Shopify Popups Apps: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners vs Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Work?
  3. How Does Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups Work?
  4. How Much Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Cost?
  5. How much does Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners vs. Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that, on average, popup forms offer a 3.09% conversion rate? With potential variations based on their configuration and placement, these popups are invaluable tools for enhancing user engagement and driving sales conversions. In the bustling world of e-commerce, popup apps are the unsung heroes in capturing user attention and converting that into tangible outcomes. Let's zoom in on two noteworthy contenders: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners, and Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups. Both platforms excel at captivating your visitors with well-timed and convincing popup messages, integrating seamlessly with existing platforms to enhance the online shopping experience profoundly.

How Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Work?

Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners takes the standard approach of deploying popups and banners to a whole new level. Launched on February 22, 2021, this app has quickly amassed an impressive number of 5288 reviews, boasting a stellar rating of 4.9 stars. It supports both English and Spanish, broadening its accessibility. What sets Pop Convert apart is its comprehensive suite of features. Smart Bars present crucial information persistently, while its customizable pop ups capture leads and communicate offers or messages effectively. These utilities are pivotal for businesses of every scale, from fledgling startups to sprawling enterprises. With its Drag n' Drop editor, creating visually appealing widgets that resonate with your brand becomes straightforward, thereby enhancing visitor engagement and sales conversions. Consider a startup aiming to amplify its email subscriber count. With Smart Bars, they can display a persuasive call-to-action without overwhelming the user, significantly optimizing conversions.

How Does Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups Work?

Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups, which hit the market on February 25, 2020, also carries a 4.9-star rating from 270 reviews. It resonates with an audience that appreciates a touch of gamification – discount wheel popups and gift game pop-ups add an element of fun and engagement that traditional popups often lack. Features like exit-intent technology, countdown timers, and email sync capacitate Tada to diminish cart abandonment rates and promote sales. The app appeals particularly to those with a flair for vibrant, interactive marketing tactics which can be a breath of fresh air, especially for small to medium-sized businesses aiming to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. Imagine a growing online store that harnesses Tada's gamified popups. The sense of urgency created by the countdown timers can nudge customers toward that final purchasing decision, effectively boosting conversions.

How Much Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Cost?

Pop Convert presents a streamlined proposition since its pricing information and tiers were not provided. This could suggest a simple, accessible approach, potentially offering a universal set of features at no cost or via customized pricing. For the cost-conscious entrepreneur or a business evaluating the tool, the lack of complex pricing structures might imply ease of adoption and potentially greater cost transparency.

How much does Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups cost?

Tada, meanwhile, delineates four distinct pricing tiers. The 'Basic' plan starts free of charge, providing a taste of the app's capabilities with a limit of 500 impressions per month. Pricing scales from there, with the 'Starter' plan at $5.99/month, 'Premium' at $7.99/month, leading up to the 'Business' plan at $19.99/month, catering to larger traffic volumes and offering additional support. Such graduated pricing allows businesses to scale their investment with their evolving needs.

Cost Analysis: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners vs. Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups

Conducting a direct cost comparison is challenging given the limited pricing data for Pop Convert. Nonetheless, Tada's tiered pricing structure does provide businesses with the flexibility to scale services in alignment with their growth. Tada's varying levels also ensure that a business only pays for what it needs, an economically favorable proposition.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners good?

Pop Convert's cumulative rating is telling of its efficacy and user satisfaction. Given the voluminous positive feedback, it's likely that users appreciate the app's user-friendly interface, diverse popup options, and customization ability. Though direct comments on customer support were not made available, the high rating suggests that users might be experiencing adequate or possibly commendable support.

Is Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups good?

Tada mirrors Pop Convert in user satisfaction, also securing a 4.9-star rating. Its lower number of reviews could hint at a more niche but equally enthusiastic user base. The app's fun, engaging popup games appear to resonate highly with its users. The range of integrations with email marketing services and customer relationship management tools underscores the efficacy of its customer support team.

User Preference: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners or Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups?

When it comes to popularity, the sheer number of reviews suggests Pop Convert might have the edge. However, the high ratings for both apps highlight that they serve their users well in their respective niches – with Pop Convert potentially appealing to a broader audience due to language support, and Tada capturing those seeking interactive engagement strategies.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Integrations:

While Pop Convert does not list specific integrations, the description promises the ability to add webhooks – a flexible feature that can open doors to various integrations if technically maneuvered.

Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups Integrations:

Tada features direct integrations with popular tools such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo, while also providing connections with Omnisend, Hubspot, and others through Zapier. These integrations enhance its appeal, allowing users to seamlessly merge popup activities with their broader marketing campaigns.


Recapping our popup app feat, Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners excels in providing a versatile and customizable experience, while Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups brings gamification into the mix to capture customers' attention and foster loyalty. User reviews lean in favor of Pop Convert due to its substantial following, but Tada's specialized approach has its merits, especially among niche audiences seeking interactive and novel ways to engage customers. Each app brings a unique set of strengths to the table: Pop Convert's adaptability and Tada's engaging popups. Regarding weaknesses, these are less about deficiencies and more about fit – unless you require the specific features one offers, the other might be preferable. In deciding which to recommend, it boils down to your business’s size, linguistic needs, and marketing strategy. If your foremost goal is straightforward popup functionality with potential for broader reach, Pop Convert might be your go-to. Conversely, if your focus is on creating memorable shopping experiences through gamification, Tada could be a game-changer for you. As with any app, it's essential to match your specific needs to the app's offerings. Both boast high user satisfaction, suggesting that either could provide significant value in the world of Shopify popups.

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