Shopify Popups Apps: Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell vs RT: Background Music Player

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell Work?
  3. How Does RT: Background Music Player Work?
  4. How Much Does Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell Cost?
  5. How much does RT: Background Music Player cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell vs. RT: Background Music Player
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With online retail becoming an increasingly competitive space, the right app can be the difference between a sale and a bounce. Popups have evolved from pesky interruptions to sophisticated tools that can significantly enhance user experience and contribute to a store's conversion rates. In the spotlight today are two innovative Shopify apps: Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell and RT: Background Music Player. Each provides store owners with distinct ways to optimize their customer's shopping experience, encouraging engagement, and potentially boosting sales.

How Does Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell Work?

Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell spices up the rather mundane process of reviewing shopping carts. It capitalizes on the moment customers check their carts by offering a variety of customizable incentives designed to increase average order values. For instance, as customers add items to their cart, they may encounter prompts for free gifts or enticements to unlock specialized discounts. Larger businesses will appreciate the end-to-end customization that aligns with their brand, while startups can leverage the rewards module to foster customer loyalty early on. Imagine a scenario where a customer is on the cusp of receiving free shipping; an adeptly timed popup might just tip them over the edge, increasing both their purchase and satisfaction.

How Does RT: Background Music Player Work?

RT: Background Music Player offers a completely different approach to enhancing user experience on Shopify stores. This app allows for the seamless integration of background music, setting a mood and potentially improving time spent on site. It couldn't be more straightforward—an uploaded audio file begins to play as visitors navigate the store. This feature is universally beneficial for businesses of all sizes; it's as applicable in a boutique craft store as it is in a high-volume electronics marketplace. This can fundamentally transform the feel of a digital space, maintaining brand consistency or, for example, evoking seasonal vibes via a Christmas jingle during the festive period.

How Much Does Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell Cost?

With pricing tiers scaling from free for partner stores to $59.99/month for the advanced Shopify plan, Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell helps businesses optimize their popups without breaking the bank. The most comprehensive plan supports robust customization options and even includes 24/7 support, an invaluable asset for businesses that operate beyond standard hours. Limitations are few but notable, such as the absence of 24/7 support in the basic plans, which could affect smaller enterprises.

How much does RT: Background Music Player cost?

At the moment, RT: Background Music Player does not specify pricing information, which may indicate either a free service or customized pricing plans based on individual business needs. This could translate into either an attractive cost-saving option or tailored solutions that match unique business requirements.

Cost Analysis: Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell vs. RT: Background Music Player

Without explicit pricing for RT: Background Music Player, we can't conduct a direct cost comparison. However, Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell offers a transparent and structured pricing model that caters to businesses of varying sizes and needs, with the benefits changing correspondingly across its tiers.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell good?

With a favorable 4.5-star rating from 217 reviews, Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell is evidently well-received by its user base. Business owners likely value its deep customization capabilities and the ease with which it can implement upselling strategies. Praise might be particularly tied to the cart's aesthetic improvements and its direct impact on user experience.

Is RT: Background Music Player good?

RT: Background Music Player boasts a higher average rating of 4.8 stars from 104 reviews, suggesting a high level of satisfaction among users who may appreciate the app's simplicity and efficacy. The ability to create an auditory brand signature seems to resonate well within the Shopify community.

User Preference: Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell or RT: Background Music Player?

Considering the reviews, Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell has more feedback, which suggests a larger user base and potentially more robust data on its performance. However, RT: Background Music Player's slightly higher rating could point toward a very satisfied, albeit smaller, group of users. The preference seems split, with businesses likely choosing based on whether they value audible user experience enhancements or dynamic cart upselling features more.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell Integrations:

This app boasts integrations with notable third-party tools like PageFly and Klaviyo, extending its functionality and offering a more cohesive user experience that's likely to be an asset for businesses leveraging these platforms.

RT: Background Music Player Integrations:

The integration capabilities of RT: Background Music Player were not listed, which can mean one of two things—it's designed to be a standalone feature that does not require additional integration, or it may simply be an area where the app does not come as strong as others.


Comparing Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell with RT: Background Music Player, we see two robust solutions for improving a customer’s shopping experience. Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell brings a potent combination of customization and engaged selling, while RT: Background Music Player utilizes the sensory appeal of music to enhance brand identity and customer stay time. From user reviews, both apps demonstrate strong customer satisfaction, but businesses must consider their unique needs to choose the right option. For those interested in amplifying their sales through interactive popups, Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell emerges as a feature-rich choice. Meanwhile, businesses seeking to create an immersive shopping environment might prefer the effortless ambiance provided by RT: Background Music Player. Whichever path is chosen, both apps have cemented their value in creating compelling Shopify experiences.

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Pricing Structure

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Merchant Feedback

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