Shopify Popups Apps: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners vs SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Work?
  3. How Does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup Work?
  4. How Much Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Cost?
  5. How much does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners vs. SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With over 1.7 billion websites on the internet competing for attention, businesses must utilize creative strategies to engage visitors. Popups, when used judiciously, serve as a formidable tool in generating user engagement and boosting conversions. Within the Shopify ecosystem, popup apps have emerged as a critical component in enhancing customer experiences and driving sales. Two notable contenders in this domain are Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups & Banners and SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup. These applications are designed to seamlessly integrate with Shopify platforms, providing store owners with a diverse array of options to captivate audiences and improve performance metrics.

How Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Work?

Pop Convert by CartKit aims to transform your website's traffic into a robust subscriber base. Allowing for the deployment of popups, banners, and smart bars, this app caters to businesses of all sizes that are looking to increase sales and streamline communications with customers. Here's how: - **Smart Bars**: This feature maintains visibility for essential information, fitting seamlessly into your store's existing design. - **Pop Ups**: Whether it's for capturing leads, announcing promotions, or conveying messages, Pop Convert provides dynamic pop-ups that spur action. - **Custom Campaigns**: Drive targeted traffic to specific URLs by creating strategic campaigns that align with your marketing goals. - **Customizable Styles**: Tailor the appearance of your popups and banners to echo your brand, enhancing familiarity and trust. - **User-Friendly Editor**: A drag-and-drop interface simplifies widget creation, allowing for personalized combinations that cater to your market. Each feature is crafted to scale with a business's growth, making Pop Convert a versatile tool for startups and established enterprises alike.

How Does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup Work?

NexusMedia OÜ's SalesPush employs the psychological principles of urgency and social proof through popup notifications that showcase recent sales. This approach is designed to motivate potential customers to complete purchases by demonstrating the popularity and limited availability of products. The app includes: - **Real-Time Sales Notifications**: Displaying the recent purchases in pop-ups instills confidence in shoppers and highlights the desirability of your products. - **Manual Popups**: These can be tailored to cross-sell products, promote coupons, or offer incentives like free shipping. - **Custom Alerts**: Personalize notifications to include special offers, elevating the likelihood of conversions. Readily adaptable to varying business models, SalesPush aids startups in establishing trust, while allowing larger companies to maintain a sense of momentum in sales.

How Much Does Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Cost?

Cost considerations are paramount for businesses seeking popup solutions, but unfortunately, specific pricing information for Pop Convert isn't provided. However, its value can be assessed by the breadth of its features and capabilities. Given its 4.9-star rating and strong review base, Pop Convert appears to be a well-regarded, potentially cost-effective option for businesses intent on growing their online presence.

How much does SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup cost?

SalesPush provides a single identifiable pricing tier: Pro at $9.99/month. This plan offers unlimited sales popups, designed to cater to businesses that require a robust popup system to create urgency among customers. Although detailed pricing tiers aren't available for SalesPush as well, this plan's flat rate may suit emerging businesses looking for a predictable monthly expense.

Cost Analysis: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners vs. SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup

A direct cost comparison is challenging without specific pricing details for Pop Convert. However, SalesPush's straightforward pricing model at $9.99 monthly indicates an accessible entry point for businesses. The true cost efficiency can only be judged against a business's specific needs and how well each app fulfills those requirements.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Good?

The impressive 5288 reviews averaging 4.9 stars suggest that users highly value Pop Convert's comprehensive suite of popup tools. Customer support tends to be a determining factor in user satisfaction, and the high rating may reflect a positive support experience, though no specific mention is made in the app's description.

Is SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup Good?

With a respectable 4.8-star rating across 181 reviews, SalesPush also receives positive endorsement from its user base. These figures could indicate a well-received balance of functionality and simplicity, alongside reliable support, provided by NexusMedia OÜ.

User Preference: Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners or SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup?

The higher number of reviews for Pop Convert may imply a wider user preference, which could be attributed to its broader range of customization options or market presence since its launch. SalesPush's slightly lower rating does not detract from its effectiveness but suggests Pop Convert might hold a slight edge in user satisfaction.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners Integrations:

Pop Convert's integration capabilities are not specified, but its high user satisfaction implies an ease of integration with Shopify stores. The customizable nature of its offerings is beneficial for users looking for a native aesthetic and functional harmony with existing systems.

SalesPush ‑ Sales Popup Integrations:

As with Pop Convert, SalesPush does not list specific software integrations but is built to work seamlessly within the Shopify platform, leveraging sales data to provide impactful notifications for users' storefronts.


Both Pop Convert and SalesPush offer compelling popup solutions tailored to enhance Shopify experiences. User reviews reflect confidence in these apps, and they each present strengths in customization and simplicity, respectively. While Pop Convert brings an array of tailored options to the table, SalesPush focuses on ease of implementation and real-time engagement. Recommendations would depend on the nature of the businesses in question: Pop Convert appears more suitable for those seeking a rich set of customizable tools, while SalesPush may be favored for its straightforward approach to creating urgency and social proof. Ultimately, both apps provide valuable services to the Shopify ecosystem, and the choice between them would depend on specific business requirements and personal preference.

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Merchant Feedback:

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