Shopify Popups Apps: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups vs Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Work?
  3. How Does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Work?
  4. How Much Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Cost?
  5. How much does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups vs. Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine visiting an online store and immediately being welcomed with an offer you can't resist. This is the power of effective popups; they can not only intrigue a potential customer but also nudge them further down the sales funnel. Popup apps on Shopify serve as invaluable assets, enhancing user experience and directing desired outcomes such as increased sales and secured compliance. The StoreYa pop ups, Email popups, and Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ apps epitomize these capabilities. They offer varied popup options, ensuring seamless integration and impactful user engagements.

How Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Work?

StoreYa pop ups and Email popups sit at the heart of customer engagement for e-commerce stores. This tool elevates marketing by showcasing timely, well-designed popups that extend offers, discounts, or incentives, capturing visitors' information for further lead nurturing. A key strength lies in its A/B testing functionality, which allows businesses to experiment with different promotions, gleaning real-time insights to refine their marketing strategies. For businesses of all sizes, from fledgling startups to established enterprises, the ability to create targeted campaigns and manage multiple popup strategies concurrently presents a competitive edge, ensuring unique user experiences that drive conversions.

How Does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Work?

In contrast, Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ serves a more regulatory role. It ensures that age-restricted products and content are responsibly displayed. This app provides a straightforward yet crucial function – verifying the age of the site visitors, ensuring legal compliance, and safeguarding against youth exposure to sensitive content. From a basic birthday verification to more advanced controls like country-specific targeting, Onlyage makes it simple to customize the verification process, instilling confidence not only in business owners but also in their adult clientele.

How Much Does StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Cost?

Cost-effectiveness remains a cornerstone of app evaluation for business owners. StoreYa varies its offering with four clear subscription tiers. The Free plan is a great starting point for new ventures, allowing up to 5,000 monthly visitors. Growth-oriented businesses might consider the Economy plan at $9.99/month, supporting up to 10,000 visitors. For an expanded reach, the First Class and Private Jet plans offer an enhanced visitor capacity for $24.99 and $69.99 per month, respectively. No additional costs or fees are hidden, ensuring a transparent pricing structure for businesses to plan their investment.

How much does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ cost?

Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ provides an economical approach to age verification. With 100 verifications available in its Free tier, it's an accessible option for sites with minimal age-restricted traffic. Its Basic and Pro tiers, priced modestly at $2.99 and $4.99 per month, cater to sites with higher traffic or those that need refined targeting and personalized backgrounds, without imposing additional costs.

Cost Analysis: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups vs. Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+

Comparing the pricing of StoreYa and Onlyage reveals a common agenda: to serve businesses at various stages. While StoreYa focuses on broadening the scope of interaction through its tiered visitor capacities, Onlyage provides essential compliance functionality at a cost that even the smallest of operations can accommodate. Neither app offers complex promotional structures, relying rather on the straightforward value of their services.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is StoreYa pop ups, Email popups good?

With an impressive rating of 4.8 from 201 reviews, StoreYa appears to deliver on its value proposition. Users have likely found the tailored popup campaigns and the analytical dashboard effective and supportive in scaling their marketing efforts. The extent to which the app allows for A/B testing and multiple campaign management might contribute to the high rating, showcasing its adaptability and in-depth feedback loop.

Is Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ good?

Mirroring its counterpart's 4.8-star rating but from a smaller pool of 103 reviews, Onlyage's approval indicates satisfaction among users who prioritize compliance and user-friendliness. The simplicity of its setup and the precision of its targeting could be pivotal reasons for the positive reception.

User Preference: StoreYa pop ups, Email popups or Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+?

The review counts and ratings intimate a slightly higher user preference for StoreYa, which could relate to its comprehensive feature set and its longer presence in the market since 2014, compared to Onlyage's recent launch in 2022. Nonetheless, the user base for an age verification tool might naturally be smaller, given its niche purpose.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

StoreYa pop ups, Email popups Integrations:

StoreYa boasts integrations with a suite of popular email service providers and marketing automation tools like Mailchimp, Aweber, and Klaviyo, ensuring a seamless workflow for customer acquisition and engagement. The ability to connect to Zapier further amplifies its integration potential, allowing for countless automated processes.

Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Integrations:

Onlyage details no specific integrations. Its primary function doesn't necessitate complex integrations, as its role is more focused on site access control rather than marketing or data collection processes.


StoreYa pop ups, Email popups excel in marketing versatility and tailored customer experiences, while Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ upholds a site's integrity and legal adherence. User sentiment leans positively towards both, with an emphasis on StoreYa's comprehensive features and Onlyage's straightforward functionality. When considering integrations, StoreYa emerges as the more flexible solution, making it well-suited for businesses aiming for wide-ranging marketing integrations. Both apps show a dedication to their core functionalities; however, businesses seeking an all-encompassing marketing toolkit may lean towards StoreYa, while those in need of a robust compliance tool will find Onlyage a perfect match.

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