Shopify Popups Apps: SmartPopup: Promotion Popup vs. SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does SmartPopup: Promotion Popup Work?
  3. How Does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup Work?
  4. How Much Does SmartPopup: Promotion Popup Cost?
  5. How much does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: SmartPopup: Promotion Popup vs. SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Studies reveal that well-crafted popups can increase conversion rates by a significant margin when used strategically. In the realm of e-commerce, popups serve as powerful tools that can nudge customer behavior, often driving them to take action, thus enhancing user engagement and sales outcomes. Two standout popup solutions for Shopify store owners are SmartPopup: Promotion Popup and SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup. These apps provide a multitude of options to create dynamic and effective popups, with seamless integration capabilities that streamline user experience and potentially impact a store's commercial success.

How Does SmartPopup: Promotion Popup Work?

SmartPopup: Promotion Popup, developed by Squirai Technology Ltd., presents an extensive range of popup types, from newsletters to countdown timers, among others. It targets increased customer engagement through its customizable features that enable store owners to display offers when customers visit or are about to leave the store. This app is not only user-friendly but also offers customization tailored to target customers based on their interactions, enhancing the promotion campaign's effectiveness. For example, businesses can utilize SmartPopup to target customers with specific products in their carts, a clever tactic to upsell or cross-sell. Such features are advantageous to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to broaden their marketing approach and fortify their sales strategies.

How Does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup Work?

SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup by NexusMedia OÜ, equips stores with the ability to display real-time sales notifications, crafting an atmosphere of urgency and lending social proof to products. This cost-effective tool encourages customers to make quicker decisions by noting how others are making purchases. With features that support manual sales notifications, store owners are empowered to cross-sell products, promote discounts, and even inform customers about free shipping options. These functionalities cater to the psychology of the buyer, encouraging them to take immediate action, which can widely benefit medium-sized businesses aiming for an increase in impulse purchases.

How Much Does SmartPopup: Promotion Popup Cost?

SmartPopup has not listed specific pricing tiers, indicating potential flexibility and the possibility for bespoke solutions. This could be an advantage for businesses looking for a popup solution that can be tailored to their financial and operational needs. However, the lack of transparent pricing could also be a limitation for potential users who prefer upfront cost information.

How much does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup cost?

SalesPush offers a straightforward Pro Plan priced at $9.99/month, which provides unlimited sales popup notifications, creating an ongoing sense of urgency for store visitors. This plan is well-suited for growing businesses that require scalability in their marketing tools without worrying about increasing costs with growth. The absence of additional costs or fees makes financial planning clear and predictable for users.

Cost Analysis: SmartPopup: Promotion Popup vs. SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup

Comparing the two apps in terms of cost is challenging due to the absence of listed pricing for SmartPopup. However, SalesPush's straight forward, flat-fee pricing model is attractive for businesses seeking transparent and predictable monthly expenses. While SmartPopup's approach may allow for customization in pricing, it can also be seen as a double-edged sword depending on a company's budgetary constraints and preference for clear pricing structures.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is SmartPopup: Promotion Popup good?

SmartPopup has garnered a reputable average rating of 4.7 stars from 692 reviews, suggesting strong user satisfaction. Customers likely value the app's extensive customization options and its ability to target specific customer segments effectively. Given the high rating, it is plausible that users experience favorable support and functionality that meet their popup needs.

Is SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup good?

With an average rating of 4.8 stars from 181 reviews, SalesPush seems to resonate well with its user base. Users may appreciate the simplicity of its pricing and the impact of its real-time sales notifications on conversion rates. The slightly higher rating compared to SmartPopup, albeit from fewer reviews, indicates a positive user experience and potential effectiveness in providing essential popup functions.

User Preference: SmartPopup: Promotion Popup or SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup?

The preference between SmartPopup and SalesPush may hinge on the number of reviews and ratings, with SmartPopup having a larger user base but SalesPush achieving a marginally higher average rating. Preferences may be influenced by SmartPopup's wide range of features and targeting capabilities, while SalesPush attracts those looking for simplicity and clear, immediate value-adds.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

SmartPopup: Promotion Popup Integrations:

SmartPopup boasts integrations with key Shopify functionalities like free gifts, product labels, store pickup, and more, enhancing the user experience by connecting various aspects of an e-commerce operation. This seamless integration is likely to be a solid advantage for store owners looking to implement a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy.

SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup Integrations:

SalesPush does not list specific integrations, which may suggest a more standalone approach. However, the lack of integration details does not necessarily detract from its utility if its core functionalities align with a store's objective of creating urgency and social proof effectively.


Both SmartPopup: Promotion Popup and SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup stand out in their ways, offering a range of functionalities suitable for increasing engagement and conversion rates on Shopify stores. User reviews generally reflect a positive sentiment towards both apps. Strengths & Weaknesses: SmartPopup shines with its customizable options and targeted approach, catering to businesses that desire a sophisticated popup strategy. However, the lack of transparent pricing could be seen as a downfall for some. Conversely, SalesPush's strength lies in its simplicity and straightforward cost structure, allowing for easy budgeting, but it may lack the deeper integration capabilities that SmartPopup offers. Recommendations: For businesses in need of extensive customization and targeting, SmartPopup may be the more suitable option. On the other hand, SalesPush could be ideal for stores prioritizing ease of use, clear costing, and creating a sense of urgency amongst customers. Both apps provide significant value, but the final choice will rest on the specific needs and preferences of the Shopify store owner.

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