses with higher traffic due to its 'Private Jet' plan. For businesses exploring social proofing 'ProveSource Social Proof' offers a nuanced advantage in the Starter and Growth plans, especially when it comes to removing branding. They both pose compelling case studies for cost efficiency depending on your business scale and specific needs.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is StoreYa pop ups, Email popups good?

Boasting a 4.8-star rating from 201 reviews, 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' appears to be highly regarded by its users. It's plausible that users value the seamless user interface, feature-rich plans, and the scalability options it provides. Effective customer support likely plays a role in maintaining high user satisfaction.

Is ProveSource Social Proof good?

'ProveSource Social Proof' commands a slightly higher 4.9 stars across 197 reviews. The app's focus on social proofing and real-time interaction display could be driving this favorable perception. Coupled with strong customer support, it's a powerful asset for stores aiming to substantiate their credibility.

User Preference: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups or ProveSource Social Proof?

While both apps are close in terms of ratings and reviews, 'ProveSource Social Proof' slightly edges out with a higher average rating. This slight preference could emanate from its innate ability to provide authentic social proof, which is crucial in today's market.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Integrations:

Key Integrations for 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' are notable, including Mailchimp and Klaviyo, facilitating easy sync with marketing efforts. The user-friendly interfaces ensure that integrating 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' is a smooth process that can lead to enhanced campaigns and analytics.

ProveSource Social Proof Integrations:

For 'ProveSource Social Proof,' the focus is on compatibility with review-centric platforms like Loox and social media tools like ActiveCampaign. Ease of integration ensures that businesses can showcase real-time data to assure potential customers.


Comparing 'StoreYa pop ups, Email popups' and 'ProveSource Social Proof' reveals that both apps have unique strengths that cater to different aspects of the shopper's journey. With favorable reviews and comprehensive integrations, these tools are poised to elevate the online shopping experience. Entrepreneurs might lean towards 'StoreYa' for its extensive campaign management, while those focused on social authenticity might find 'ProveSource' more effective. Each app has its spotlight; however, staying customer-focused and responsive to feedback is crucial for sustained success in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.

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