Shopify Popups Apps: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards vs Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Work?
  3. How Does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Work?
  4. How Much Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Cost?
  5. How much does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards vs. Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the vast ocean of e-commerce, popups are like lighthouses—guiding and engaging customers amidst their shopping journey. Popup apps play a crucial role in enhancing customer experiences and boosting outcomes such as sales, customer retention, and overall engagement. Today, we dive into the capabilities of two distinguished popup apps on Shopify: "Smile: Loyalty & Rewards" and "Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy". Both apps offer a plethora of options to create dynamic interactive experiences, feature smooth integrations with other platforms, and are influential in elevating the customer experience.

How Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Work?

"Smile: Loyalty & Rewards" is designed to cultivate customer loyalty through a comprehensive rewards and referral system. The app excels in creating a variety of customizable popup options such as point accrual, referral incentives, and VIP programs. Businesses of all sizes can capitalize on Smile's features to enhance their customer loyalty strategies. By allowing customization and integration, the app crafts a tailored experience that resonates with the brand's identity. For instance, a startup can leverage the points program to incentivize purchases, while a large enterprise might find the segmentation and exports functionality crucial for targeted marketing efforts. Smile's benefits range from increased customer retention to enriched data analytics, shaping up a loyalty ecosystem that not only attracts customers but also nurtures long-term relationships.

How Does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Work?

Conversely, "Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy" leverages the power of social proof and urgency by displaying recent sales notifications. This app is singular in its offering, focusing on real-time engagement to prompt visitor action. With features like customizable color schemes and advanced statistics, businesses can enhance the look and feel of their notifications to align with their brand. For new startups, such transparency can quickly build trust, while established businesses might appreciate the subtle nudge that encourages impulse buying. The core benefit of Show Recent Orders lies in creating an atmosphere of popularity and demand, which persuasively leads to an uplift in conversion rates.

How Much Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Cost?

Efficient budgeting is crucial in optimizing e-commerce resources. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards provides a scalable suite of plans: 1. The "Free" plan, at no cost, offers foundational tools such as basic branding and an analytics overview—ideal for startups. 2. The "Starter" tier at $49/month introduces advanced branding and integrates with key marketing tools suited for expanding businesses. 3. At $199/month, the "Growth" plan includes a VIP program and points redemption at checkout, tailored for a well-established business, especially those on Shopify Plus. 4. The "Plus" plan, at $999/month, includes premium features like segmentation and API access—best fit for large-scale operations and multi-store owners.

How much does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy cost?

For "Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy", pricing is straightforward with a single "Professional" plan at $8.99/month. It includes unlimited impressions, customizable notifications, and advanced statistics. This competitively priced plan is tailored for businesses of all sizes seeking to instantly boost their sales through social proof.

Cost Analysis: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards vs. Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy

When comparing pricing, Smile offers a wider range of plans that can cater to businesses at various growth stages. In contrast, Show Recent Orders adopts a one-size-fits-all model that could be more appealing to businesses looking for a cost-effective, specific solution. Neither app lists additional hidden costs, making budgeting transparent and predictable for users.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Smile: Loyalty & Rewards good?

With a lofty rating of 4.8 stars from a vast number of users, Smile: Loyalty & Rewards stands as a testament to its efficacy and user satisfaction. Customers likely appreciate the customizable and integrative nature of the loyalty program that Smile offers, which is reflective in their high rating.

Is Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy good?

Matching the high rating of its competitor, Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy also boasts 4.8 stars but from a smaller reviewer base. This suggests a consistent quality of service and functionality that users can expect, particularly in creating an impression of an active storefront.

User Preference: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards or Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy?

While both apps enjoy high ratings, Smile's larger review base might indicate wider usage and satisfaction amongst Shopify store owners. This could be due to the extensive nature of loyalty programs in cultivating long-term customer relationships compared to the more immediate impact of recent sales notifications.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Integrations:

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards boasts a robust range of integrations, including popular services like Shopify POS and Klaviyo, which bolsters its utility by syncing with email marketing, customer service, and reviews platforms. The integrations are designed to streamline processes and enhance the loyalty program efficacy, further driving customer satisfaction.

Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Integrations:

Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy, while more streamlined in its offering, integrates with Langify, facilitating language translation and thus potentially opening up a broader market for the users who adopt it.


Upon revisiting the capabilities of both Smile: Loyalty & Rewards and Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy, it's clear that each app has distinct strengths tailored to specific business needs. Smile offers a comprehensive loyalty solution with features scalable to any business size, while Show Recent Orders excels in simplicity and instant sales boost. User reviews indicate high satisfaction for both, with Smile's breadth of feedback suggesting a potentially wider-reaching impact. The integration comparison highlights Smile's extensive compatibility, whereas Show Recent Orders is simpler but effective. For businesses seeking an extensive loyalty program, Smile is unparalleled, while those looking to create urgency and social proof may find Show Recent Orders ideally suited for the purpose. Both apps are competent in transforming customer experiences, with the final choice deeply rooted in the individual goals and strategies of a Shopify store.

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