Shopify Popups Apps: Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy vs Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Work?
  3. How Does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Work?
  4. How Much Does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Cost?
  5. How much does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy vs. Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that well-implemented popups can increase conversion rates by an average of about 3.09%? Popups play a pivotal role in enhancing user experiences and boosting business outcomes. In the dynamic world of e-commerce, apps like Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy and Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ tailor these pop-up experiences to specific needs, integrating seamlessly with online stores to enrich the shopping journey.

How Does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Work?

Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy capitalizes on the power of social proof to lend urgency to customer purchases. By displaying recent sales notifications, it plants the idea that others are buying, thereby encouraging site visitors to follow suit. Features such as custom color schemes, notifications, and advanced statistics cater to businesses of all sizes by allowing for customization aligned with brand identity. A unique touch is the "Roundups" feature that could help larger enterprises streamline sales notifications. For example, a startup could use these real-time sales updates to showcase its burgeoning customer base, enhancing credibility.

How Does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Work?

Onlyage caters to businesses with an audience of a certain age threshold, reinforcing compliance and accountability. From cookie control for returning visitors to location-based customization, this app enhances user experience while respecting legal boundaries. A larger enterprise could utilize the Pro plan's depth in features like specific country targeting and custom backgrounds, ensuring it aligns with a global brand image and legal requirements in different regions.

How Much Does Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Cost?

Cost factors heavily into the selection of any app. Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy offers one all-encompassing Professional plan at $8.99/month, including unlimited impressions and all features without additional fees, which could be ideal for businesses at any scale looking for a full suite without the worry of tiered pricing.

How much does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ cost?

Onlyage spans from a Free plan capped at 100 verifications to Basic and Pro plans priced at $2.99/month and $4.99/month, respectively. Each paid tier expands the utility of the app, allowing growing businesses to find a plan that matches their needs without overcommitting resources.

Cost Analysis: Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy vs. Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+

While Show Recent Orders opts for a simple one-plan approach, Onlyage provides a scalable tiered pricing model. Neither app offers a free trial according to the data provided, but the Free tier of Onlyage presents a no-cost entry point for very small or testing businesses.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy good?

Boasting a 4.8-star rating from 206 reviews, businesses likely appreciate Show Recent Orders for its feature-rich, simple implementation that effectively conveys a bustling store. The app's support of multiple languages through Langify may also suggest an appreciation for its international usability.

Is Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ good?

Similarly, with a 4.8-star score across 103 reviews, users seem to value Onlyage's straightforward age verification features, which are vital for legally sensitive businesses. Thoughtful elements, such as birthday verification and live chat support, underscore its focus on responsible retailing.

User Preference: Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy or Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+?

Both apps have strong ratings, but Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy has a larger number of reviews, potentially indicating a broader user base or longer-standing customer satisfaction. User preference may hinge on business needs—reliable social proof popups or stringent age verification popups.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy Integrations:

With Langify as a known integration, Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy ensures non-English speaking users can benefit from its features. Additional integrations were not mentioned, but the existence of at least one hints at potential for growth in this area.

Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Integrations:

Onlyage keeps its focus tight with no specified integrations. This focus hints at a plug-and-play mindset, simplifying the merchant's experience but perhaps limiting extended functionality.


The primary functions of Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy and Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ serve distinctive purposes within Shopify popups—enhancing social proof for sales versus ensuring compliance with age restrictions. User reviews reveal confidence in both, but the larger number for Urgenzy may suggest a wider adoption. Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths for Show Recent Orders | Urgenzy include its comprehensive single-plan pricing and ease of creating a vibrant store atmosphere. Its weakness lies in limited transparency regarding integrations. Onlyage's strength is its specific utility for age-restricted items, and the weaknesses are the potentially limited features on lower-tier plans and lack of integration options. Recommendations: For stores requiring robust, all-around popup functionality and social proof, Show Recent Orders is compelling. In contrast, Onlyage is the clear choice for businesses that need a specialized tool for age verification. Each app offers a valuable service tailored for different business needs within the Shopify ecosystem.

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