Shopify Page Enhancements - Other Apps: Trust Badges Bear vs Recomatic Related Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Trust Badges Bear Work?
  3. How Does Recomatic Related Products Work?
  4. How Much Does Trust Badges Bear Cost?
  5. How Much Does Recomatic Related Products Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Trust Badges Bear vs. Recomatic Related Products
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that an additional second in web page response time can reduce conversions by 7%? In the digital realm, where attention spans are short, the significance of optimized web pages cannot be overstated. Shopify Page enhancement apps play a pivotal role in bolstering user experience, optimizing page performance, and, consequently, enhancing conversion rates. Two prominent apps in this domain are Trust Badges Bear and Recomatic Related Products. Both applications strive to enrich the Shopify experience in unique ways: Trust Badges Bear focuses on instilling customer confidence through trust badges, while Recomatic Related Products aims to streamline customer navigation with smart product recommendations.

How Does Trust Badges Bear Work?

Trust Badges Bear is an app designed to elevate the trustworthiness of a Shopify store. It offers more than 300 badge options, enabling store owners to reassure their customers of site security and trustworthy payment options. These badges can be easily customized in terms of message, colors, alignment, and size, allowing seamless integration with the store's design. For businesses of any size, the utility of Trust Badges Bear lies in its ability to instill confidence at a glance. Whether a startup or a large enterprise, displaying security badges can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates. Its detailed styling options and fast load times exemplify a tangible improvement in both aesthetics and functionality. Imagine, for example, a high-traffic event like Black Friday. With Trust Badges Bear, a small business owner can quickly add payment badges to the cart page to reinforce security, potentially boosting sales during peak shopping hours.

How Does Recomatic Related Products Work?

Recomatic Related Products takes a data-driven approach to improve customer experience by displaying smart, related product suggestions. By analyzing sales data and various attributes, it offers recommendations that are likely to appeal to customers, thereby improving navigation and boosting sales. The application adapts to match the store’s theme and allows detailed tracking of conversions to gauge its impact. For businesses aiming to enhance shopper engagement and cross-selling opportunities, Recomatic’s capability to fine-tune suggestions can be invaluable. Consider a mid-size fashion retailer: Recomatic Related Products can dynamically showcase accessories that complement a shopper’s current selection, thereby creating a personalized shopping experience and potentially increasing the average order value.

How Much Does Trust Badges Bear Cost?

In today’s competitive market, cost-effective solutions are crucial. Trust Badges Bear simplifies this by offering its services at no charge. With a zero-price point, it delivers complete access to its feature set without any limitations, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes, particularly those keeping a close eye on their expenses.

How Much Does Recomatic Related Products Cost?

Recomatic Related Products comes with a monthly fee of $79, and an additional $220 for Shopify Plus accounts. Reduced fees for multi-store setups are available upon request. Although this price tag might be a consideration for smaller operations, the potential uptick in conversions could justify the cost for stores with significant traffic.

Cost Analysis: Trust Badges Bear vs. Recomatic Related Products

Both apps serve distinct purposes, but when it comes to pricing, Trust Badges Bear stands out due to its non-existent price tag. Recomatic Related Products, meanwhile, offers a potent toolset that may be cost-effective for larger operations or stores with high ticket items, where the increase in average order value can offset the app's cost.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Trust Badges Bear good?

A stellar 4.9-star rating from 1420 reviews suggests Trust Badges Bear is widely appreciated. Users likely value the app for its ease of use, varied design options, and the trust it helps build with customers. While specifics on customer support are not detailed, the high rating implies satisfaction in this area as well.

Is Recomatic Related Products good?

With a perfect 5-star rating from 170 reviews, Recomatic Related Products has a smaller, albeit highly satisfied user base. Such a score indicates its efficacy in providing intelligent product recommendations and potentially boosting sales. This high regard could also reflect the quality of customer support, a critical factor in maintaining customer satisfaction.

User Preference: Trust Badges Bear or Recomatic Related Products?

While Trust Badges Bear has a greater number of reviews, indicating wider use, the perfect score of Recomatic suggests incredibly high user satisfaction. This difference may stem from their respective feature sets and the specific needs they address within Shopify stores.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Trust Badges Bear Integrations:

With no listed integrations, Trust Badges Bear appears to focus on delivering a standalone service that specializes in implementing trust badges within a Shopify store. This may be an advantage for those looking for a simple, one-click solution.

Recomatic Related Products Integrations:

Recomatic boasts integrations with apps like Google Analytics and various language and review platforms. These integrations enhance the app’s functionality, providing users with deeper insights into their sales and customer behavior.


Both Trust Badges Bear and Recomatic Related Products offer compelling features within the Page Enhancements category. Trust Badges Bear is distinct in its singular focus on trust and security, which is universally relevant and available for free. Recomatic, with its smart product recommendations, caters to a more niche market that values deep integration and data-driven results. From their impeccable ratings, it’s clear both apps excel at meeting user expectations. While Trust Badges Bear could be hailed for its immediate trust-building capabilities for all businesses, Recomatic seems to suit those who require advanced sales insight tools and are willing to invest in them. In choosing between the two, consider your store's immediate needs: Do you seek to enhance trust effortlessly and at no cost, or are you looking for a more sophisticated system to boost sales through smart recommendations? The decision lies in aligning the app’s capabilities with your business goals and customer experience strategy.

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