Shopify Popups Apps: ProveSource Social Proof vs S: Contact Form Builder

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does ProveSource Social Proof Work?
  3. How Does S: Contact Form Builder Work?
  4. How Much Does ProveSource Social Proof Cost?
  5. How much does S: Contact Form Builder cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: ProveSource Social Proof vs. S: Contact Form Builder
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine visiting a lively market - stalls bustling with activity, each purchase an exciting event. This atmosphere of vibrancy can be vital for businesses, boosting customer confidence and triggering more sales. In the digital marketplace, popups serve as this dynamic element, simulating the energizing effect of a busy store. They are key to enhancing user experience and augmenting engagements. Enter the ProveSource Social Proof and S: Contact Form Builder apps, both offering diverse popup functionalities. They are designed to seamlessly meld with various platforms, creating an interactive environment that can escalate conversion rates and enrich customer interaction.

How Does ProveSource Social Proof Work?

ProveSource Social Proof sprinkles a dash of social validation across your online store, capitalizing on the tendency of shoppers to follow the actions of their peers. The app flaunts a plethora of features such as showcasing recent orders, positive reviews, and the number of active visitors. What differentiates it is its arsenal of customization options that suit businesses of any size. Startups, SMBs, and corporations can tailor the popup style, adjust timing, and target specific pages, and it's not just aesthetics - it’s the psychology of urgency and trust that ProveSource taps into, enhancing the storefront's appeal and persuading customers to act swiftly.

How Does S: Contact Form Builder Work?

S: Contact Form Builder focuses on your site's communicative aspects, introducing an easy, professional way for customers to initiate a dialogue. Its strength lies in the creation of various forms: contact, survey, or subscription. Each can be tailored with unlimited fields, supporting features like conditional logic and multi-step processes, beneficial for enterprises requiring detail-oriented customer interactions. The capability for auto-responses and email service integrations posit S: Contact Form Builder as a tool for seamless customer relationship management, from startups to large-scale operations.

How Much Does ProveSource Social Proof Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is paramount for businesses exploring popup solutions. ProveSource Social Proof offers a Free Plan, perfect for new ventures keen on enhancing their site without upfront costs. The Starter Plan at $29/month caters to growing businesses with up to 20k monthly visitors, featuring removable branding. Established stores opting for the Growth Plan at $54/month benefit from an expanded visitor capacity of 50k without worries of additional fees. With each tier offering all features, it’s clear ProveSource is geared towards scalability.

How much does S: Contact Form Builder cost?

Similarly, S: Contact Form Builder presents budget-friendly choices. Not a penny is needed to employ the FREE tier, making it a risk-free solution for nascent businesses. With just $2.99/month, the STARTUP tier introduces advanced form features, amplifying the interactive capacity. The PRO plan, at $4.99/month, extends this further. For limitless ambitions, the UNLIMITED option at $9.99/month opens up endless possibilities for firms with extensive customer interaction needs, with minimal financial weight.

Cost Analysis: ProveSource Social Proof vs. S: Contact Form Builder

A juxtaposition of the costs reveals distinct philosophies. ProveSource’s free tier emphasizes brand exposure, while its premium tiers lean towards comprehensive feature access. In contrast, S: Contact Form Builder scales up form functionality with each incremental price rise. Both offer trial periods, with S: Contact Form Builder's affordable rates appealing to the budget-conscious business, whereas ProveSource's upper tiers might resonate more with high-traffic sites prioritizing social proof.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is ProveSource Social Proof good?

The stellar 4.9-star rating based on 197 reviews suggests ProveSource Social Proof excels in its provision of social proof popups. One might infer that users cherish its diverse functionality and the ease with which it fosters shopper confidence.

Is S: Contact Form Builder good?

On the other flank, S: Contact Form Builder garners a commendable 4.7 stars from 152 reviews. The slightly lower score in no way belies its quality; the emphasis could simply reflect preferences for a streamlined communication tool over broader social engagement elements.

User Preference: ProveSource Social Proof or S: Contact Form Builder?

Given ProveSource's marginally higher rating and more reviews, it might edge out as the favored option, perhaps due to its direct impact on the purchasing process. Nonetheless, the user's individual emphasis - interaction versus conversion - will ultimately guide their choice.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

ProveSource Social Proof Integrations:

ProveSource boasts a suite of integrations including but not limited to marketing platforms like Klaviyo and engagement tools like Trust. Its integration process is noted for being straightforward and carries the potential to amplify existing marketing efforts.

S: Contact Form Builder Integrations:

Conversely, S: Contact Form Builder integrates with a number or CRM systems and email services like Mailchimp. This eases the assimilation of customer data into existing workflows, enhancing the app's utility.


While ProveSource Social Proof stands out with its social proof prowess, S: Contact Form Builder commands respect with its comprehensive contact form solutions. Feedback converges on the effectiveness of each in their respective domains: ProveSource in encouraging purchases, and S: Contact Form Builder in fostering communication. Strengths & Weaknesses: ProveSource Social Proof’s strengths lie in its ability to create an active storefront ambiance, whereas it could benefit from enhanced multilingual support. On the other hand, S: Contact Form Builder shines with its form-building flexibility but could improve with a wider array of design customizations. Recommendations: Deciding on an app depends on your business's core needs. If building instant trust and demonstrating vibrancy is key, ProveSource may be more apt. For those prioritizing structured communication with customers, S: Contact Form Builder could be the go-to. Both excel in their niches; the best fit is one that aligns closely with your strategic goals.

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